It has been 1 year after the Scarlet Mist incident. Although it was spring time, it was still silvery snow.

Kazuki: I can’t tell what season this is

       Reimu: Oh, its Spring time, but I’ll bet some Youkai is making a mischief again…

Marisa came busting in the door holding Cirno.

       Marisa: Look who I found!
       Cirno: It’s not me!
       Reimu: Oh really? Tell us who it is and we’ll let you go
       Cirno: I won’t tell!
       Kazuki:*with a scary face, holding her Masamune* Oh… so you wouldn’t mind if I were to cook you?
       Cirno: Okay Okay! It’s my Mommy!
       Reimu: And how do we know that?
       Cirno: Just look at a person who has pinkish hair!
       Marisa:*throws Cirno* let’s get moving!

They followed what Cirno said, and actually found a person emitting snow from her.

                                    What Winter Left Behind
                                       Letty Whiterock
       Kazuki: Are you Cirno’s mom?
       Letty: And who might you be?
       Kazuki: Kazuki Yamada, temporary Miko apprentice
       Letty: I may not be Cirno’s mother, but I do take care of her
       Marisa: She must’ve got her idiot mind from you
       Letty: Is that a threat?
       Marisa: Yeah! So give us back our spring!
       Letty: I’m sorry; I’m not the one controlling that
       Marisa: We’ll soon see about that!

Marisa dropped some cylinders holding green magical shots.

       Marisa: I cast Magic Missile!
       Letty: Cold Sign! “Lingering Cold”

Letty created a mist around her, making Marisa’s shots miss, and small Danmaku shots spiraled around them.

       Reimu: Fantasy Seal! “Spread”
       Reimu unleashed large shots, causing Letty to stop and fall out of the sky.
       Kazuki: Nice work!
       Marisa: One down
       Reimu: Even though she’s defeated, it still seems like winter
       Kazuki: Let’s search on

A few distances later, they were lost.

       Reimu: I knew we shouldn’t have followed Marisa…
       Marisa: We’ll this breeze is getting to me
       Kazuki: Isn’t that a village over there?
       Reimu: Let’s go ask for directions

The village looked deserted, having only cats at each of the houses.

       Kazuki: This place looks more like a cat litter instead
       Marisa: I should keep a cat for petting

One cat stood out of the rest, wearing a green cap, looking more like a person instead.

                            The Black Cat of a Bad Omen
       Chen: What are you doing in Mayohiga? This place is only for cats!
       Marisa: We got lost…
       Kazuki: And whose fault is that?
       Chen: I don’t care what your problem is, but you cannot ever leave now!
       Reimu: They say having those glass cat will give you good luck…
       Chen: You cannot enter!
       Marisa: What ever happened to not leaving…?

Chen pulled the first barrage of shots, and Kazuki was charmed by it.

       Kazuki: The shots look like triangles!
       Reimu: Kazuki! Don-
       Kazuki: *death sound*
       Marisa: Love Sign “MASTER SPARK”
       Chen: AAAHHH!
       Kazuki: Now that hurt…
       Marisa: Let’s move on

Flying over the village, they all went in one direction, to an open area.

       Reimu: Why does it seem like it has gotten colder...
       Kazuki: It really does seem cold...
       Marisa: Are you sure? It seems okay to me
                                 Seven-Colored Puppeteer
                                   Alice Margatroid
       Alice: For a person to say that its okay around here, must be a Magician
       Marisa: You got it
       Kazuki: Those are some nice dolls you have with you
       Reimu: They look dangerous
       Alice: Since I live here, you must be causing this winterness
       Marisa: Me? Well my magic isn’t that powerful to cause Gensokyo to freeze up
       Alice: I sense spring in the 3 of you, and I must consume it
       Reimu/Kazuki: spring?
       Alice: It is what is causing this coldness 
       Reimu: I don’t remember collecting anything
       Kazuki: I do, some sakura petal went inside of me
       Alice: Shanghai and Hourai, extract the spring from them
       NOTE: Shanghai and Hourai are the dolls that Alice uses

The 2 dolls charged towards Kazuki, each stabbing a spear into her back. Kazuki coughed out blood, as well as spring.

       Reimu: Noo! Persuasion Needle!

Shanghai and Hourai returned back to Alice, transferring the spring that was stolen. Kazuki kneeled down holding the wound.

       Marisa: Are you a weird human?
       Alice: I’m normal! Just not human!
       Marisa: Well try to match this, Non-Directional Laser!

4 lasers where generated by Marisa and spread apart, downing Alice.

