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Well I've decided to create some fiction of my own. And to note, I will be using a lot of information from the Official Touhou Fanbook: Perfect Memento in Strict Sense. (Except for the part about youkai not needing to eat, sleep etc. and the part where you require the same amount of magic to use the spellbook author has.)**Update** Currently, "My love for Scarlet Devil Insanity" Is on hold for the time being.

"My love for Scarlet Devil Insanity"

Well since I adore the SDM and its residents, I thought I would begin with this.

Prologue - A normal day of Recollection

Prologue pt2 - A normal day of Recollection(con't)

Chapter One - Days and Nights of Light and Darkness

Chapter Two - Scavaging the Times of Continuum

Chapter Three - Immortal Daze

Chapter Four - Border of Life, Death, and Phantasm

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