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DISCLAIMER: Anything under the Omake header is omakes, alternate endings, etc. to other fanfic writers' materials. I do this in fullest respect to them, but looking at alternate possibilities or filling in of things not covered in the main fic (for example behaviors of characters 'removed from play' and unlikely to show back up). Any omakes for my own fiction (including other's, with credit) will be put alongside that fiction. All copyrights are their respective owners.


Valesta - The Dual Strife (Focuses on the IN retellings only, since I like to write things as they come)

  • Prologue 1 omake, silly version - Made on my own assumptions of things (and one misreading), posing the question: What do Meiling and Patchouli do after Sakuya leaves? Plus a Megamari reference.
  • Prologue 1 omake, serious version - Same overall question, but after speaking with Valesta, more seriousness is involved (though with new gags arising).
  • Prologue 2 omake - Just complete and utter random with Keine and Mokou. And a random villager. And a cameo from Meiling. I'm not even trying to make this fit canon this time, I just wanted to write some silly.
  • Prologue 3 omake - Valesta noted that people under Kaguya's spell otherwise act normally. That plus this implies that there's some pretty scary things going down in Alice's mind. At least right now.
  • Stage 3.5 omake - So for this chapter I was working on no less than three omakes. This first one pits Mokou against... Something entirely random. I played too much Halo 3 the night before writing this. I ended up rewriting the second of the three omakes into one for the next chapter, though.
  • Stage 4 BAD END - A mostly serious one with a couple silly points, I intentionally tried to write this one closer to Valesta's style, including a large number of verbatim quotes. The result is, in a phrase, BAD END.
  • Stage 4 ??? END - Take the bad end, verbatim, then introduce an... Unexpected change. I predict a lot of WTFs from this one. Written closer to Valesta's style mostly so the identical first two-thirds can be, well, identical.

Not Another Original in Gensokyo Fanfic

Patchouli's summoning experiments go awry, bringing another purist-dreaded original character into Gensokyo. Unfortunately, this girl isn't gonna just passively go through things, instead preferring to mess up the world for her own intents and desires...

Chapters will get posted upon completion (over possibly several posts and days) on the forum thread at:

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