Return to Fiction by Valesta

Sakuya closes in on the outside of the bamboo forest, “Tch. If I knew this would have happened, I would have created a Chrono Sign spell card beforehand and saved time! Oh well, There is still enough time… I think…”


Elsewhere, Youmu approaches the same forest, “Not too much farther… Yuyuko-sama… everyone…”


Reimu and Marisa fly into the forest. Even though it looks dense from a distance, it’s surprisingly spacious. The trees are a reasonable distance from each other and there is a lot of maneuverability. The trees extend upward very high, making Reimu and Marisa feel small by comparison.

“Damn…” says Marisa in amazement, “And I thought the Forest of Magic was an incredible forest… This is totally something else!”

“Yeah…” agrees Reimu, “I’m surprised not more people have talked about it…”

Getting back to business, Marisa says, “Still, this is a BIG forest! It will take us a little time to get to that castle. We should be ready for anything…”

Reimu says, “Yeah. The only places that come close to matching the size of that castle are Scarlet Devil Mansion and the palace in Hakugyokurou. Recalling the former, that had a lot of servants, so we’d best assume the same for this o_ AAHHHHHHH!” Suddenly a red beam comes from the side, zooming in front of Marisa, but slamming into Reimu, sending her flying deeper into the forest.

“REIMU!” calls out Marisa.

“We found intruders!” Several girls with floppy rabbit-like ears fly into plain sight around Marisa.

Marisa looks around, “What the hell are these things? Oh well, Reimu’s probably fine. I’ll find her after I deal with you!”

One of the rabbit-girls says, “You are intruding upon the forest under the sworn ownership of Princess Kaguya. Under the orders of Tewi Inaba, we hereby request your immediate withdrawal from this forest, lest we force you out.”

Marisa says sarcastically, “Hm, that’s a tough one… How about this: I’ll settle for the second option, but I’LL be the one doing the forcing IN. How does THAT sound to you?”

Another one of the rabbits growls, “You’ll pay for your foolishness. Get ready, human!” The rabbits charge at Marisa.

Marisa calmly says, “You really think I’d act impudent and be helpless? You will pay for YOUR foolishness, hare-girls.” Marisa extends her arm and fires a volley of magical bolts, which catches three of the rabbit-girls off-guard. The other rabbits back away, focus their energies, and fire lasers of red energy, like the one that hit Reimu, at Marisa, who swiftly and continuously, dodges to the side. She draws a spell card, “This will take care of you guys. Magic Sign!” Colorful energy flows into Marisa.

One of the rabbits alerts the others, “A spell card! This is no ordinary intruder! Watch out!”

Marisa, slightly disappointed, says, “C’mon. If someone can resist that moon, surely they’d have enough power to use a spell card. Well, time to wrap this up! Stardust Reverie!” Magical star-shaped projectiles materialize and shoot out around Marisa. The rabbits are unable to dodge or escape the attack and are all knocked out cold. “What a weird bunch. Now then, what happened to Reimu?” Marisa flies in the direction that Reimu was sent flying.


At the same time as Marisa’s battle with the rabbit-girls, Reimu, out of sight from her partner, hits the ground, but quickly recovers, “Ugh. Dammit! That caught me by surprise. What was that?”

“Hey there! I haven’t seen you around!” A figure shrouded by the night’s darkness approaches Reimu.

Reimu raises her gohei, “Who are you?”

“Just someone. I take you came to do something about the moon, am I right?”


“I see. In that case…” The figures eyes light up to an eerie red glow, which catches Reimu’s attention.

“Ughhh…” Suddenly, upon looking into the glowing eyes, an uncomfortable pulse throbs through Reimu’s head. The glow stops, leaving a headache behind.

“Yup. That should do it…”

“Reimu!” Marisa’s voice rings from a distance and comes closer.

The figure says, “Well then. Have your fun. Hmhmhm…” With a chuckle, she flies away, disappearing into the distance.

Marisa finds Reimu on the ground, clutching her forehead, “Owww…”

“Ah! There you are Reimu… Did you hit your head or something?”

