Chen's disappearance Part 1

Suika was walking around, drunk, when all of a sudden a gap came out of nowhere. Obviously, its Yukari. She came out with Ran. "Where going over to Reimu's shrine." Yukari said, quickly. Ran suddenly moved closer to Suika. "Could you watch Chen?" Suika looked at Ran drunky. "Sure. *hiccup* Just leave 'er... right behind me." Chen walked behind Suika. "Nyaa!" She mew'd. Later, Suika was asleep on the ground. In the distance, there was a a little black figure on a broomstick. Marisa. She got closer, until she was right on top of Chen. She got lifted onto the broomstick by Marisa not shortly after. She also grabbed some of Suika's sake. Of she flew, into the distance. Suika woke up, snapping out of being drunk and realizing Chen was missing. "Marisa." She whispered. Suddenly running after the now tiny figure of Marisa. Suika was now a tiny figure as well, in the distance. Right when Suika was out of sight, Yukari and Ran got back. Yukari looked around, wondering where Chen and Suika are. Gone. "Suika." Ran said. It was obvious she thought Suika went on a drunken frenzy.

Chen's disappearance Part 2

Suika had finally got to Marisa's house. Wiping the sweat off her face, she went in. "Well, look who finally showed up?" Marisa said with a smirk. "Give Chen back." Suika said. Marisa put her hat back on, and straightened it out. "You challenging me?" Suika suddenly smiled. "Yep. " Both of them went outside, and suddenly there where bullets flying every which way. Chen was watching in amazement. No one noticed Aya sitting in a tree taking photos. Suika brought out a spellcard. Also, she brought out a extra bottle of sake, and drank the whole thing. Suddenly hiccuping, she used the spellcard. "Spellcard: Oni Sign:Massacre on Mt.Ooe!" Suddenly Marisa froze. "Wait, this isn't in the danmaku!" She said. "Yes *hiccup* it is" Suika murmered while running drunkly at Marisa. Grabbing her, she threw her far up into the air. When Marisa landed, she brought out a spellcard. She suddenly smirked. "Spellcard: Love Sign: Master Spark!" Suddenly a laser came flying out, but another spellcard was used from not too far away. "Spellcard: Freeze Sign: Perfect Freeze!" Suddenly Cirno appeared. Some bullets turned ice cold, and then started to break into little pieces flying every which way. When the bullets disappeared, everyone randomly started laughing. Yukari and Ran came over with a gap. "Whats so funny guys?" Yukari asked smiling. Cirno started to talk "We don't know... maybe its- -" Suddenly Aya jumped out from the tree and landed on Cirno. "Oops. Sorry!" Aya said getting off of her. " 9?" Cirno smiled.

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