Main Characters



Flawless Thoughtlessness

Yabusame Houren



Loafing Monochrome

Tsubakura Enraku

Enemy Characters

Stage 1 midboss and Boss
  • Kurohebi (Strong-Willed Shadow)
Stage 2 midboss/Boss
  • Aoji Shitodo (Weak-Willed Youngest Child)
Stage 3A midboss/Boss
  • Tsubakura Enraku (Loafing Monochrome)
Stage 3B midboss/Boss
  • Yabusame Houren (Flawless Thoughtlessness)
Stage 4 midboss/Boss
Stage 5 midboss/Boss and Stage 6 midboss
  • Kuroji Shitodo (Ambiguously Paper-thin Archeologist)
Stage 6 boss and Extra midboss
  • Clause (Eternal Senselessness with a "Chaotic" Alias who Manipulates Gravity at Will)
Extra Stage boss
  • Tsurubami Senri (Inexplicable Hakama)

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