“No…” answers Reimu, “I was confronted by… someone… I couldn’t see her very well. Her eyes glowed and all the sudden, I got a headache.”

“That’s it?”

“Yeah… I dunno what just happened there…”

“But other than that, you feel fine?”


“Alright. Then let’s carry on. Don’t exert yourself too much.”

“Yeah. Thanks.”

Reimu and Marisa fly ahead. Within minutes, Reimu’s headache instantly clears mysteriously, “Hm?”

“What’s up?” asks Marisa.

“I’m fine,” answers Reimu, “That headache I suddenly got. It just disappeared like…” Reimu snaps her fingers “… That!”

“Strange… But at least you’re alright. Still, whoever it was that confronted you and gave you that headache… Just what was she up to?”

“I don’t know. Afterward, she said, ‘That should do’ and ‘Have your fun,’ so it seems she did what she wanted… Damn! None of this makes sense…”

“Well you look okay to me, Reimu, you said you feel fine. I can’t think of anything that could go wrong, so let’s keep pressing on.”

They fly deeper and deeper into the forest.


Elsewhere, it is apparent that Reimu and Marisa were not the only ones that encountered rabbit-girls.

Sakuya zooms through the forest with five rabbits pursuing her. She thinks to herself, Well, this may be a good sign. At least I know someone doesn’t want me here… She flies over to a tree, kicks off its trunk and flies straight to the unsuspecting rabbits. She brandishes a knife and incapacitates all five of them with slashes. She kicks off another tree and continues along her original direction, “Well, that was easy. However, if there happens to be many more, that could cost some time…”


An hour passes as everyone, in their respective locations, fly through the forest.

Marisa complains, “Dammit! Just how much time has passed? We only have until 5 to get rid of that moon!”

“We must be getting close,” says Reimu, “We saw that castle from the distance and it was far away, but after all this, we must not be far now!”

“By the way,” says Marisa, “Yukari said that Sakuya and Youmu were headed here too, right? Do you think we’ll run into them?”

“Maybe. Our destination should be the same…”

“Well, they will be a big he_”


Interrupted and surprised, Marisa looks around, “Wh-what the heck?”

In the middle of a large clearing, Reimu and Marisa are surrounded by countless rabbit-girls. Right ahead of them, standing with her arms crossed, is a black-haired rabbit, wearing a pink dress, “My name is Tewi Inaba! I am the leader of Kaguya-hime’s rabbit guards!”

“So you’re Tewi?” asks Marisa, “The bunnies I busted up back there did mention a name like that. Odd, I was picturing someone much more… impressive.”

Tewi’s eyes narrow, “Sh-shut up! I am one of Kaguya-hime’s most trusted vassals!”

Reimu asks, “Tell me, Tewi, what kind of youkai is ‘Kaguya-hime’ anyway? I’ve never heard of one what can create a false moon!”

Tewi grins, “Oh, Kaguya-hime is no youkai.”

Reimu is taken aback, “She’s HUMAN, then? That’s even more unbelievable, but I’ll take your word for it! Why are youkai like you helping her?”

Tewi answers, “Some of us youkai, like me, LOVE humans, and Kaguya provided a home for us youkai bunnies. That said, none of us really like to attack humans, but right now, it is important that we protect Kaguya-hime and her moon. Please, just leave now.”

Marisa says, “I don’t care why you are doing what you are doing, but the fact is you are making people ALL over Gensokyo go crazy. We won’t let that go on any longer.”

Tewi sighs, “I see. In that case…” She directs her hand toward Reimu and Marisa, “ATTACK!” She turns and walks away as the horde of rabbit youkai start attacking Reimu and Marisa.

Several of them fire beam of energy, which Reimu and Marisa dodge by ascending higher. Back to back, they throw needles and fire blasts of magic, picking off one rabbit after another. Reimu draws a spell card, “Treasure Sign: Ying-Yang Orb!” The card vanishes and several yin-yang orbs materialize around Reimu. She directs her hand toward a group of rabbits. The orbs glow blue, then rocket toward their target. The rabbits jump away as the orbs approach, but then they burst with energy, sending them flying.


