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Name in japanese: ふすま喫茶
Artist: 水中花火 (Underwater Fireworks)

Goth Mystia vs Princess Wriggle (2007-03-21)

See: Food Cycle Team#Goth Mystia vs Princess Wriggle

Birdsong (2007-05-20)

See: The Night Sparrow's Splendid Song~Mystia's Festival#Birdsong

Lily of the Valley (2007-05-20)

See: Six Poetic Illusionary Selections#Lily of the Valley

The Whispering Dark (2007-08-17)

See: Rumiac World#The Whispering Dark

Bewitching Kaiseki (2007-12-31)

Translated by Pilpsie, edited by Peksu.

Download: Bewitching Kaiseki zip
Gallery: Bewitching Kaiseki(down)

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