The twist of time keeps on guessing 'round me. And fate keeps knocking at the door, Excitement on the floor.

Go whoa-oh-oh in the night, It's deep inside. I can't resist it.

It's fight or flight with a new dimension. We think we've got no other choice. We've never been so sure.

I'm set on fire in the sky. Within your eyes, Lightning strikes my core.

Giving up just to realize Our goals had fallen from sight. But even so, it's quite all right and yet

Rising up just to be aware. We should have just tried to share A world with passion In a way we could seal the despair.

Baby, bring it. Come and dream it. Let's believe it. Gonna break down the walls here.

Compromising. Start deciding. Reuniting. Raise it on high! Oh!

Let's be honest. You just want it. Get into it. And my heart's within you.

Let's just do it. Nothing to it. Close and lucid. Dreaming inside. Ah...

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