“Huh? What was that?” Youmu notices the pulse of light that came from Reimu’s yin-yang orbs, then heads in that direction to investigate.


Elsewhere in the forest, Sakuya also notices the light, “Hm… I wonder…” She heads in the direction of the light.


Back at the battle with the rabbit youkai, Reimu and Marisa continue to have an uphill battle. No matter how many they manage to defeat, more always come to take their place.

“Dang…” mutters Marisa, getting tired, “Just how many of these things are there?” She fires a few burst of magic at a small group of rabbits.

Equally tired, Reimu states, “There is no end to them…” Two rabbits approach her. She knocks one away with her gohei, and then kicks the other.

They look around and still see a large number of rabbits, “Dammit!” cries Marisa, “At this rate, we’ll never make it in time!”

One of the rabbits laughs, “Hahaha! Nice try, but you can’t interfere with our princess’ plans!” A group of rabbit youkai approach Reimu and Marisa.

“Life Terminating Sword: Slash of Plutonic Muse!” Suddenly, a burst of air pressure blows the rabbits away. Youmu appears with the Roukanken in hand, “Marisa? Reimu? Why are you here?”

“Youmu!” exclaims the relieved Reimu.

“Glad to you made it!!” Marisa quickly explains, “We’re here for the same reason as you, as we heard from Yukari, to get rid of that make-people-crazy moon!”

“I figured as much,” says Youmu with a nod.

“At any rate,” says Reimu, “this isn’t a good time to talk. Let’s take care of this first.”


One of the rabbit youkai yells to Youmu, “Who the hell are you? Whatever. We still have you outnumbered!” Several rabbits fly toward Reimu, Marisa, and Youmu, who draws a spell card.

“Human Sign!” Silver energy flows into Youmu as she focuses, slowing time, “Slash of Present!” She dashes faster than the eye can see, cutting through the rabbit youkai, who fall to the ground, incapacitated. However, just as soon as Youmu completes her attack, she is knocked to the side by an energy blast from and unseen rabbit, “Agh!”

“Tch.” Reimu charges and knocks Youmu’s attacker out with her gohei, however, another rabbit launches an attack, which Reimu narrowly dodges, then counterattacks with needles.

Youmu recovers, “Thank you…”

Marisa dodges some shots of energy from one rabbit, then counterattacks with magic, “Gr. No offense, Youmu, but even with you here, we’re still in a bit of a jam!” Marisa knocks out the rabbit, but three more rush in to take its place, “Damn it!”

“Hyaaa!” Suddenly, the three rabbits fall, defeated and Sakuya steps into sight, “So it was you.”

“Sakuya!” yells Marisa.

Sakuya smiles contently, “So you three somehow resisted the effects as well and came here to do something about that moon as well?”

“Yeah,” answers Reimu.

Sakuya looks at the large gang of rabbit youkai, “Well, it looks like you need my help, so let’s take care of this, shall we?”

Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya, and Youmu fly over to one another. Sakuya whispers, making sure the youkai don’t hear, “Let’s each cover a portion of the surroundings. It should go pretty well if we take care of a small portion of the overall whole.”

“Sounds like a plan,” agrees Marisa. They each stand shoulder to shoulder, each looking at a fourth of the surrounding group of rabbits, drawing spell cards at the same time.

“Spirit Sign!” Reimu draws a handful of ofuda in her left hand, which get filled with energy from the spell card, “Fantasy Seal –spread-!” The ofuda fly out, each hitting a rabbit youkai, knocking them out.

“Loving Heart!” Marisa’s spell card turns into light-blue energy, which flows into her, “Double Spark!” She fires one slightly smaller Master Spark, taking out half of her targets, then another one, knocking out the other half.

“Strange Art!” Several magic circles appear around Sakuya, “Eternal Meek!” Small knives, charged with energy, shoot out of the circles, wounding all the rabbit youkai in her area.

