Return to Fiction by Valesta

In front of Eientei, The battle between Reimu, who had fallen under the control of Reisen Udongein Inaba, and Marisa rages on.

Reimu jumps into the air and hovers, throwing several needles down at Marisa, who constantly leaps backward, narrowly dodging them.

Marisa mutters to herself, “I don’t want to hurt you, Reimu… but anyone who attacks me should expect some payback on my part. I know you’re not that fragile!” Marisa counterattacks by directing her open palm toward Reimu and firing several shots of magic at her.

“…” Reimu pulls an ofuda out of her dress and tosses it in front of her, creating a small barrier, blocking Marisa’s attack.

“Damn… Looks like she has more going than just the needles… She may be able to use her entire repertoire under that rabbit’s control…”

As if to confirm Marisa’s suspicions, Reimu draws a spell card and monotonously declares, “Treasure Sign: Ying-Yang Orb.” Four Yin-Yang Orbs materialize around Reimu, which she sends down at Marisa.

“Tch.” Marisa hops on her broomstick and rides away from Reimu, taking cover behind a group of trees, which the orbs effortlessly smash through. Performing a vertical U-turn, Marisa avoids the orbs and flies around the falling trees toward Reimu, drawing a spell card, “Comet!” Blue energy flows into Marisa’s broom, “Blazing Star!” With an extra burst of speed, Marisa charges toward Reimu and slams into her, forcing her down to the ground. However, Reimu manages to move to the side before hitting the ground.

“Disengage!” Marisa cancels the effects of her spell card and lands safely.

“…” Reimu flies toward Marisa and swings her gohei. Marisa blocks the attack with her broomstick.

Marisa thinks to herself, Sakuya… Youmu… I hope you found that rabbit…


Inside Eientei’s corridors, where the walls are lined with panels, sliding doorways, and windows and the floor is wooden, giving off a slight shine, the retreating Reisen and Tewi find Eirin, standing before a fork in the hallway, “Eirin-sama!”

“Is everything going well?” asks Eirin.

Reisen explains, “We have four intruders. They managed to beat our rabbits. I took control of one, but it’s possible that some got by and are after us…”

“Four intruders?” asks Eirin, “Not a bad number. Still, in the event that you are correct, we shall prepare our last line of defense. As you know, the split in this hallway is used for defense to divide potential invaders. Reisen, tonight YOU shall be the one to defend Kaguya-hime.”

Reisen points at herself, “Me? But… shouldn’t that be what you are supposed to do?”

Eirin answers, “I am going to watch over the charm. If the charm is destroyed and Kaguya’s life ended, albeit temporarily, the moon shall disappear and the true moon will be returned. We must prevent that, so I will watch over one of the potential halves of our plan, but the princess’ defense will be left to you.”

“I see,” replies Reisen.

Eirin turns to Tewi, “Tewi, you shall be the vanguard. You will remain here and try to stop the intruders.”

“Okay…” says Tewi with a slow nod.

“Let’s do this…” Eirin flies into one corridor while Reisen flies into the other.


Back at the battle outside of Eientei, Reimu’s gohei and Marisa’s broom clash several times. Finally, Reimu manages to break through Marisa’s defenses and deliver a powerful thrust, knocking Marisa several feet away.

“Tch…” Marisa quickly recovers after hitting the ground, Nothing has changed… I’ve constantly worked hard to gain my level of magical expertise while Reimu had lazed around, but she is still able to match me… But this one time, I can’t afford to lose… Marisa draws a spell card, “Light Sign!” The card turns into an orb of white light. She tosses it into the ground.

“…” Reimu, under control, but having some degree of awareness, wonders what Marisa is up to. After the orb sinks, she charges toward Marisa.

Marisa thinks to herself, Beating that rabbit… That’s the only solution I can think of for Reimu’s predicament, but at least I can knock her unconscious… She raises her hand up, “Earth Light Ray!” Several pillars of light erupt out of the ground.

“!” Reimu notices the pillars rising around her and takes evasive action. However, as she dodges one pillar, another erupts below her, sending her skyward.

Marisa rises her broomstick up and above the stunned Reimu, grabs the shaft, and swings it out from under her, over her head, and down on Reimu, sending her rocketing to the ground. Marisa returns to the ground safely.

“…” However, Reimu, not showing any indications of pain, despite the bruises her just received, returns to her feet.

Damn… This will take quite a bit of work…


In the corridors of Eientei, Sakuya and Youmu encounter Tewi, who had not completely recovered from her previous battle, “You will go no further, intruders… You will not see any of my mistresses! I will stop you here!”

Youmu says, “You don’t look like you’re in any shape to say that. Just step aside and make this easier on all of us.”

Tewi flinches as Youmu called her bluff, “Sh-shut up! You haven’t seen a fraction of what I can do!” Tewi draws a spell card, “Owing Sign!” Green and yellow energy swirls around her, “Vulnerary of Ohnamuji-sama!” The energy condenses into green and yellow beams, which move in snake-like patterns toward Sakuya and Youmu. They narrowly dodge to the side.

Sakuya says, “Not bad, but where we are, you stand little chance…” She draws a spell card, “Silver Sign!” Blue energy disperses around Sakuya, “Perfect Maid!” Several knives materialize, covering the entire width of the corridor.

“WHAAAA!” Tewi’s beams deflect some of the knives, but don’t provide any room for her to completely dodge. She rushes to an area that seems the least harmful and a knife tears through her shoulder. “Errr…” She tightly clutches her wound with no energy to continue battling.

Sakuya and Youmu walk past. Sakuya says, “My apologies, but we have no time to waste on the likes of you. We have a miko… and a world… that need to regain a little sanity. Let’s go, Youmu…”

“…” Tewi sits silently and helplessly.

