Retelling of Oriental Stories

I've removed my stories from the Touhou Wiki, and I'll be hosting them exclusively on

I'm sorry for the inconvenience this (might?) cause, but having two copies of these stories floating on the Internet is really hard to manage. The versions on the wiki were entirely out of date, in that I've corrected typos off my website that I've neglected here. Also, the spamfilter prevents me from posting these stories in true form. (For instance, in one story, the spamfilter forced me to remove a certain word, but I can't even tell you what the word is because the spamfilter won't let me save the page with it.)

For each story below, please follow the pathing to my website. I don't provide direct links, because links break the site's frame structure and make it impossible to navigate. My apologies.

The Reinterpretation of Scarlet Devil

Here is my first contribution to the English-speaking Touhou fanfiction scene. Please bear in mind this is a work of fiction. I don't mean to make any comment about person, events, cultures or religions living or dead. Nor do I mean to replace or supersede any canonical Touhou game content. Just think of this as doujinshi in novel format, and enjoy.

usuallydead --> Stories --> Retelling of Oriental Stories --> The Reinterpretation of Scarlet Devil

Redemption of Precarious Puppeteer

Not quite a full installment, here's a short between RoSD and its sequel.

usuallydead --> Stories --> Retelling of Oriental Stories --> Redemption of Precarious Puppeteer

Requiem Bibliophilic

Another installment, though not yet RoSD's sequel (still working on that). I intended this to be short, like RoPP, but it grew to over half RoSD's size, by word count. I don't mean to say that's all story content. It's more just Patchouli being wordy.

usuallydead --> Stories --> Retelling of Oriental Stories --> Requiem Bibliophilic

Resolute and Ghostly Gardener

This should be the last story I publish before RoSD's sequel (which is what I told myself a year ago beh). In retrospect, I realize that releasing RB in only three chunks was a bit... monolithic. So I've broken this one down into pieces almost as short as Youmu herself!

usuallydead --> Stories --> Retelling of Oriental Stories --> Resolute and Ghostly Gardener

Remixed Cherry Blossom

RoSD's sequel is finally complete. This one sure made a splash. But hey, isn't that what we web artists are all about?

usuallydead --> Stories --> Retelling of Oriental Stories --> Remixed Cherry Blossom

Recovery of Beloved Matriarch

This one is an epilogue story to RCB. It would have been great if I could publish it right after RCB was released, but you know how these things go.

usuallydead --> Stories --> Retelling of Oriental Stories --> Recovery of Beloved Matriarch

Repose and Inclusive Power

A kind-of-not-really interim installment, and retelling of IaMP. But maybe it's so far from canon that you couldn't have known that otherwise!

usuallydead --> Stories --> Retelling of Oriental Stories --> Repose and Inclusive Power

Remorse in Secession's Nobility

An interim story, and the first of two that will act as preludes to Ibunshu's final installment.

usuallydead --> Stories --> Retelling of Oriental Stories --> Remorse in Secession's Nobility

Recalled Lunar Romance

Okay, so I was wrong. There actually will be one more installment between this and Ibunshu's conclusion. I just had to write this little thing, because I wanted to give a shot at romance writing. It's still in the continuity though!

usuallydead --> Stories --> Retelling of Oriental Stories --> Recalled Lunar Romance

Recount and Full Moon Predecessor

Ooooh boy. The second-to-last installment, and prelude to Ibunshu's finale. I do very much look forward to having this series completed. Better authors than I have taken over three years to finish a multi-part story, but I'm just one dude on the Internet.

usuallydead --> Stories --> Retelling of Oriental Stories --> Recount and Full Moon Predecessor

I can be contacted at either or

Thanks and happy reading.

A sad disadvantage of being my own editor is that I always miss typos. If you see anything that's obviously wrong in these stories, then please let me know about it. (But understand that if I don't like the correction you suggest, I may ignore it or make a different correction.) If a legitimate typo is correction is suggested, I'll update it to my website and master copy. Thank you.

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