“So let me see if I can get this straight. You want me, the great and amazing Yukari Yakumo, to help you make more of, what is this?” My master said, as she looked at a vial of silvery liquid.
“Yes. I beg of you, lady Yukari. Tonight is the night of the curse moon, the Cruorem lupus luna, and if you would not help; Gensokyo might be in chaos.” A Woman with a long silver braid and blue and red clothing said.
“Interesting, I have heard about that moon how it appears every one thousand years causing havoc and chaos on the moon. But you are saying it is going to affect the earth too? I don’t know, I kind of want to see the effect and chaos it will cause.” Yukari said in a mischievous tone.
“Master! Please be serious. If something like this happens it would be catastrophic. We can not refuse this request.” I said.
“Silence Ran! No one has ask for you opinion and how dare you talk to me like that.” She said angrily.
I backed down.
“Forgive me, my master.” I said.
“Tsk, Shikigamis should know their place. Now, Eirin Yagokoro, out of all the people in Gensokyo, why do you ask me of this request? Could it because of my brilliance and beauty or my charisma and charms?”
I coughed. Yukari looked at me with eyes that could kill.
“Is there something you want to say, Ran?” She said as a tiny portal appeared under my foot.
It was like a black hole, sucking my foot in and caused me to be immobilized.
“N…no master. Forgive me; there was something in my throat.”
“Good, now get out of my sight!” She screamed,”there’s more then enough dirty dishes and clothes for you to take care of.”
The portal disappeared and I was released. I walked out of the room and closed the door behind me. I gave a sigh of relief and walked away.
“The reason is because you are the only one able to get the ingredients for this potion. The princess is ready to offer any price in return of your favor.” Was the last thing I heard.
“Big mistake, saying you would offer anything to master Yukari.” I said to myself, giggling.
Although I have never heard about the curse moon this Eirin person said, she doesn’t seem to be lying. But what she had said about the effects of it makes me worry but what worry me even more is if my master decline.
“Master Ran!!” A voice came from behind.
I turned around and saw my shikigami Chen running towards me.
“Chen, what’s wrong?”
“There’s some weird girl outside and she’s picking on me! She hit me on the head with a hammer” She cried.
“There, there,” I said rubbing her head, “Where is this girl?”
“She’s outside in the yard, over there”
“It’ll be alright, I’ll take care of this.”
I walked to the yard to confront this “weird girl” that Chen said. I looked around but saw no one. But then I heard a rustle from the bush and I walked toward it. Halfway there, I didn’t notice a rope trap and was hoisted up; caught like an animal in a trap.
“What’s going on here? Who did this? Let me down!” I said as I struggle to get out.
A snickering came from the bushes.
“Check it out Reisen, it worked. I’m such a genius!” A girl with rabbit ears said as she got out of the bushes.
“But Tewi, I think we better release her now.” Another girl with rabbit ear replied.
“You always take the fun out of everything. That’s why all the other rabbits try to get away from you.” Tewi said.
“I am fun! I’m the most fun person in all of Eientei! In fact, my middle name is fun!” Reisen said, steamed up.
“Whatever Reisen, you just took the fun out of the conversation right now.”
“No I did not! In fact, I…uhh…I’m making it more fun!”
“I’m sorry to interrupt your conversation but can one of you please help me down?” I said.
“Oh, I am terribly sorry. I’ll get you down right now.” Reisen said.
“No! Don’t do that! See, you’re killing all the fun again!”
“What? But what fun is this? We have to help her!”
“But if you help her it won’t be any fun!”
“But we’ll get in trouble. We can’t just leave her hanging there!”
“Yes we can!”
“No we can’t!”
“I don’t care what, just get me down already!” I screamed.
“Look, let’s just leave before…” Tewi said, ignoring me.
“Before what?” An angry voice said.
Eirin stood behind the two rabbit girls. She was smiling but I could felt her anger pouring out. The two girls turn around slowly.
“Oh…uhh…Hi teacher. We were just, uhh, helping her down.” Reisen said nervously.
“Reisen did it” Tewi said.
“Wha!? No, wait, she’s lying!”
“It seems I can’t leave you girls along for even a second.” Eirin said, rolling up her sleeves.
After she had finished disciplining the two she turn to master Yukari and bowed.
“Thank you for your help. We appreciate it.” Eirin said.
“No problem, as long as you keep your end of the deal.” My master replied.
“Do not worry; it will be delivered to you tomorrow.”
“Good then. Well, take care!.”
With that Eirin left, dragging two beaten rabbit girls behind her.
“This is entirely your fault.” Reisen said weakly.
“Shut up, fun killer.” Tewi replied sharply.
“No you shut up!” Reisen said as she and Tewi started to hit each other.
“How about, both of you shut up or I’ll throw you both to the netherworld?” Eirin said, smiling.
Both girls stopped and obeyed.
“She’s pretty good at handling her underlings. I think I’m starting to like her.” Master Yukari said.
I laugh nervously.
“That’s great master, but do you mind getting me down?” I said.
“I don’t know, I kinda like you like this; hanging from a tree helplessly.”
“Master, you can’t be serious. Master?”
She started to walk away.
“Wait! Master Yukari! You can’t leave me here! Please wait! MASTER!!!” I was left there for about half an hour until the branch where the rope trap was tied eventually broke.

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