Within minutes, Sakuya and Youmu reach the fork in the hallway. Sakuya clenches her teeth in frustration, “Tch. Wishful thinking…”

Youmu wonders, “I wonder which way that rabbit went…”

Sakuya adds, “The way to Kaguya is probably also along one of these passages… but which one… Damn. We have no choice. Take the left, Youmu. I’ll check the right…”

Youmu nods, “Yeah, we don’t have a lot of choice. We’ll be split up, but it’s more practical than taking a wild guess and hoping for the best result…” Sakuya takes the right corridor and Youmu takes the left.


Outside Eientei, Marisa and Reimu’s battle continues.

Reimu draws a spell card, “Divine Spirit.” The card splits into several fragments, “Fantasy Seal.” The fragments turn into large orbs of various colors.

Anticipating that Reimu is going to launch the orbs at her, Marisa prepares to take evasive action.

“…” However, Reimu sends the orbs into her own body and she starts glowing.

“Huh?” Marisa, who was not expecting Reimu’s action with her Fantasy Seal technique, lowers her guard, What is she up to?

Reimu extends her arms toward Marisa and releases the energy stored in her body as a smaller white Master Spark-like laser.

“HOLY SHIT!” Marisa frantically, with little time, draws a spell card and declares, “Lovesignmasterspark!” The cark turns into energy, which immediately turns into Marisa’s Master Spark, however, with no time to charge, it comes as a much smaller laser, slightly smaller than Reimu’s.

The two lasers clash with a flash of bright light and both the miko and witch summon up as much energy as they can to overpower the other’s attack. However, Reimu, who had attacked first, has the upper hand in the struggle.

Here I am once again… thinks the struggling Marisa, The hard-working Marisa is on the losing side and the laid-back Reimu is on the winning side, even if she is not herself. This brings back memories…

Marisa thinks back to when she and Reimu were small children. The two of them were behind the Hakurei Shrine surrounded by trees with targets marked on them.

“Here I go…” The young Reimu, with needles tucked between her fingers, spins around, releasing the needles one by one. They each hit the targets with a perfect bulls-eye, “Yay! I’m getting better!”

The young Marisa scoffs, “Hmph. I can do that…” She charges up her magic, which was very weak at the time, and spins releasing several tiny blasts of magic, no bigger than Reimu’s needles. Several shots miss and fly into the forest, but a few hit every target, leaving tiny burn marks, though not nearly with as much accuracy as Reimu. Comparing her demonstrated skills in comparison to Reimu and being completely unsatisfied, Marisa yells, “Damn it!”

Reimu, much calmer and more reserved at the time, says, “That wasn’t bad, Marisa. If you practice a bit more, then…”

“Like you’re one to talk!” interrupts Marisa.

“I’m sorry?” says Reimu, stepping back, intimidated by Marisa’s attitude.

The frustrated Marisa explains, “You are always sleeping and eating. I never see you practice. But I practice all day, so why am I not better than you?”

“It’s because Reimu is special.” Reimu’s mother, whom Reimu bears a strong resemblance to, walks out of the shrine, “You see, Marisa, some people have a natural talent for things and are skilled at them with minimal effort. Reimu, as the Hakurei Shrine’s next miko, has those qualities, so much so that she may become the greatest in our family line. It’s something not just anyone can match.”

Marisa drops to her knees, “No matter what I do… Reimu will always be better because she’s talented…?”

The memory runs through Marisa’s mind. Finally, she yells out loud, “Screw talent! I’ve worked and studied hard and I’m not going to be beaten by something that just ‘came’ to someone! RRRAAARRGGHHH!” Marisa exerts herself and her Master Spark becomes more powerful and overpowers Reimu’s attack. Reimu is knocked several feet away.


In Eientei’s left corridor, Youmu suddenly encounters Reisen, who was standing in wait, “It’s you, that rabbit! Return Reimu to normal!”

Reisen shrugs, “Looks like you found me. As for your ‘request,’ allow me to see how your friend is doing…” Reisen closes her eyes and, after a moment of focusing, sees through Reimu’s eyes during her battle with Marisa. Marisa jumps at the previously knocked down Reimu, who blocks with her gohei and pushes Marisa back. However, Marisa pulls a quick counterattack with a blast of magic, which pushes Reimu, who had just gotten back to her feet, back further. Reisen opens her eyes, “Looks like she’s losing this battle. Alright. I’ll do as you say…”

Youmu, who feels Reisen submitted too easy, grabs the hilt of the sheathed Roukanken and asks, “What are you up to?”

“Exactly as you say,” answers Reisen, “I’m releasing your friend from my control…”


Back outside Eientei, as Marisa is about to attack the weakened Reimu again, Reimu’s eyes glow red and Marisa stops in her tracks as an illusory image of Reisen appears in front of Reimu, “It’s you! Release Reimu!”

Reisen lowers her head, “Wow… Everyone is telling me to do that right now! I guess I don’t have a choice, do I?”

Suddenly, a strong pulse goes through Marisa’s head and she slumps to her knees as she’s overcome by a headache, “Wh-what’s going on?”

Reisen answers, “I knew there was the possibility of my puppet losing, so I made a contingency plan. My insanity is like a virus, except it leaves one host and moves on to another. As I said, your friend is released… but now YOU are under my control!”

Marisa, whose consciousness is drifting away, mutters to Reisen, “Don't underestimate me... I resisted that moon's effects and I'll resist you...” However, Marisa's mind, despite her efforts to resist, is slowly overcome.

Reisen says, "This is more powerful than the lunacy the moon eminates. You have no chance of resisting this..."

"You bitch... Ugh..." Finally, Marisa stands there with her eyes empty and blank.

Reimu, who was completely freed from Reisen’s control, but feels weakened, asks Marisa, “Huh? Marisa? What just happened?”

“…” Without answering, Marisa draws a spell card, “Love Sign.” Gold energy flows into her.

“What are you doing?” asks Reimu.

Marisa extends her arm toward Reimu, “Master Spark.” Marisa fires her giant laser.

“WHAAA!” Reimu quickly jumps to the side, but the force of the beam, knocks her away, “Marisa! What’s going on?”


