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Hi everyone.

I started playing Touhoumon since 2 weeks. And when I wondered how to get the Final Meiling form, heh... I found that the Touhoudex (isn't it actually called "Ayanote" ingame?) here was very inaccurate. So I started to dig in the ROM hacking, downloaded a shitload of tools, and finally found out everything I need to get all the info I need about the Touhous with these hacking tools. The only thing I can't get with my tools, are the Egg Moves. Maybe I'll get them soon, but who cares about these moves?

Therefore, I started to update quite some Touhoudex pages, so that everything is quite clearer.

I have to mention that I play with an English v1.53 version of the game, "Merry's version" (that's the first one I've been able to find with Google, as I don't see any DL link on the wikia), with the title screen that is a bit bugged. If I refer to the main characters, their info is identical to my data, so I'm assuming that the version I'm using hasn't been edited too much (appart from the title screen and the location of the Touhous, for my part I have CSuwako and CKanako at Route 1 right after Palette Town), and that some info found in the Touhoudex was wrong.

Anyway, I think that the most important was to get the Touhoudex info for some Dark touhous and all the information of the evolutions, like "how to get this last word / final?"

Hope I helped a bit.

Decondelite (talk) 21:45, October 21, 2012 (UTC)

Great to see someone working on those pages. When I played Touhoumon it was a pretty big struggle trying to find information. You should really check out Aichiya Sanae's webpage. She's the one who creates these wonderful ROMhacks of the Pokemon games. There are many more than just Merry Version, but that was the first one I played as well. Some follow the general story and area of Pokemon, but some are COMPLETELY different. For example, Touhoumon Another World takes place IN Gensokyo and is friggin' amazing. I strongly suggest it.
Anyway, just thought I'd mention that. Thanks for the good work~ --Hakurou Tengu (talk) 00:16, October 22, 2012 (UTC)

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