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Note from Mima: The following stories are now outdated and I don't have time to update them on this site, the most up-to-date versions and the sequels to these stories are now found at RiG's main site, Hakurei Shrine

Reborn in Gensokyo

The misadventures of an unlucky person who finds himself in Gensokyo with no knowledge of himself or where he is.

Even more unlucky is that it's Yuka that's "looking after" the main character.

Of Light and Darkness

A story about the past of the evil spirit Mima, about how she died and how she came to be what is she is now, the Deity of the Hakurei Shrine.

Resurrected in Gensokyo

The sequel to Reborn in Gensokyo, this continues the adventures of Yuka and Haru, who is now a youkai, and his settling into the world of Gensokyo, with more weird events.

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