In Eientei’s left hall, Reisen says to Youmu, “There. Your friend is released… but the blonde one in black is now my servant!”

“Damn you!” Youmu charges at Reisen, who’s eyes glow red. Suddenly, Youmu’s mind pulses and she slumps to the ground. Within her subconscious, she stands in the middle of a silver void.

Reisen, whose mind feels to be under considerable pressure, says, “Damn… These techniques take a lot out of me… but they are effective. Now to release a memory to do her in with… Once her subconcious mind is destroyed, she'll be completly mindless and I can do what I want with her..."

Inside Youmu’s subconscious, a figure materializes: An aging man with long hair and full facial hair, wearing brown clothes, with a sheathed Roukanken at his left hip, accompanied by a ghost-half. Youmu immediately recognizes the figure, “F-father?” The figure is none other than Youmu’s father, Youki Konpaku.

Youki angrily says, “Youmu! Do you realize what you are trying to accomplish?”

Youmu, not understanding what is going on, says, “What are you doing here, father? You just disappeared all the sudden! Where did you go? What happened?”

Youki, not listening to Youmu, repeats himself, “Do you realize what you are trying to accomplish?”

Youmu answers, “I’m on a mission to stop Kaguya and get rid of the moon that’s been making everyone, such as Yuyuko-sama, worship her.”

“Fool!” Youki unsheathes and swings his Roukanken, releasing a large blast of white spirit energy.

Youmu quickly jumps to the side, “Father! What are you doing? Why did you do that?”

Youki says, “Your mistress is Kaguya! That moon is for the good of Gensokyo and the Netherworld! Your defiance makes you an enemy of Gensokyo!”

Youmu says, “There’s no way you’re my father! What you always taught me is that my absolute mistress is Yuyuko-sama, and now she is in danger of falling under that moon’s control! Even if you are my father, I won’t let you get in my way!”

Youki says, “It’s really a pity that you refuse to change, for I now serve a higher purpose, but if you insist, I’ll show you what happens when you stand against me. Come, Youmu!”

Youmu unsheathes the Roukanken and charges at Youki, who draws a spell card, “Ghastly Image!” Youki’s ghost-half suddenly separates into several smaller wisps which swirl around the void.

Youmu looks around, I’ve never seen my father in battle, so I’m not aware of what he’s capable of with his spell cards…

“Death Onslaught!” The wisps turn into several transparent copies of Youki, which surround Youmu and close in.

“Tch…” Youmu extends the Roukanken and spins around, leaving several orbs of spirit energy in her sword’s wake, which she launches at Youki’s copies. The orbs hit each one, returning them to their wisp state. They return to Youki and condense back into his ghost-half.

“Not bad, Youmu,” says Youki, “I see you’ve improved in my absence, but that only means that I will get serious too!” Youki dashes at Youmu and their Roukankens clash. Youki attempts a quick counterattack, but Youmu steps back, dodging the attack then slashes at the air, creating more spiritual orbs, which fly toward Youki, who deflects them with his blade. Youki draws another spell card, “Blade Sign!” His ghost-half merges with his Roukanken, “Tormenting Sword!” Youki’s right arm and sword radiate with purple energy and her dashes toward Youmu, with his sword swinging wildly fast, faster than he normally would be able to swing it. Youmu raises her Roukanken to block an attack, but it get hit with so much force, she loses her grip on it.

“Ah!” In another quick attempt to defend herself, Youmu draws the Hakurouken, which is glowing an intense green aura, and tightens her grip on it to maintain her grasp. Youki’s Roukanken collides with Youmu’s Hakurouken and Youki’s weapon instantly dissolves into thin air.

Youki steps back, “Wh-what?”

Youmu looks at Youki, then the Hakurouken and recalls the memories she had learned from him, which were momentarily lost as a result of Reisen’s illusion, “That’s right! I was confronting that rabbit, then I ended up here! That means… you aren’t real, are you, ‘Father?’”

“…” Youki takes another step back.

“You taught me the Hakurouken destroys illusions and shows me the true path. Well, it’s time to return to reality. I hope the ‘real’ you is still alive out there!” Youmu charges at the fake Youki and runs him through with the Hakurouken. In that instant, the void shatters and Youmu regains consciousness, find herself before Reisen in Eientei’s hallway. Even though a few minutes had passed in Youmu’s subconscious, only an instant had passed in real time.

Reisen’s eyes widen, “What? How did you recover from that?”

Youmu answers, “You don’t need to know. Just remember that whatever mind tricks you have are useless against me!”

“Fine then…” growls Reisen, “I don’t need them to deal with the likes of you!”


In Eientei’s right corridor, Sakuya dashes through, leaving several defeated rabbit youkai sentries in her wake. Finally, she reaches a chamber unlike the rest of the castle: Even though she feels like she’s standing on solid ground, all around her, it looks like she’s in the middle of space. Above, around, and below her, there is a realistically beautiful celestial display.

Sakuya thinks out loud, “What IS this place…?” She slowly walks across it, looking around. She looks straight ahead of her and sees a colossal silvery-white sphere inside something that looks like a glass cage, “Huh? That looks like…” In front of the imprisoned sphere stands Eirin Yagokoro, looking at the sphere, “Who are you? Are you Kaguya?”

Eirin turns around toward Sakuya, “My apologies, but it seems you took the wrong path. My name is Eirin Yagokoro.” She raises an eyebrow, Huh? She…

Upon seeing Eirin’s face, a mysterious feeling runs through Sakuya’s head, What? Why am I feeling this way? Why does she look so… familiar…?


Outside Eientei, Marisa, who had recently fallen under Reisen’s control, continues to attack Reimu.

Reimu shifts her body’s weight to the side and dodges a few incoming shots of magic from Marisa, “I’m sorry, Marisa, but if you intend to attack me, I must defend myself!” Reimu draws some needles and tosses them at Marisa, who then carefully aims her magical shots to deflect the needles out of midair, Well, she’s certainly gotten better. Haven’t realized it until fighting her myself…

Marisa draws a spell card and monotonously declares, “Star Sign.” The card turns to golden energy, which gathers into an aerial mass high above.

