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Ellen in Fan Culture

  • Ellen is a heroine of はたらきもの (Hatarakimono: good worker), which is a manga by Izumi Takemoto (竹本泉). ZUN is a fan of him; it seems that there is some influence from his manga in the Touhou series.
  • Ellen said she is ふわふわエレン (Fuwafuwa Ellen; Fluffy Ellen). In Hatarakimono, Ellen is called so and her full name is エレン・ふわふわ頭・オーレウス (Ellen Fuwafuwaatama Aureus; Ellen Fluffy-Head Aureus).
  • She is shown often with Kana Anaberal, because Kana is implied to be good with children... or they needed a fanon pairing.
  • Ellen is often despicted in Fan art owning an antique shop.

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