“Celestial Star Sword!” The card turn into blue energy, which flows into Youmu’s ghost-half as she unsheathes the Hakurouken. The ghost-half merges with Youmu’s two swords, “Silent Nirvana!” She cuts an X-shaped pattern in front of her, opening a void, from which several blasts of energy pour out, knocking out the rabbit youkai.

Each having used a high-level spell, Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya, and Youmu slowly descend to the ground, exhausted, surrounded by unconscious rabbit youkai. “We did it…” says Marisa, “It was crazy and tough, but we did it…”

“Let’s keep going,” says Sakuya, “The false moon sets itself permanently at 5.”

“WHAT?” yells Youmu, “We’re under a time limit?”

“Yeah,” answers Reimu, “Didn’t you know?”

“No!” Youmu looks up at the moon, beyond the branches of the bamboo trees, “Can any of you determine what time it is by the moon’s position in the sky?”

“I can…” Marisa looks up, pauses, and then says, “No good. The moon is in the same place it has been when it first appeared. Not surprising as I heard an endless night will accompany that moon if we screw up.”

Youmu shrugs, “Well, we can only see the moon during the night anyway.”

“Whatever,” says Reimu, “Let’s press on.”

The four of them together fly through the forest to the castle, which is drawing ever closer, but at a decreased pace to regain the energy they lost from their spell cards. They exchange their stories of how they ended up heading to the bamboo forest to get rid of the fake moon. Sakuya explains her side of the story.

“So let me get this straight,” says Reimu, “My amulet makes me resistant to the moon’s effects, Marisa taught herself to resist forced alterations to her mental state, Youmu’s sword protects her, but YOU don’t know, Sakuya? You simply weren’t controlled?”

“It seems that way,” answers Sakuya.

“Amazing,” says Youmu, “Just what ARE you, Sakuya?”


Marisa notes, “Wriggle and Mystia, as well as Rumia, who Sakuya mentioned, said they were exempt from that moon’s effects. Might you have been exempt too, Sakuya? Do you know who Kaguya is?”

Sakuya answers, “No. I’ve never heard that name before in my life.”

“I see. Weird…”

They fly a little further. Youmu asks Sakuya, “So you have a master, just like me, right?”

“Yes. Remilia-sama.”

“How long have you been serving her?”

Sakuya pauses for a moment to think, “I’m… really not sure. Have you been keeping count on how long you’ve been serving Yuyuko?”

Youmu rubs the back of her head, “Well… no… Heh…”

Sakuya gives her best estimate, “I’d say I’ve been serving Remilia-sama for… roughly 50 years…”

“Wait a minute!” yells Marisa, “Months ago, you told me you were in your 20’s, Sakuya!”

Sakuya nods, “And I am. I am 21 years old.”

“Then what’s with that ’50 years’ crap you just said?”

“I’m 21 years old and I’ve served Remilia-sama for 50 years.”

“That doesn’t make any sense,” says Reimu, “How can you be 21, but serve someone for 50 years? On top of that, you must have had some life before becoming Remilia Scarlet’s maid, right?”

“Of course,” answers Sakuya, “Before then I was a hunter for… … … … Damn. I can’t even estimate how long that was…”

Marisa clarifies all she had learned up to that point, “That means you might have lived for 100 years… or more! THAT’S how old you should be, not 21… … Wait a minute, why are you still so young-looking after all that time?”

“I don’t know,” answers Sakuya, “When I met Remilia-sama, she gave me a position, a name… an identity. I’ve been 21 years old ever since then. Last year, I was 21. This year, I am 21. Next year, and every year after that, I will be 21. It’s the age I got with the identity I was given. I don’t know why it’s like this for me. I could actually be a youkai for all I know…”

Reimu explains, “Sakuya, as a youkai hunter, I have the ability to sense youkai. Even youkai that look very much like humans, such as Yukari Yakumo and Alice Hemorrhoid_”

“Margatroid,” corrects Marisa.