“Tch.” Reimu looks up and prepares herself for the attack that’s coming.

“Dragon Meteo.” Several big lasers rain down from the mass of energy. Reimu dashes and leaps around, narrowly dodging one laser after another. Marisa fires a bolt of magic in Reimu’s path, causing her to flinch.

“Shit!” Reimu braces herself, as she gets hit by the bolt and one of the lasers, thereafter, forced to the ground. “Ugh…” Reimu summons enough energy to force herself back to her feet, using her gohei as a support.

Marisa stares at Reimu blankly and directs her hand toward her as another laser falls. Crumpling an ofuda in her fist, Reimu leaps out of the laser’s path and toward Marisa. With her fist glowing intensely, Reimu delivers a powerful left hook to Marisa’s face.

“…!” Marisa is sent careening, the blow interrupting her focus on her spell card.

“Sorry, Marisa…” Reimu draws her own spell card, “Treasure Sign: Ying-Yang Orb!” Three Yin-Yang Orbs materialize around Reimu. They emit blue auras, and then from those auras, fire blue bolts of holy energy at Marisa, who barely recovers from Reimu’s last attack, getting hit several times.

“…” Marisa releases a powerful pulse of magic from her entire body, defending herself from the bolts, and then draws another spell card, “Magicannon.” Multi-colored energy flows into her.

“Ah!” Reimu ceases her attack, knowing what’s coming next. The Yin-Yang Orbs fly in front of Reimu, forming a shield.

Marisa extends both of her arms toward Reimu, “Final Spark.” A magic circle opens in front of Marisa, which fires a massive laser of many colors. A few months ago, Marisa had trouble completely controlling this spell, but since then, she had mastered it. The Final Spark engulfs everything in its circumference, tearing away at the ground. Reimu is protected by a barrier formed by her Yin-Yang Orbs, but they strain under the power of Marisa’s attack.

“Not good…” Reimu, under the cover of the three orbs in front of her, pushes forward against the resisting force, slowly advancing toward Marisa. Finally, after getting close enough to the dark silhouette of Marisa at the end of the harmful tunnel of light. With an extra thrust of energy, Reimu flies toward Marisa.

“Disengage.” At the last second, Marisa cancels her attack and jumps away from Reimu, aided by her broom.

Reimu cancels the barrier formed by her orbs and swings her gohei at each of them toward Marisa, who quickly dodges all three, then fires a group of small magical lasers, which Reimu rolls out of the way of. She thinks to herself, So this is what it’s like fighting Marisa… We’ve been friends for a long time, but something told me it would come to this in one way or another… I just hoped she wouldn’t be trying to kill me…

Reimu thinks back to a talk she had with Marisa several years ago, in their preteen years. They had finished a brief sparring match, which Reimu had won, albeit with some effort on her part. They sat on the edge of a cliff, looking down at a large body of water with a few small islands.

Marisa says, “I doesn’t matter what I do, Reimu. You just always win…”

Reimu says, “It just comes easy to me, that’s all. However, I truly admire your efforts, Marisa. You devote so much of your time to practice, something I hardly ever do, and the results show.”

“But you are still stronger, purely through natural ability. If you would devote the time I had, you’d be even more incredible.”

Reimu pauses and says, “I… don’t know how you commit yourself, Marisa. I never feel that kind of motivation…”

“It’s because you have no damn inspiration. I train hard to catch up to you, but who do you have? No one I know of. Without inspiration and commitment, one can not feel motivated to improve upon themselves.”

Marisa seemed unusually solemn at the time. Marisa is usually intense, but when she is more down-to-earth, she has had a tendency to say some smart things, and that was one of those occasions. Marisa words that day stuck with Reimu to the present.

Reimu, recalling the old memory, draws a spell card and says, “I haven’t felt much motivation to put in the effort that you have toward anything, but this is for sure: You are my best friend, Marisa, and I’m not going to let this friendship end like this!”


Elsewhere, Youmu’s battle with Reisen begins.

Reisen starts the battle by materializing a white ball in her hand.

“Hm?” Youmu, not knowing what to make of what Reisen created, anticipates her next move. Reisen tosses the ball at Youmu, who quickly moves out of the way. However, the ball bursts in a small red explosion, which Youmu wasn’t expecting, and its force throws her off-balance, “Ah!”

“I have you!” Reisen shapes her right hand like at gun and points her index finger straight at Youmu, firing a shot of red energy, which hits Youmu directly, knocking her to the floor.

“Damn…” Using the Roukanken as a support, Youmu gets back to her feet.

Reisen smirks, “You haven’t seen anything, yet you have already been knocked to the floor? I overestimated you…”

Youmu challenges Reisen, “I dare you to try that again.”

Reisen accepts Youmu’s challenge, “Fine. You were the one that asked for it, after all!” Reisen throws another bomb at Youmu, afterward, tossing two more in succession. Youmu successfully dodges the first two and reflects the third back at Reisen, using the Roukanken’s broad end.

“Tch.” Reisen steps to the side, dodging her own attack.

Youmu smiles confidently, “After seeing you do that once, the second time won’t work.”

Reisen, unshaken by Youmu’s progress, says, “I expected as much. I know it’s a tired cliché, but now I will get serious…” Reisen draws a spell card, “and I’m sure this is enough proof that I’m not bluffing.”

Youmu shrugs, “Didn’t think you were…”

Reisen declares, “Wave Sign!” The card turns into red energy, which flows into her eyes, causing an intense glow. She tightly shuts her eyes as a reflex, the energy seeping from between her eyelids.

Youmu steps back at the unexpected behavior of Reisen’s spell card, softly muttering, “Never seen this…”

“Mind Shaker!” Reisen’s eyes burst open, and from them, several shots of red energy fly toward Youmu.

“Whoa!” Youmu prepares to dodge.

