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TH XX ~ Dissapearance of the Celestial Beasts

Author's Note: Well, here's my little contribution to the Fiction section or whatever. Anyway, this is a sort of semi-serious, semi-comedy featuring two original characters that I created. At the moment, in my head, it'll probably run around...8 to 10 chapters, so I'm far from done at the moment. Still, I'll probably update this at a fairly nice pace (at least better than my other fics), so it might be finished sooner than you might think. It'll probably get under some revision sometime. I certainly hope that you enjoy reading this and please tell me what you think of it. That's enough from me, so read on!

A Very Rinnosuke Christmas

Author's Note: This is the product of boredom, laziness, Touhou obsession, and the desire to create a Christmas fic. Note that this thing is short, probably not that amazing, and has Rinnosuke as the main character. Either way, I hope you like it and...I'll probably extend it sometime. But for now, enjoy a small Christmas-like short written by yours truly.

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