“Whatever. At any rate, I can sense what they are and simply tell that they are youkai by a glance. But among the four of us, however, I only sense a half-youkai, and that’s Youmu. As for you, Sakuya, you are as human as Marisa and myself.”

Sakuya nods in acknowledgement, “I see… but it’s still so strange…”

“UGH!” Suddenly, the headache that Reimu had earlier comes back more intense than before. She descends to the forest floor and slumps to her knees, holding both sides of her head, “It’s… painful…”

“Reimu!” Marisa, Sakuya, and Youmu fly down after Reimu. “What’s happening? Are you okay, Reimu?”

“It’s that headache…” says Reimu, trying to endure her pain, “I thought it went away, but it’s back now!”

“This doesn’t look like any ordinary headache,” observes Sakuya, “Not everyone expresses this much pain…”

“I doubt it is,” says Marisa, “Reimu was encountered by… someone when I wasn’t around, and she got that headache. It went away soon after, but…”

Youmu asks, “Reimu, do you think you can still fly and fight?”

Reimu tries to get back to her feet, “I’ll tr_ARGH!” The headache flares up and she falls back to the ground.

“Dammit…” moans Marisa, “Her headache did go away before, so it should go away again. We’ll just wait a little bit.”

“We don’t have time to wait!” exclaims Youmu, “We are under a time limit!”

“We still have a few hours,” says Marisa, “and I don’t think we’re too terribly far away from the castle…”

“I’ll be the judge of that…” Sakuya ascends into the air, above the trees, where the air is thinner. She sees the castle poking up out of the sea of trees, only over a mile away. She descends back down to the others, “Well, we aren’t THAT far away. I’d say we have time.”

“Fine, I’ll wait,” says the impatient Youmu, “She’d better get well soon. I don’t like waiting on things like a headache…”

“Just give me… a few minutes,” says Reimu.


Meanwhile in the human village, hidden from history by Keine’s power, Mokou descends into the village and in front of Keine, who is standing in preparation for the possibility of the appearance of another youkai, “Hey there, Keine. As I expected, you hid this village to protect it from the outside threat. If I wasn’t aware of you and your powers, I never would have found my way back here…”

Keine’s eyes widen with joy, “You made it, Mokou-sama! I was worried that the moon… you know…”

Mokou’s eyes narrow, “I appreciate your concern, Keine, but it’s more than apparent that the moon is Kaguya’s handiwork, and I’m appalled that you’d think that I’d succumb to one of HER tricks. It took me a little while to build up a resistance, but it doesn’t even faze me anymore.”

Keine smiles, “I’m sorry, Mokou-sama, but do you have any idea why Kaguya is doing this?”

Mokou looks up at Keine’s false sky, “I have no idea. She had prevented the moon from becoming full and its light appears to cause people to essentially WORSHIP her. It pisses me off to see them treating her like a goddess… Still, that mind-altering effect looks more like what Reisen is capable of, but that’s beside the point. Kaguya always hides in her castle with her sidekicks, away from everyone and everything. It’s odd that she is getting everyone to know who she is. It makes zero sense!”

Keine puts her hand on her chin, “You’re right. That doesn’t add up at all…”

Mokou slams her fist into her open palm, “Regardless of why, she’s REALLY gone too far this time! It’s no longer personal!”

Keine looks at the ground, “So you are going to fight Kaguya again?”

“Hell yeah, I am,” answers Mokou, “Look, Keine, I know you deeply care for humans and you hate the fact that they fight amongst themselves, such as the multiple battles Kaguya and I fought, but this time, many humans across Gensokyo have been robbed of their free will. Is that what you want?”

“Well… no, but…”

“Kaguya is behind this and defeating her will put an end to it. Besides, Kaguya and I are the last humans you should worry about! We revive from death, after all.”

“That may fix the problem, but Mokou-sama, the two of you always kill each other, but it never means anything. Why do you keep doing this?”