“…” Reisen smirks and closes her eyes. At that moment, the shots vanish.

“H-HUH?” Youmu, with her evasive strategy having hit an unforeseen wall, suddenly hesitates.

“Heh,” Reisen opens her eyes and all her shots reappear in different locations, in the way of Youmu’s original evasive tactic.

One shot slams Youmu in her left shoulder and another hits her right leg, “AHH!” Youmu slumps to the ground, “Wh-what the heck was that?”

Reisen explains, “Just something that I manipulate with my own mind. It makes things tough for my enemies, as I’m sure you’ve realized.”

“Tch.” Youmu gets back to her feet and wildly slashes at the air in front of her with the Roukanken, creating orbs of spiritual energy in her blade’s wake, which she then sends at Reisen.

Reisen smiles, “Wow, are you that angry? I figured you’d put up a better fight than this…” Reisen shapes both of her hands like guns and fires a volley of red energy bullets at Youmu’s swarm, canceling out the orbs in the middle and jumping through the opening.

However, Youmu improves on the original attack, drawing a spell card, “Six Realms Sword!” Youmu’s ghost half merges with the Roukanken and purple energy flows from the blade, “Ageless Obsession!” Youmu cuts the air in front of her in a circular pattern, creating a void, from which several sharply edged petals emerge, flying toward Reisen.

“Er…” Not so sure of her chances against Youmu’s improved attack, Reisen fires more bullets at the smaller projectiles, but fails to get rid of enough to protect her from Youmu’s attack, which tears through her, inflicting small wounds.


Back outside Eientei, Reimu declares her spell card, “Dream Sign!” Reimu draws a handful of ofuda with her left hand, which red energy flows into and a portal opens in front of her, the result of some training Reimu recently received from Yukari Yakumo to manipulate Gensokyo’s boundary to a small degree. The ofuda fly into the portal and all around her and Marisa, portals open and close, with the energized ofuda emerging from and entering portals.

“…” Marisa looks around, trying to assess the situation.

“Duplex Barrier!” Several portals appear around Marisa and the ofuda emerge from them, hitting her, their energy releasing a moderate impact. Reimu sends another wave of ofuda, I’m sorry, Marisa, but this will hopefully render you unconscious, allowing me to take care of the source of what happened to you…


The battle between Youmu and Reisen continues.

“YAAA!” Youmu charges at Reisen, who recovers fairly quickly and opens her hand, which a rapier materializes in. Both of their blades clash, Reisen defended from the Roukanken, but quickly getting overpowered. However, Youmu follows through again and delivers at kick, which goes below Reisen’s defenses, sending her staggering backward. While Reisen is stunned, Youmu creates another swarm of spiritual orbs, which slam into Reisen, sending her flying.

“AAARRGGHHH!” Reisen hits the floor, her focus on her control over Marisa disrupted.


Reacting to the disruption, Marisa comes back to her senses, “Huh? Wh_” Suddenly, she is bombarded by ofuda from Reimu’s attack, “AAAHH!”

“Huh?” Reimu notices Marisa’s reaction to the pain.


“She’s back to normal? Damn, I gotta stop this! Disengage!” The portals close and the energy disappears from the ofuda, stopping them in mid-flight and they harmlessly flutter to the ground.

“Ugh…” Weakened, Marisa slumps to her knees. Reimu rushes over to her.

“You’re back to normal, Marisa? I’m so glad!”

“What happened?” asks Marisa, “Wait…” Marisa recalls what happened, “You were under control, then that bunny showed up, saying she’s control me, then I suddenly find myself like this…”

Reimu says, “That blank period was you under her control.”

“Passed from you to me, huh?”

Reimu looks at Eientei, “I almost forgot, but what happened to Sakuya and Youmu? Did they…?”

Marisa nods, “Yeah. When that bunny took control of you, they went in after her. If I recovered, then they are probably fighting her as we speak, if it’s not history by now…”

“Then we gotta go in and help them!”

“Yeah…” Marisa struggles to her feet, but is close to collapsing, “Damn…”

“Hold on,” Reimu draws a spell card, “Recovery Sign: Pain’s Banishment!” White energy flows into Marisa. Her pain disappears and she feels a little more energized.

“Thanks.” Marisa picks up her broom, “They are probably far in by now, so we gotta make up for it. Hop on.”

Reimu hops on the back of Marisa broomstick and they fly into Eientei’s halls at a high speed.


Meanwhile, in the inner sanctum of Eientei’s right passage, where Sakuya confronts Eirin Yagokoro, Eirin explains the large sphere, “This is my invention, the Moon Seal.”

Sakuya, putting her curiosity about Eirin aside for the sake of more important things, asks, “’Moon Seal?’”

“A charm I made. Combining the lunatic powers of Reisen Udongein Inaba, the ability of my princess, Kaguya, and my ingenuity, this is the cornerstone of Gensokyo’s salvation. Kaguya-hime has the ability to manipulate the moon above, yet it takes a heavy toll on her, so my invention sustains the effect so she can relax.”

“Salvation?” yells Sakuya, “What you are doing is taking over the minds of people all over Gensokyo!”

Eirin arrogantly smiles, “Tsk. Tsk. Just the observation I’d expect from a human. As always, your kind is stupid and ignorant. You don’t understand.”

“Then explain it so I do understand! Besides, aren’t you a human too?”

“Technically, but my answer to that is yet another thing that exceeds your comprehension.”

Sakuya growls, “You’re pissing me off, ‘Eirin!’ I don’t care what lame reason you have to justify what you are doing. If you say your invention is what’s causing that moon to remain in Gensokyo, then I will destroy it. Simple as that and I won’t let you get in my way!”

A bow materializes in Eirin’s hand, “I figured as much, but I still will ‘get in your way,’ even if you won’t let me.”

Sakuya draws a knife, “This ends here! I will put an end to this!”

“You’re welcome to try. En garde.” Around Eirin, several magic circles appear. She pulls back on her bow’s cord and an arrow materializes, ready to be fired. At the same time, other arrows emerge from the middle of the magic circles.

