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Circle Japanese name: アンニュイ赤蛸 (Red Octopus of Ennui)
Artist: たこ (Tako)
Link: (Site: プラスチックプロテイン, Plastic Protein)

Moonlight Syndrome (2005-01-23)

God Finger is translated by Sushi-Y and edited by KennyMan666 and Mysterio006. Other editing/translation credits unknown.

Download: Moonlight Syndrome zip
Gallery: [ Moonlight Syndrome]

Dichromatic Butterfly (2005-05-04)

Translated by Syshi-Y and some others, edited by Mysterio006.

Download: Dichromatic Butterfly zip
Gallery: [ Dichromatic Butterfly]

Charming Border of Life (2005-09-11)

Translated by teru, edited by Anonymous Bastard Fairy.

Download: Charming Border of Life zip
Gallery: [ Charming Border of Life]

Komainu Set (2006-06-21)

Translated by Pilpsie & Tanin, edited by Aortic.

Download: Komainu Set zip
Gallery: [ Komainu Set]

Mossarism (2007-01-21)

Translated by Nameless Fairy, edited by Arsen.

Download: Mossarism zip
Gallery: [ Mossarism]

Funiculi Funicula (2007-11-04)

Translated by JUNK, edited by Mima.

Download: Funiculi Funicula zip
Gallery: [ Funiculi Funicula]

Gods are Customers (2008-05-25)

Translated by Nameless Fairy, edited by NF, mobo.

Download: Gods are Customers zip
Gallery: [ Gods are Customers]

384403 (2009-03-29)

Translated by furball, edited by mobo.

Download: 384403 zip
Gallery: [ 384403]

Touhou Rich Miko

Part of an earlier doujin that was not fully Touhou in content.
Translated by Sushi-Y, edited by Aortic.

Download: Touhou Rich Miko zip
Gallery: [ Touhou Rich Miko]



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