Why did all of this happen to me? That’s the only thing I wanted to be answered. Seriously, how do you deal with the situation of being floating in a strange space of… eyes while not knowing how long have you been in that…space or how much food do you have left? Yes. I had brought some snacks with me, that’s all. However, they were quickly depleting. And that’s not all, I think I had lost count of the days, but if I take a guess, I suppose it must have passed like two months, no less. Funny, first I wish something out of the ordinary to happen and then, after that said event happened, I wish it didn’t happen at all.

Why do life always play me tricks like this?

Episode 2: New gap, new world

- Ugh… must resist…hunger.

Sometimes speaking aloud even though nobody can hear you helps you to increase your morale…, well that’s what I think, it hasn’t been proven yet.

My actual situation: first, been stuck inside a pararell dimension (or so I think) with eyes; second, slowly getting hungry and currently resisting eating my own limbs and third, still no sign of an exit or gap whatsoever.

Heh, what else can I ask for?

It’s no use to move (or float) around if you don’t have any clue of where are you going, so these are my options:

1) Stay like I am, not moving, and expect something to happen (which is basically to trust my luck).

2) Try to move around even though I have absolutely no idea where am I or where am I exactly heading.

Since I will die of boredom before the hunger consumes me, I will take the second option.

- I hope I know what I am doing.

It has been six hours since I began “moving” and there is no sign of anything resembling an exit. I’ m starting to get sleep… no I mustn’t! Think of what will happen if you fall asleep n… so tired… gnkkk… must…not…fall…asleep…

…giant rock…

…Wait, giant rock? I looked. Oh my god! A giant rock!


I wasn’t expecting this. A giant rock in the middle of nowhere happeared in thin air (or was always there, I dunno) and then I collided. Not a very pleaseant landing, I’ll tell you. (I hope that doesn’t leave me with brain damage).

Ouch… Ok, that definitely woke me up. Now, where am I?

Describing the rock for you, it was simply a giant rock. You could fit like ten soccer fields here and have room for more. It seems that this rock had gravity, so I could stand and walk like back at home (Funny, I considered that boring place like home). But what really got my attention was that, not far enough, was a sort of grave (in a rock?) that was slightly covered with dirt and had rocks around it that formed a circle, a magic circle perhaps… wait no, it couldn’t be…

Or maybe yes. I ran towards the grave in order to investigate but what I found there was one of the most awkward of things one could ever see.

A man standing in the grave, smiling despreocupied while having a bokuto piercing his chest.

Now I know I have brain damage.

- Hey, what’s wrong, boy?

- Boy? I’m no boy. I am seventeen.

The appeareance of the man reminded me of a swordman. He had long dark hair and was wearing a red leather overall along with black pants. He also was wearing a leather belt and boots and also he had a sheath, but it was empty. But that didn’t take my attention off the bokuto( if I read well, the word “willpower”-written in kanji- was written on it) that was still stuck in his body (why isn’t he bleeding, is he a ghost?). And to top all of that, he was smiling, even though he should be in pain or something related.

- Hey, are you okay? Great, I am talking with him.

- Hmm… yeah, why should you ask?

- Because you have a friggin sword in your chest? Um, nothing really… this is awkward.

- Why?

- First of all, you should be dead. No offence, but you have a sword inside your chest. How can you be alive?

- Because maybe I’m not alive. Satisfied?

- Not really. But how are you still…well…here?

- Beats me. This isn’t the way I wanted things to be.

- How so?

- Really- the man attitude changed into a face that was complaining about something- couldn’t I have died in a normal way?

- Huh? What are you talking about?

- Well, to explain things better, do you know about the Hakurei Border?

- The Border of what?

- WHAT?! You don’t know about THE border? The border created to separate Gensokyo from the outside world? The one border that protects the other side from youkai attacks since I don’t know how long? The border that should have been created before I was killed? Who the hell are you? – said the swordman angrily.

