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drizzly again

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伊東ライフ (伊東ライフ) (Warning: NSFW)
code (Antp)
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  • 07. レザマリでもつらくないっ! (no vocal version) (03:13)


  • This is a re-arranged release of drizzly train with track 3 remastered by 石鹸屋.
  • Tracks 12-14 are reversed vocal versions (guy as girl, girl as guy) of their respective tracks.
  • Track 15 is the original "Yet another 'drizzly rain'" from drizzly train.
  • Track 16 a duet between ビートまりお and his mother. Tracks used are 秋想い and シアワセうさぎ(再) from スーパーあまねりお.


I was not expecting anything outstanding from this release. The crossfade early on suggested just a re-release, so I paid the album no mind afterward. Now that I've actually listened to it, I'm at a loss of words. To those who liked drizzly train, hearing myu314-san rearrange the songs will be an excellent surprise. Beat Mario and Amane re-perform the vocals as well, breathing new life into this classic album. Locked Girl was hardly touched though, but when something attracts a majority of Touhou's new fandom, then why fix something that isn't broken?
Maybe it's because this album is so full of nostalgia, but track 5, Reverie, doesn't seem to fit in along with the rest of the album. The outtakes could've been done with the newly arranged tracks as well. Overall though, if you liked drizzly train, then you should love this album. !8RstuPId2Y 03:50, March 17, 2010 (UTC)

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