       Alice: Alone once again…
       Marisa: Don’t worry; I’ll come back once I handle this!
       Alice: *blush*

Kazuki’s wound quickly healed after when Marisa used Non-Directional Laser, but was still in pain. Reimu and Marisa had to carry Kazuki, and headed straight to where all the sakura petals gathered.

       Reimu: Are you okay to fly now Kazuki?
       Kazuki: Yeah, just a bit shaken up
       Marisa: It seems like we have company…

The 3 Poltergeist Sisters Lunasa Prismriver Merlin Prismriver Lyrica Prismriver

       Lunasa: You’re not invited
       Merlin: You can stay out here if you want
       Lyrica: I see a maid playing hero
       Reimu: Maid? I don’t see a maid anywhere
       Marisa: Oh I’m a friend of Lyrica
       Kazuki: I think she means Sakuya
       Marisa: The 2 of us will handle them! Go on ahead Kazuki!
       A silhouette came out and in a flash, came out Sakuya.
       Sakuya: You mean the 3 of us…
       Reimu: How did you get here?
       Sakuya: Milady sent me here to reverse this cold bother to her
       Lunasa: Sisters? Keep on track now, we’re going to play our final part Concerto Grosso first
       Sakuya: Is that so? Maid secret skill “Killing Doll”
       Sakuya released numerous knives all spreading out to the Prismriver sisters.
       Lunasa: Do not underestimate us…

The Prismriver sisters ensembled into a triangle making all the Danmaku shots that go out of the circle fly straight at them.

       Marisa:*woosh dodge* I’m getting tired of dodging things! MAGICANNON DOUBLE FINAL SPARK!

Marisa produced a larger version of her master spark, making the Prismriver sisters impossible to dodge and finally the Prismriver sisters were downed. As for Kazuki,

       Kazuki: I somewhat remember this place…
                        Half-ghost Half Human Gardener
                                Youmu Konpaku
       Youmu: What is a Youkai presence doi- wait I sense that you are a wandering ghost as well; would you like to be brought to your destiny?
       Kazuki: Wait, I’m a Youkai and a wandering ghost?
       Youmu: I can sense it
       Kazuki: This can’t be… This would mean I have died before
       Youmu: But above all of this, I would not let you pass and you will hand over your spring
       Kazuki:*draws out Masamune* I don’t know what the spring is, but I want this coldness to stop now so I will persist
       Youmu:*draws out Roukanken and Hakurouken* I guess I will have to put you to rest restless soul…
       Youmu dashed forward with 2 slashes left and right, and were blocked by Kazuki’s Masamune. Youmu backed off and dual slashed 2 waves through. Kazuki jumped over it and while still in the air, charged down at Youmu.
       Youmu: Your sword skills are quite impressive to match a Konpaku
       Kazuki: I’ve been training for 1 year now, I cannot lose!
       Youmu: Take this Paschal Moon-Reflecting Satellite Slash! 
       Youmu’s swords gleamed, as bright as the moon, and moved faster than light. Kazuki couldn’t see where she was, and was cut 100 times at one spot. She kneeled down, holding her bleeding wound, and thought that her wounds wouldn’t heal so fast if she was human.
       Kazuki: It’s all making sense now…
       Kazuki drew her Masamune back in, and raised her hand.
       Kazuki: I was used as a blooming sequence for Saigyou Ayakashi, and awakened at the wrong time of the timeline
       Youmu: Then you possibly must know my master Yuyuko
       Kazuki: Yes but before going after her, I will have to go through you!

A sword that had a dark blue hole in the middle appeared in Kazuki’s hand.

       Kazuki: Awaken Tenebra… Ghost Sign “End of Life”

The ground around Kazuki turned bright white, and Kazuki did a stance holding her Tenebra, and did one final slash to Youmu.

       Youmu: Master Yuyuko… sorry…

A ghostly image emerged from The Sakura tree Saigyou Ayakashi.

                        Ghost Princess in Netherworld
                              Yuyuko Saigyouji
       Yuyuko: I see a ghost has awakened…
       Kazuki: You got it… and what is your purpose with all of this spring…
       Yuyuko:  To unseal Saigyou Ayakashi, the tree I sealed myself
       Kazuki: I cannot let you do that…
       Yuyuko: Then you leave me no choice

Sakuya, Reimu, and Marisa came in, watching the fight between Yuyuko and Kazuki.

