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Wanderings of a Misplaced Stranger

Author's note: My very first fiction that never got completed and never will. To tell the truth, I never really liked it too much. I never had a plan for the story and as a self-insert, it wasn't all too creative either. Despite that, some people actually liked it. To those people, sorry but I will not write another installment.

The Independent Doll

Author's note: Extra credit assignment for English class. Yes, I know that's a bizarre reason to write a fan fiction, but I really need the points. The main character is NOT based off of a person I already know and probably like as some of my real life friends would probably assume. I split this into four parts for a very specific reason though I'm not going to tell you what that reason is :P. The unedited work is now no longer available due to the MotK forums losing all its data, but it's not really a big loss. It was barely edited when moved here anyway.

Scarlet In Sanity

Author's note: This is actually the first fiction that I thought actually had good quality writing in it. It's weird because I was always writing semi-comedic stuff before, but when I switched to this really serious style, I suddenly liked the way it was going. It hasn't been updated in a long time, but I've decided to continue it again, but not here. Another Dream seems to be having a literary release now so it will be continued chapter by chapter, release by release. Also, I've thought out the main plot completely and the name Scarlet In Sanity no longer fits. The name it will go by in Another Dream is "Scarlet Memories". That said, these two chapters can actually be considered a complete story already. If you like this sweet ending after the second chapter, I suggest that you do not continue reading Scarlet Memories.

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