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Len'en Mugenri ~ Evanescent Existence (鏈縁 旡現里 〜 Evanescent Existence, lit. "Connecting Chain of") is the first game in the Len'en series made by JynX. As a Len'en game, it features completely new characters and locations separate from the Touhou series. The game was produced concurrently with Earthen Miraculous Sword. The trial version was released on September 12, followed by the full version on November 18, 2013.


The game has two playable characters, the second of which is unlocked after clearing the extra stage, a story mode with 6 stages and an Extra Mode with selectable difficulty - Easy Extra Mode and Extra Mode which can be unlocked by clearing the main game on any difficulty, as well as Absurdly Extra Mode which is only unlocked once the main game is cleared on Unreal difficulty.


The foolish Yabusame and her friends find themselves in a strange dimension. With no clear way out, they all get lost. However, it seems like whoever reaches the "goal" first may attain something...

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