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Hidden Star in Four Seasons trial - omake.txt

Stage 1 Boss: The Butterfly Fairy who Approaches God

Eternity Larva

Species: Fairy
Ability: Capable of scattering scales

A swallowtail butterfly fairy.
But with that said, she doesn't just embody grown butterflies, but also caterpillars and chrysalids;
she can be said to be a fairy embodying insect growth, rebirth, and metamorphosis.

Like Cirno, she's stronger than usual due to some strange force. She's in berserk mode, basically.
Fairies typically go berserk during most incidents anyway.

Her regular personality is extremely gentle-- no matter where a fight breaks out, she'll head over
to play with a few power items in hand.

Apparently when she senses danger, she spews danmaku and a foul stench from her antennae.