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DISCLAIMER: I guess it's worth mentioning that this retelling/reinterpretation of Perfect Cherry Blossom is purely a fanwork: Nothing more, nothing less. It's merely a personal view on the events that take place in Perfect Cherry Blossom (and Imperishable Night eventually) (think of it an alternate Gensokyo when the events from the games took place) and is not meant to one-up ZUN's original work. It's purely a story for your enjoyment, so... enjoy!

NOTE: All stories are based on canon, but do not follow canon by any means. They are strictly of an "alternate universe" nature.

Mercy of the Blossoming Self

A PCB retelling.

The Dual Strife

An IN retelling

Thought's End

A retelling of Concealed the Conclusion, told from Marisa's point of view, followed by a a prequel, and in-between, and finally a full-on sequel, Embodiment of Dreams (currently in progress).

Embodiment of Dreams

The sequel to my CtC story. It follows the events that occurred in the original, but for the most part, it is a completely original story, not specifically following the events of any existing Touhou game.

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