- Ok, that pissed me off. Hey, really, I don’t know! – I said almost snapping.

-…Really? So maybe you are outsider, from the other side. –said the man calmly.

- So they are other people that crossed over like me?

- Now that I think of it, I think you are the only one. I have never seen a human been stuck in this border, apart from me…not that I consider me a human anymore…

- Well that’s just great. So you don’t know how to get out of here?

- Hey, if I knew, I would have died peacefully in the other side.

- But surely you may have an idea to get out of her now, don’t you.

- Well…


- !!!

- What is that?

- Boy, I hate your luck.

- Huh?! What luck? This place looks like it’s going to collapse!!

- No! You don’t understand! The border is weakening! But I won’t last for long! Seriously, what has happened? Yukari should have everything

under control…

- Yukari? Who’s Yukari?

- Word of advice, never meet her…What are you doing standing there, this is your chance!

- Chance for what?!

- To get out of here! Don’t you understand, this could be your only shot!

- Really? – I said surprised. - An opportunity to get out of here, at last! What should I do?

- First of all, take it. The sword in my chest. Consider it a gift.

- …okay?

The sensation wasn’t pretty. To take out a sword from a man’s body (even if it was a bokuto) will be one of the things I wish I’ll forget in the future.

- Aghh…Gross

- Don’t complain. Next, whenever you feel that the air is different, slash the space that it’s in front of you with that sword. Try swinging it.

- I did. What I didn’t expect is that, immediately after I swinged it, an air current was formed and collided with a small mount. It was blown into pieces.

- Whoa… Now that’s a sword! Better get rid of my old bokuto in order to have space. So basically I do the same but when I feel that the air is different?

- Exactly. You catch up quickly.

- …So what will happen to you?

- I think I’ll just fade away on my own, don’t worry kid.

- First boy, now kid? Okay…see you somewhere…someday…maybe…

- …That was lame.

- I know…just who the heck is this guy?And how did he know what I had to do? Guess I’ll never know

Ignoring the awkwardness, I ran in order to find a “hole”. The place was still shaking (good sign I suppose) but there was no sign of a “hole” anywhere until…

- …rit Si…asy…rb!

- What was that? Was it a voice?


If I though the rock was trembling enough, I was very wrong. It felt like the whole collapsing, but at the same time, it was repairing it. The voice I heard came for behind so…

- Maybe now I should slash here!

I tightened the grip I had on the bokuto even more, maybe it was fear or maybe it was excitement, but that didn’t matter anymore, now it was time for action!!

- Eeeeeaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!

The bokuto impacted with something. But how?! There was nothing! Only thin air!! What the…?!

Is it possible that fissures appear when you slash the air?

Unknowly, I knew what I had to do.

- Once more!!!!!


I closed my eyes. The light that came from the crack in space was very blinding. However, I could notice my surrondings. There was white mist everywhere, even on the floor (if it was that) and the moon was completely full. I thought I was alone, but then…

- What the hell? There is another boss?!

I turned. Not far away there was a black-haired girl with a red and white dress quite similar to a shrine maiden but the sleeves were detached, leaving her shoulders exposed. Also she was carrying a strange rod (by “strange” I mean it had paper attached) and she had a yellow neckerchief and a large red ribbon on her head. Near her, it was the unconcious body of another girl. She had orange hair done up in a ponytail, the blouse she was wearing was tattered (was she in a fight?), she also weared a purple skirt and had some chain accesories. But what was out of place is that she had horns.

Yes. Horns. Not only that, but the horns were decorated by ribbons.

I think my brain has become legally dead.

- Hey, are you ignoring me?

- Eh?

- Maybe this oni wasn’t the culprit at all…Maybe you are the cause of the repeatitive feasts that happen at the shrine!!

- Hey! Don’t blame me! I don’t even know you! Seriously, does she believe I am a suspect of whatever has happened to her?

- Don’t lie to me! You are even more suspicious than this oni!

