Most of my stories is placed in ShrineMaiden and i apologize for not placing it in pages here at the wiki.

Shrine of Gensokyo

The First in a Four part Series, Details a What-If Scenario if Reimu leaves Gensokyo and returns to resolve the new disaster that plagues it, who is the one behind the stage?


The Shrine of Gensokyo

Suika in the Hakurei Family

A reinterpretation of the doujin of: Suika in Yakumo Family how Suika feels towards Reimu and her life in the Shrine Can be considered a prologue of Shrine of Gensokyo -Complete-

Suika in Hakurei Family

Suika in Hakurei Family: Epilogue

To See you, is not the Same as knowing you

An original of Alice's past and her unknown mistress after leaving Makai and before meeting the heroines. -Ongoing but Stalled-

To See you, is not the Same as Seeing you

The Casual Days of Gensokyo

One of my earlier works, hope you will bear with me. -Stalled-

The Casual Days of Gensokyo

Finding History with your Flame

An Autobiography of Keine Kamishirasawa in fanon, told in Keine's perspective. -Complete-

Finding History with Your Flame


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