“Keine, you know why she had put me through. Killing her, even if its temporary, is what makes me feel alive. It’s what I enjoy most. You really should stop worrying about everlasting beings like ourselves. Ever since becoming immortal, we’ve been more like youkai. Shouldn’t you hate us for what we are?”

“Regardless of your longevity, a human is still a human. That’s what I believe…”

“I see. Well, we were human to begin with anyway. Your understanding moves me, but the facts between Kaguya and myself will never change. I will kill her, like I always have, but this time, it isn’t just my pride that’s on the line.”

Keine reads through Mokou’s words, “That may be true, but in the end, this is still only for yourself, isn’t it?”

Mokou flinches, “Erk! Y-you know me well, Keine…”

Keine shrugs, “Well, I haven’t been able to stop you before, and the freedom of many humans hangs in the balance, so for once, as far as your battles with Kaguya are concerned, good luck, Mokou-sama!”

Mokou walks away a few steps, then looks back at Keine, “One last thing: Why are you always calling me ‘Mokou-sama?’ We have no master/servant relationship and I’m in no respectable position. Plus, if I remember correctly, YOU were the one that beat ME when we first met, when you mistook me for a youkai, not to mention you were the one that taught me how to use spell cards…”

Keine responds, “It was because you couldn’t use spell cards at the time that I won, but since then, you’ve completely surpassed me. Plus, you are immortal and you can manipulate fire. You are certainly interesting and rare among humans, so that’s why I call you Mokou-sama.”

“Whatever. Just curious. At any rate, I’ll be back later with good news. Keep this barrier up until then.”

Keine nods, “Of course.”

Mokou flies up and out of Keine’s barrier.


Within a couple minutes, Reimu’s headache disappears once again, “I’m… okay now. Let’s continue…”

“Alright. Let’s go,” says Marisa, “Let’s finish this before she gets another headache.”

Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya, and Youmu take back to the air and fly through the forest, most of their energy renewed. Reimu says, “I can’t help it, Marisa. I can’t find the strength to do anything else while I am going through that headache. It’s horrible…”

“It’s fine,” forgives Marisa, “I’ll just find and smack whoever did that to you!”

Changing the subject, Youmu wonders, “I wonder who Kaguya is anyway. I’ve never heard of her, but all the sudden, everyone else has. Are any of you, who live in Gensokyo, SURE you’ve never heard of her?”

Marisa asks in return, “If we knew who she was, why would she want to force everyone to know her? In fact, why DOES she want that all the sudden?”

“…” Reimu, Sakuya, and Youmu remain silent to Marisa’s question.

Reimu mentions, “Before Youmu and Sakuya came, that rabbit… ‘Tewi,’ said that Kaguya is human… What human could change the moon? It’s unbelievable, even for a youkai…”

“Yeah,” says Marisa, nodding deeply, “makes me wonder what she is like…”

They fly further ahead. Finally, they find themselves approaching the outer wall of a large Japanese-style castle, emitting silver light. They descend and land in front of the gate.

“Finally!” exclaims Marisa, “We made it!”

“Now let’s finish this,” says Sakuya.

“It’s not going to be that simple…” Tewi jumps out from behind the wall and several rabbit youkai, albeit not as many as before, come out of hiding behind the surrounding trees. Tewi sighs, “Two more of you? Darn… You must be pretty tough if you beat all my friends back there…”

“Damn right,” declares Marisa, “You wanna make something of that?”

Tewi smiles, “I just might. ATTACK!” Responding to Tewi’s command, the rabbit youkai jump toward Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya, and Youmu. Reimu knocks a small group of them away with the gohei, Marisa’s body releases a burst of magic light, knocking out another group, Youmu swings the Roukanken hard, releasing a wave of energy, tearing through a few of the rabbits. Sakuya, focusing on Tewi, tosses a couple knives, which she dodges. She then draws a spell card, “Rabbit Sign!” Pinkish-red energy flows around her, “Great Fortune Crest!” Four red orbs of energy materialize around Tewi, which she launches at Sakuya, who charges through the middle of an opening between the orbs and slams into Tewi, then throws her down to the ground, “AH! Owww…”

Within minutes, Reimu, Marisa, and Youmu defeat the other rabbit youkai and advance toward Tewi. Youmu says, “That’s it for you and your friends. Now take us to Kaguya!”

