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Hye Everyone !!

I've started a HTML5 canvas Danmaku game in style of the touhou games. My project is on github and it would be fun if some people pull the code to improve things or make their own version.

I've got some basic Mechanics in place but could use some help in getting script animations, optimizations and sprite-art. Now I'm using spriters-resource sprites but some originals would be better as would some music loops, SFX, etc...

Anyhow check it out here :

download the zip and open the index file in your Browser NOTE: the background image paths have to be set in Background.js to a location thats relative to your file location.:

img.src = "/path/to/img/bg/background.png"; (from C: for Windows)

I have put up a working demo here:

this is still a raw version focussing on game mechanics, FX added lateron!

Original code from Sako@2010

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