“Basic!” Sakuya, mimicking Eirin’s tactic, materializes a group of magic circles around her.

Sakuya throws her knife and Eirin fires her arrow. At the same time, knives and arrows fly out of the magic circles of their respective owners. They both move quickly and dodge each other’s weapons. Eirin fires three arrows at Sakuya, who throws three knives in the paths of the arrows, causing the weapons to deflect off each other.

“…” Sakuya focuses hard and freezes time. She tosses several knives, which freeze in midair, then disappear as time resumes. She charges straight at Eirin, ready to attack up close.

“Fool,” Eirin narrowly dodges to the side as Sakuya thrusts her knife. Her left hand charges with energy and she delivers a powerful blow, which sends Sakuya flying backward.

“Ugh… Heh…” In mid-flight, Sakuya grins. She directs her hand in Eirin's direction and the knives she previously threw in frozen time appear and fly toward the unsuspecting Eirin.

“!” Eirin, reacting quickly, dodges most of the knives, but one grazes the side of her face. Eirin stands frozen, but then smiles as blood trickles down her cheek, “Haha! I’ve seen this before. Yes, this is manipulation of time, isn’t it?”

Sakuya glares at Eirin suspiciously, “You caught on pretty fast. You seem familiar with my power, why is that?”

Eirin simply says, “Well you are talking to a genius. Not a lot of things are a secret to me.” I knew her appearance, choice of weapon, and fighting style were familiar, but seeing her power confirms it, “Tell me, who are you?”

Sakuya introduces herself, “My name is Sakuya Izayoi, the perfect and elegant maid of the vampire, Remilia Scarlet.”

Eirin’s eyes widen, “’Maid… of a VAMPIRE?’” She puts her hand on her forehead and laughs, “HAHAHAHA! I see…”

Sakuya’s eyes narrow, “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing. Very well, ‘maid,’ Let us continue.”

“Gladly,” Sakuya tosses a knife at Eirin, expecting her to counter, so she can expose a weakness, but instead, Eirin stands in place and watches the knife, aimed at her chest, approach.

At the last possible second, Eirin steps to the side and the knife flies past her, “The accuracy of your throw was 0.000008 degrees off from hitting the point that would have inflicted the most damage. How disappointing.”

“Shut up!” Sakuya tosses several more knives, all of which Eirin carefully watches and dodges accordingly.

Eirin draws a spell card, “Spacesphere!” The card turns to energy, which swirls around Sakuya, “Earth in a Pot!” The energy materializes into wisps, which fires several tiny blasts of white power at the surrounded Sakuya, who manages to squeeze around the majority, but gets hit a few times.

“Ugh…” As Eirin’s spell wears off, Sakuya readies her own spell card, “Illusion Existence!” Sakuya freezes time and several knives materialize in front of her. Time resumes, “Clock Corpse!” The knives narrow in on Eirin, who jumps to the side and fires several arrows at Sakuya while in midair. Sakuya dodges the first few arrows, but Eirin catches on to her movements and fire one last arrow in her dodging path, which skewers the midpoint of Sakuya’s right arm, “AAAAARRRGGHHH!”

Eirin lands, “Your movements are predictable, at least to a genius like me. Care to continue this conflict?”

Sakuya, enduring her pain, yells, “Ye-yeah, I want to continue…” She tries to summon a knife, but her right arm is completely paralyzed, “H-huh?” Not good! She completely disabled my dominant arm. I can’t throw as well with my left…


In Eientei’s main hallway, Reimu and Marisa, after flying past a number of defeated rabbit youkai, encounter Tewi, who slowly rises to her feet. Marisa’s broom, which Reimu and Marisa are both riding, comes to a stop. Tewi says, “Please stop! That fake moon is for Gensokyo’s benefit! We aren’t trying to take control of everyone for ourselves.”

Reimu says, “Look, regardless of your reasoning, what you are doing is taking the freedom away from everyone in Gensokyo! There is nothing beneficial about it!”

“Please listen!” yells Tewi.

“No can do,” says Marisa, “We have no time to debate this. Time is running out and this castle is huge. We are getting rid of that damn moon. Period.” With that, Marisa and Reimu speed ahead.

The weakened Tewi collapses on the floor, “I’m sorry, Kaguya-hime. I… couldn’t stop them…” Tired, Tewi closes her eyes and falls asleep.

A few minutes later, Reimu and Marisa arrive at the fork in the hallway.

Marisa observes the obvious, “Damn! There’s two ways we can go! Which one did Sakuya and Youmu take? Which one leads to Kaguya. What a subtle, but effective defense…”

“I wonder…” says Reimu, thinking.

Marisa says, “Normally, people choose to go with the right, but people know this and make it the left… but THEN people assume THAT and make it the right, but…”

“We can only operate on a wild guess then…” Reimu pauses, “No doubt, Sakuya and Youmu encountered this too. I’d bet they split up and took both paths, and we should to.”

“I guess you’re right,” says Marisa, “Good luck, Reimu.”

“You too,” Reimu hops off the broom and takes the right path while Marisa takes the left.


In Eientei’s left hall, Youmu and Reisen’s battle continues.

Youmu’s ghost-half fires a volley of large red orbs of spirit energy at Reisen, who quickly runs to the side, avoiding most of them, but then gets hit by the last one and is sent flying, dropping her sword, but in midair, she fires a blast of energy at Youmu, which catches her off guard and she staggers backward. Both the half-ghost and rabbit youkai breath quickly, becoming worn down.

Reisen draws a spell card, “Loafing Sign!” Twelve magic circles appear in front of Reisen in a square-shaped pattern, “Idling Wave!” Red shots of energy shoot out of the circles toward Youmu, who raises the Roukanken in defense. However, the shots disappear just as they are about to connect.

Youmu lowers her guard in confusion, “Huh?”

“Gotcha,” Reisen smirks as the shots reappear and slam into the unguarded Youmu, sending her flying several feet.

