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hi, i got a problem with some of my touhou games. i bouhgt dem from and when i want to install them it says "textfile can not be found"...

anyone know what i can do?

some of the games i can start now, don't know if i can play them throug. th6 ends at stage 2 after the rumia fight, does one of the patches work for that problem?

the newer parts stop installing a few centimeter befor finishing... can`t read the failur notice. does anyone know what to do?

Are you using applocale to install the games? Or do you have your system set to Japanese? I've *cough* never installed from the disc before. --VS3025 21:57, June 2, 2012 (UTC)

tried it to install it on my new labtop with windows7 but it didn't work. i will try it on my old one with windows xp.

4 more games are working now =) only leaves th6 and double spoiler. allways get an error wenn im starting the installation on double spoiler.

thanks for the help!

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