- Did she just say oni? Oni? Are you trying to say that the girl that is knocked out next to you is an ONI!!?? And that a human is more suspicious than an oni?

- Exactly! Normally humans can’t be the culprit of incidents. However, I have never seen a human dressed like that, which makes you even more suspicious.

- Hey! So I don’t have a taste for choosing clothes, so what? Hey, you’re in no position to criticize my clothes! I mean come on, you have your shoulders exposed and I’m not saying anything!

- Anyway, you seem like a very weak opponent and also I’m in a hurry so this will end quickly- she said while taking cards out

- Do I look that pathetic? Like I said! I do not know what are you talking about! And frankly, how can you defeat someone with cards?

There was no answer. She simply threw them at me.

I was startled. First, because they were heading directly to me and second, they were a lot of cards.

- Oh sh…

I just could evade a few of them, but the rest hit the target. Me.

- That’s it! If you want a fight, then you’ll get a fight! What am I doing? Damn my stupid pride.

Bokuto in hand, I dashed towards the girl trying to knock her out (hey, what else could I do, she is a girl after all…) but she was way faster than me and, as fast as she moved, she struck me with the rod thingy and send me backwards.

- Grr… How can you be so strong? Do you train?

- No, I’m just strong. Also, training is boring.

- Is she even human? Not to train and be this strong?

Now was her turn to strike. She threw needles this time, but now I had a plan.

- I wonder…

I swung the bokuto like on that dimension and, as I hoped, a current of air headed towards the girl, knocking out all the needles.

- !! Is he also a danmaku user?

However she evaded the wave, but in doing it she left an opening.

- Now my chance!

Feeling the spur of the moment, I quickly dashed towards her and swinged again the bokuto. But she blocked the blow with the rod.

- You! How did you create that current of air!

- Less talking, more action!

I knew that training with a bokuto would pay someday. Apparently, she was better with distance attacks that in close-quarters combat, so I had an advantage. Stab, slash, evade. I felt like I was dancing. Parrying the rod. Evading stabs. This is what I was looking for. An exciting way of life.

- Hmm…I guess I have understimated you.

- You sure did…Heh, tired already? – I said holding the bokuto tightly.

- Not at all.

The fighting resumed. The blows continued and continued, but I knew I was getting exhausted. I had to finish her quickly. So I did a little gamble.

- Well, here goes nothing.

I ran towards her. But this time I threw the bokuto up in the air. The girl, then, resumed throwing cards at my direction, but I dodged them. You know, fighting really is fun…wait where did that come from? Anyways, I jumped in order to deliver a kick to the girl, but she blocked it with the rod. As expected.

- Gotcha now.

- ?

Just as I was finishing talking, I streched my arm and the bokuto fell right into my hand. Not thinking it twice, I swung it and a current of air hit the

girl, but the recoil was too strong, so I was also thrown back. Since it was a point-blank shot, I thought it was enough, however…

- All right! I won! Although it was a girl alright…

- You are sure you are done?

Astonished, I looked where the girl landed. She was completely unharmed (if you don’t count that the ribbon fell off and one of her sleeves was tattered).

- How? The shockwave was too near, you should have been knocked out!

- Have you ever thought that I was holding back?

- No… I …wait, you were holding back?!

- Of course. I mean, you are a human after all. Also, you look very weak.

- And so do you!

- Whatever. Well, since you’re not as weak as I thought, I am able to use this without worrying if you will survive.

- What are you talking about?

Ignoring me, the girl took out another card (how unexpected!). But what I really was unexpecting what this…

- Spirit Sign! Fantasy Orb!

Spheres of light formed around the girl and then, they headed towards me.

- They are too big to be some kind of homing proyectile. It will be easy to evade.

I was very wrong.

The first one I was able to dodge. However, the remaining spheres (I guess that they were eight more) did hit me. Forget the giant rock, this really hurts!

- Urkk!!


- Well, good nigh…


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