“AHHH!” Youmu hits the ground. After a few seconds of recovery, she gets back to her feet.

Reisen’s eyes widen, “Not bad! I thought that had you for sure, but you’re more durable than you look it seems… though now you look pretty fragile after that…”

“Likewise,” retorts Youmu, “You look like you’ll collapse any moment…”

“Don’t underestimate me…” Reisen draws another spell card.

Youmu gasps, “Ah! You must be bluffing! I don’t think you can handle anymore spell cards.”

Reisen responds, “I can handle ONE more, and this will finish you without a doubt! Prepare yourself!” Reisen raises the card, takes a few deep breaths, then declares, “Lunatic Gaze!” Suddenly, the hallway around them is covered by the curtain of a purple void created by Reisen’s spell card.

Youmu looks around, “What is this? Once this spell is over, you will be unconscious for sure! You said you need to be awake for the fake moon to control people.”

Reisen solemnly says, “When I wake up, everything will be controlled again. As long as Kaguya-hime and Eirin-sama’s charm is intact, it won’t matter. The temporary reprieve from insanity is a small price to pay to deal with those that stand in our way! This is for Gensokyo’s future!”


“Enough! It’s time to finish this! Illusion Seeker!” Behind Reisen, in the void, two large blood-red eyes open. From them, a massive wave of red energy, resembling water, arcs around Reisen and toward Youmu. The wave formation rapidly changes.

“Damn…” Youmu charges at the advancing waves and jumps over waves in front. Despite having the appearance of water and behaving like it in its advance, it is actually solid. Youmu jumps over waves to calmer areas and gradually advances toward Reisen. Suddenly, a wave shoots up in front of Youmu and slams into her, delivering a heavy impact, which knocks her back, followed by the impact of a few more waves, “AAAAH!” Youmu barely gets up and draws a spell card, “I’m not in much of a condition for this either, Reisen, but here goes! Obsessor!” Red energy flows into Youmu.

“Tch.” Reisen anticipates Youmu’s move.

“Slash of the Eternity!” Moving at a blinding speed, swinging the Roukanken rapidly, Youmu breaks through the waves of Reisen’s attack and quickly closes in on her, finally appearing right in front of her.

“Ah! No!” The surprised Reisen takes a few steps backward.

“YAAAAAA!” Youmu delivers a powerful slash with the Roukanken, creating a large gash across Reisen’s upper chest, then follows up by slamming her knee into Reisen’s gut.

“GUK!” Reisen coughs up blood, doubles over, collapses to the ground, and the void around them shatters, revealing Eientei’s corridor, “Damn it…” Reisen coughs a couple more times.

The equally exhausted Youmu slowly walks past Reisen, “Hey… Would you mind answering me one thing?”


“When you created an illusion of my father for me to fight… it felt like you were pulling an image from my memories… but I never saw him use his spell cards before. I have no memory of that… so how did you know of his abilities?”

Reisen forces a slight smile, “… It was… a lucky guess, I suppose…” With that, Reisen, faints, a puddle of her blood spreading below her.

“Huh? This castle… It looks a lot like the empress’! Could this mean… Huh?”

“Huh? Who are you? You don’t look like the rabbits around here… Wait… This only means… Kaguya-hime! It’s a moon rabbit! I can’t believe it, but it looks like they are on to us!”

“What! You’re Kaguya! That means that this is where you’ve been hiding! In Gensokyo!”

“Why are you here?”

“A bunch of other Lunarian rabbits and I were dispatched to several earthly realms by Empress Lunariya Houraisan in search of her daughter, Kaguya, or the traitor, Eirin Yagokoro…”

“She’s here for us! Stand back, princess! I shall deal with this inconvenience!”

“AHHHH! Wait a minute! I won’t tell anyone I found you here! I swear!”


“I was hoping none of us would find you! Any place is better than the moon right now! I’ll just tell them I found nothing!”


“I don’t want to go back there! Just give me a place to stay here and I’ll feign ignorance to your whereabouts when they ask me!”

“… … … … … … Kaguya-hime… I think she’s telling the truth…”

“Whew… I guess we’re lucky you found us, then. So what’s your name?”


“Sorry…” Reisen’s consciousness drifts away. At that moment, the red light of lunacy the false moon was emitting disappears.


In the bamboo forest, Mokou, quickly closing in on Eientei, notices the change, “Huh? The moon! That light is gone and so is that bad feeling, but the shape hasn’t changed. I don’t think this is over…”


In the human village, hidden from history, Keine also feels the feeling from the fake moon vanish, “It’s gone… but something still doesn’t feel right…”


On a distant cliff, Mystia, Wriggle, and Rumia watch the red light vanish.

“It’s gone,” says Rumia, “Does that mean they stopped Kaguya?”

“Doesn’t matter to me,” says Wriggle, “They got past us, so we’re not getting a new home, so I have no more reason to give a shit.”

Mystia observes, “But that moon’s still not full…”


On top of Scarlet Devil Mansion’s clock tower, Remilia and the fairy maids recover from the effects, “Huh? What happened? Everything seemed to go blank, then…”

Nearby, inside the tower, Meiling and Patchouli overhear Remilia. Meiling says, “That’s different. Could it be that Sakuya did it?”

“Seems that way,” observes Patchouli. She carefully goes to check outside “… but the moon’s shape has not altered. There still must be some unfinished business…”


In Hakugyokurou, The Prismriver Sisters snap out of their trance.


“What… just happened?”

Yuyuko, who was sitting in a tree’s protection, says happily, “Youmu did it!”


On the mountain where Reimu and Marisa met with their friends, Alice, Suika, and Cirno return to normal.

Rinnosuke steps out from the cover of the tree, “Looks like that’s over. At least I can now move around…”


Outside Miyohiga Village, Ran and Chen, who were previously affected by Kaguya’s moon recover.

