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Main Profile

藤原 妹紅 (ふじわら の もこう)

Fujiwara no Mokou



Huziwara no Mokou, Mokou Fuziwara, Fujiyama no Mokou

Species Human

Eternal Youth and Immortality, Resistance, Manipulation of Fire


Currently ageless, but has existed for over 1400 years


Rescues lost people, Bamboo forest guide, Claims to run a yakitori stand


Somewhere in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost

Formerly an ordinary human, Fujiwara no Mokou became an immortal being after drinking the Hourai Elixir roughly 1300 years ago. Now she is unable to die, though she can still feel the pain of injuries. She does not age, she'll never become ill, she is entirely self-sustained (she doesn't need to eat, drink, or breath), every injury shall cease; critical injuries will be healed in a matter of days. Complete destruction results in complete restoration. This indestructability extends to her mental and spiritual states just as much as her physical state, as shown with still living life without trouble or exhaustion even after 1300 years of life, and she'll continue to live to the fullest, never getting tired of life for eternity. She will never be able to die.

The Hourai Elixir is permanent; according to Mokou, the first taste of the medicine makes the drinker incapable of growing up or aging. The second taste makes them incapable of becoming ill. The third taste makes one completely immortal to the truest sense. It is irreversible, making its effects perfectly permanent. In her confrontation with Mokou, Alice points out that the soul is made invincible. Her existence is completely independent of even the concept of reality, thus making one not subject to the bounds of life, death, or even manipulation, although the pain of injuries can still be felt. This medicine indeed makes one truly invincible, and forced to live out their existence forever. Due to her longevity, Mokou has garnered much experience and is able to withstand great amounts of pain.

Mokou has a long running history of hatred for Kaguya ever since the moon princess humiliated Mokou's father by turning down his marriage proposal after she caused him to fail her trial of the Impossible Requests. Even though it has been over a thousand years since that happened, she continues to detest Kaguya, knowing full well that she can never get her revenge--nor can Kaguya ever put a permanent end to her. When not fighting with Kaguya though, she aids the nearby villagers by exterminating youkai and will even guide them safely to Eientei for medical treatment. She is a loner by nature and chooses not to socialize with humans or youkai and has a dubious personality that can easily switch from friendly to threatening and back again, but her actions seem to indicate she may be a good person.

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