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Fun Facts

  • She could've been part of the inspiration for Komachi Onozuka. Both of them carry scythes and are shown to not be good at their jobs. In Phantasmagoria of Flower View's Extra stages, the enemy is also invincible for an amount of time that increases after each stage.
    • Elly and Komachi are the only two characters that carries scythes.
  • She is notorious for her rage inducing boomerang scythe.
  • She is the only boss in the series to start out invincible for an extended length of time.
  • Elly appears on the score screen of Lotus Land Story, and is one of the few PC-98 characters who has a full in-game portrait.
  • In Mystic Square's all-cast staff roll, Elly is called "Elliy".

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