       Marisa: We have to help!
       Reimu: It will do us no good now
       Sakuya: Leave this into her hands
       Yuyuko: Sumizome “Perfect Blossom –Gloom-“
       Kazuki: Time Sign “The End of Time”

Yuyuko heavily damaged Kazuki with all of the Danmaku shots that she threw out, but Saigyou Ayakashi’s blooming had reset and has been sealed once again. The winter that existed in spring, has been cleared. Yuyuko asked a favor due to the failure of the blooming Saigyou Ayakashi.

       Yuyuko: Your might was overpowering, but theres something I need of favor
       Kazuki: What is it?
       Yuyuko: There is a gap Youkai that usually sleeps during the day, and my real purpose was to unseal Saigyou Ayakashi, but since the boundary between Gensokyo and the Netherworld has been damaged, the spring is still being collected. Reimu is required for this mission since she can repair the boundary.
       Kazuki: As you wish

Kazuki went back to Reimu and the others, and told them that they have another mission to do. Nightfall came, and they flew to a fateful encounter where is on the boundary of the Hakurei Shrine.

                   The Shikigami of a Shikigami of the Sukima Youkai
       Chen: I will not let you go further! I’m totally stronger now!
       Marisa: Master Spark!
       Chen: That won’t affect me!
       Marisa: Damn!
       Sakuya: “The world” Go on now you guys!

Sakuya held off Chen while the others moved on.

                 Shikigami of the Youkai of Boundaries
                              Ran Yakumo
      Ran: If you have come this far without Chen stopping you, then she must have failed
       Marisa: You got that right! I’ll take you on!
       Ran: If you wish to take on the strongest Shikigami…
       Marisa: Go on and fix the Border!
       Reimu: Thanks!

Marisa guarded Ran while Reimu and Kazuki engaged the gap Youkai.

                            Youkai of Boundaries
                                Yukari Yakumo
       Yukari: I’ve been expecting you both
       Reimu: Why are you doing this?
       Yukari: to unseal Saigyou Ayakashi, when my closest known person suicide herself to seal the Sakura tree, I wanted to make her have her own body and thoughts once more, even when as a ghost.
       Kazuki: She is already resting in peace
       Yukari: You felt the pain already, but escaped at the last second. You can stop me now or I can have my wish true

Yukari’s clothes changed, into what resembles a purple dress instead.

NOTE: Yukari’s purple dress usually means she is in her battle form

       Yukari: Sinister Spirits… “Double Black Death Butterfly”
       Kazuki: Watch out!

Kazuki grabbed Reimu and flew all around in circles.

       Yukari: Both of you might be so fun that I might stay long even past the day
       Kazuki: Darkness Seal! *throws Tenebra*

Kazuki’s Darkness Seal stopped most of the spell cards that Yukari had and shortened the speed of the cherries still being gathered.

       Yukari: Phantasm! “First Category Perpetual Motion Device”

Yukari disappeared and made a narrow ring around Reimu and Kazuki. The world that they entered and encountered Yukari was overflowing with Danmaku shots that it downed Chen, Ran, Sakuya, and Marisa.

       Kazuki: Hang on! Ghost Sign “Invisible One”

Kazuki’s body became transparent, which also made Reimu transparent, and dodged through the REAL bullet hell.

(Kazuki’s movements: up down down right left left right down down up up up up left right right right left left left left up down left)

Yukari lost most of her energy and reappeared. She burned herself out and was downed. Kazuki revealed Reimu and herself back to be seen.

       Yukari: All right… you can seal the border…
       Reimu: Thanks for turning youself in!
       Kazuki: That has got to be the hardest person I’ve ever encountered…
       Yukari: If Yuyuko and I awakened you, then you’re right…

Reimu sealed the border and Kazuki helped Marisa and Sakuya up, returning them back to the Hakurei Shrine.

       Reimu: Did anything happen to you while you went on ahead?
       Kazuki: Yes, I fully understand my true self now...
       Sakuya: I hate to go back, but I must report to Milady...
       Sakuya flashed and disappeared in a second.
       Kazuki: This sword i wield, named Tenebra, is what was created when I was awakened
       Reimu: Which was when you went on ahead
       Kazuki: Exactly.
       Reimu: You know? What happened to Marisa?
       Kazuki: Probably with the person with the Dolls
  • View Change*
       Marisa: These must be some rare books here!
       Alice: I study many things, like making dolls for example
       Marisa took out a bag and started to slide all the books on the shelf into it.
       Alice: What are you doing!?
       Marisa: Just borrowing these, till death
       After when Marisa left, Alice wondered.
       Alice: Borrowing it till death... Would probably mean... No!!!
       Marisa headed back to her Magic Shop, Kazuki and Reimu stayed at the Hakurei Shrine, and Alice was left alone, regretting Marisa's doing.

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