Tewi slowly backs away nervously as the injured rabbit youkai watch in fear.

A mysterious voice comes from behind the castle’s gate, “Wow! Quite a situation we’ve got, huh?” Not only did four humans resist the effects, but they all found their way here and did a number on our army of rabbits. Luckily, I prepared for such an occasion…”

Reimu recognizes the mysterious voice, “That voice… it’s…”

The gate opens and a violet-haired rabbit youkai with ears much straighter than the others and red eyes, wearing a black business suit over a white shirt and red tie, and a purple skirt, steps out.

Tewi says happily, “Have you come to help me, Reisen-sama?”

Reimu recognizes Reisen’s eyes, “It’s you! You’re the one that caused my headache back there! Why did you do that?”

“So YOU’RE the one?” asks Marisa, “I’m going to bitch-slap you so hard!”

Reisen introduces herself, “My name is Reisen Udongein Inaba. Welcome to the castle of Eientei, the abode of Princess Kaguya Houraisan. I can understand that you are upset about that moon above, but it is important that it stays up there. Created and sustained by my two mistresses and emitting my power…”

Sakuya asks, “Are you saying that the control it took over everyone in Gensokyo is a result of your power?”

“That’s right,” answers Reisen, “and it is going to for as long as I am conscious.”

Marisa clenches her fist, “Then the solution to THAT particular problem is obvious…”

Reisen extends her hand and speaks loudly, “I’ve got this situation under control! Everyone withdraw!” The defeated rabbit youkai respond to Reisen and retreat into the forest, leaving only Reisen and Tewi.

“Do you really think the two of you can beat the four of us?” asks Youmu.

“’Four?’” says Reisen with grin. She looks at Reimu, “I’m sure by now my influence has rooted itself deep in your subconscious. Now then…” Reisen’s eyes glow red.

“Huh? Wh-what?” Reimu’s headache returns and her expression goes blank. She walks over to Reisen’s side.

Reisen asks Reimu, “Who is your mistress?”

Reimu blankly answers, “It is you, Reisen-sama…”

Marisa yells, “Reimu! What’s gotten into you?”

Sakuya observes, “She said something about her influence going into Reimu’s subconscious. Maybe that was those headaches. That rabbit must have the ability to affect peoples’ minds!”

Youmu’s eyes widen, “She’s taking control of Reimu, perhaps?”

“Damn it!” yells Marisa.

Reisen continues, “Who are your enemies?”

Reimu answers, “Those that stand against us.”

“Very good,” says the satisfied Reisen, “Those three over there… They are enemies of ours. Your job is to eliminate them, okay?”


“Excellent!” Reisen turn to Tewi, “C’mon, Tewi. We’ll leave this to her.” Reisen walks back into Eientei.

“Yeah…” Tewi follows Reisen, after taking a look back at Reimu.

Reimu draws a handful of needles, “You will not interfere. Turn back now.”

“Snap out of it!” yells Marisa, “You are not on their side!”

Sakuya sighs, “Somehow, I doubt she will listen…”

Ignoring Marisa, Reimu tosses her needles. Marisa and Sakuya dodge to the side and Youmu deflects the needles with the Roukanken.

“Reimu!” Marisa jumps toward Reimu and tackles her. Trying to pin Reimu to the ground, Marisa yells to Sakuya and Youmu, “Go after that rabbit, you two! I’ll take care of things here!”

“Yeah…” Sakuya and Youmu nod, then rush to Eientei’s front door.

“…” Reimu pulls an ofuda out of her pocket and crumples it inside her fist, causing it to glow with bright light. She delivers a punch with enough force to send Marisa flying off of her.

“AHHH!” Marisa hits the ground eight feet away from Reimu, but quickly recovers, “You are my best friend, Reimu… but also my greatest rival. No one, other than me, deserves this…”

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