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Gensokyo no Mokuden

While it's not my first work as wannabe writer, it's my first fanfiction, and it's also the first fiction in which I dare fall as low as put myself into the story.

It's mostly humor, and it's chock full of internet memes, inside jokes and the occasional bad japanese pun. I hope it's at least enjoyable; if it is (or if it is not) feel free to drop me a line or email me, I would really appreciate that.

As a sign of warning: While it's worksafe, it does occasionally contain some mild swearing (especially on the main character's part) and even sexual references.

Part 1: Rifts and gaps

Part 2: how do i shot danmaku?

Part 3: Crouching Hakutaku, Hidden Hourai

Part 4: G for Gensokyo

Part 5: Forest of Magic by night

Part 6: Toho StrikerS

Part 7: Scarlet High Host Club

Part 8: Fahrenheit -459

Part 9: Princess Miko

Part 10: The return of the gothloli Miko

Part 11: Party Hard

Gensokyo no Mokuden: Take two

Yes, I screwed up. I got stuck, had to deal with some real life stuff and in the end had to take such a long break from that fanfiction that I eventually forgot about it altogether, and when I checked back, so much time had passed I couldn't help but think how old this had become.

It's not that I'm not satisfied with it but... As I said previously, it was my first attempt at fanfiction, originated from being sick of reading bad porn from imageboards. Now that I have an idea of what I'm doing again, I'm doing a second take of this, from the beginning, again.

I think I have a better idea of what I'm doing right now. Regardless, I hope you'll enjoy. Assuming someone ever read this page at all.

Part 1: Do we really have to go through this again?

Part 2: Hakurei neighbourhood festival committee

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