Ran looks around, “What was that strange feeling. I feel like I missed something…”

Chen agrees, “You’re right, nya. The moon changed, then there was some strange light… I don’t remember anything after that, Ran-sama…”

Yukari, who is standing nearby in an abandoned house’s shade, says to herself, “That light is gone and Ran and Chen are back to normal, but the moon is still not what it’s supposed to be. Well, I should hurry and get over to that castle, now that I can...” Yukari disappears into a portal.


In Eientei’s left hall, Marisa catches up with Youmu, who slowly advances ahead, dragging her feet and using the Roukanken as walking aid, “Youmu!”

Youmu looks back at Marisa, “Oh! That rabbit… Reisen… said she took control of you. Look like you recovered.”

“Apparently so. I saw her laying unconscious back there, but it looks like you’ve had a hard battle.”

“Yeah. I’m pretty tired…”

Marisa pauses for a few seconds, “You just wait here, Youmu. I’ll check out what’s ahead.”

“What about you?”

“Don’t worry. Reimu helped me recover some of my energy, so I’m good to go.”

Youmu, in not much of a position to turn down Marisa’s advice, says, “Okay. I’ll rest for a few. I’ll catch up later. Good luck with whatever’s ahead.”

Without a word, Marisa nods and flies ahead at full speed.

A few minutes later, Marisa arrives at the castle’s ‘throne room,’ but finds no one there, “Hm… This looks like the place for a princess, but…” Behind the throne, or at least a chair decorated to look important, Marisa spots a door, “Hello. Looks like that’s the only other exit…” Marisa lands and enters the door. Inside, she enters a tall cylinder-shaped room with celestial-inspired designs on the walls. On the ceiling, high above, there is a large realistic painting of a full moon. On it, there are some crystal-like colors. Marisa vaguely recognizes that image, “Huh? Something about it is… familiar… but where have I seen that?”

“Why, hello there!” On a high-up balcony, a girl with long black hair, wearing a pink shirt with several white bows and a long red skirt appears.

“And you are…?” Marisa asks the girl, “I take it you’re this ‘Kaguya,’ who happens to be all the rage with everyone in Gensokyo?”

Kaguya smiles, “That I am. I heard there were some intruders, so you must be one of them. I’m surprised you managed to resist Reisen’s ability.”

Marisa grins, “I see, so you are Kaguya. I have some things to settle, so get your ass down here!”

Kaguya says, “I take it you want me to make that moon disappear. I know it looks like a problem, but in time, you will be thanking me.”

“Not likely! You forced my friends into… WORSHIPING you, and frankly, I don’t like attention whores who go to such a length, so I’m gonna set you straight!”

Kaguya sighs and says, “This isn’t about me, intruder. This is for the good of you and many others.”

Marisa growls, “That’s the same bullshit excuse that Tewi made, but I’m not buying it. There is no way this can be good for everyone!”

Kaguya closes her eyes, “If force is going to be what keeps you from being foolish…” she opens her eyes “… so be it. I’m more powerful than my appearance may suggest and you won’t get in my way easily!” Kaguya directs her hand toward Marisa and fires a red laser, which she quickly sidesteps.

Marisa secures her hat on her head with a grin, saying, “Come and get some, Kaguya!”


Meanwhile, in the inner sanctum of the right hall, Sakuya and Eirin’s battle continues and Sakuya uphill situation becomes more and more vertical. Eirin dodges Sakuya less-effective left-handed throws and Eirin counters all of Sakuya’s spell cards, which, as a result, had rendered Sakuya exhausted.

Eirin fires an arrow, which pieces Sakuya’s foot. “EEYYYAAAHHH!” Sakuya shrieks as she falls to the ground.

Eirin says calmly, “It’s obvious that you no longer stand a chance. Before I finish this, I’d like you to answer a question for me: How did you resist the effects of Reisen’s power emanating from Kaguya’s moon? Only those we choose for exemption from the effects and people of my kind can resist it naturally, and you don’t seem to have any nifty trinkets to assist you.”

Sakuya forces a grin, “It… just failed to affect me… Perhaps I’m too good for it…”

Eirin smiles, “Thank you for that final confirmation.”

“What are you talking about?”

“It doesn’t matter. Here is where our battle concludes!”

“Sakuya!” At that moment, Reimu arrives at the inner sanctum.

Sakuya looks in Reimu’s direction, “Reimu?”

“…” Eirin flies into the air, drops down next to the helpless Sakuya, materializes an arrow in her hand, picks her body up, and shoves the arrow through her heart.

“ACK!” Sakuya coughs out blood.

“SAKUYAAAAAAAAA!” screams Reimu as she runs over to Sakuya and Eirin.

Eirin pauses for a few seconds, then yanks the arrow out of Sakuya’s body, intensifying the bleeding. She takes a few steps back as Reimu approaches.

Reimu crouches down and cradles Sakuya’s body with her arms, “S-Sakuya…”

With her last breath, Sakuya mutters, “Reimu… Bright sphere… destroy…”

“…” Several tears roll down Reimu’s cheeks as she grieves for her fallen companion.

Sakuya’s eyes widen as she watches Reimu cry, “Re… i… mu…” Sakuya’s vision begins to fade. Shortly, all signs of life disappear from her eyes. I'm sorry, Remilia-sama...

“Sakuya? SAKUYA!” Reimu checks Sakuya’s pulse, but feels nothing, “No…”

Eirin cuts into the melodramatic scene that unfolded before her eyes, “I take it you saw that woman as your friend? Such foolishness… It’s almost amusing for what she is…”

Reimu’s sadness converts to anger and she slams her fist hard on the invisible floor, “Shut up!” Her knuckles start to bleed, but she doesn’t notice.

Eirin calmly states, “If you wish to avenge your ‘friend,’ you are most certainly welcome to try, but I assure you, there is a high probability that you will end up like her.”

“RRRAAAAAGGHHHHH!” roars Reimu as she glares at Eirin and a power pulse of energy erupts from her body, forcing Eirin to take a few steps backward to maintain her balance. Reimu gets up to her feet and charges at Eirin.

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