Dragon (竜 or 龍, both pronounced ryū) is said to be the highest-order god of Gensokyo. According to Perfect Memento, he lives anywhere and he looks like a serpent with hands and horns. He was also said to be last seen during the Creation of the Great Hakurei Barrier.

Both Humans and Youkai worship him, due to his capability of creating and destroying anything.

The eyes of the Dragon's statue in the Human Village are said to predict the weather. To an extent, this is true, especially in regards to the temperaments of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.

The color for Sunny (Reimu Hakurei's weather) is white,
The color for Cloudy (Sakuya Izayoi's) is grey,
The color for rainy (Sprinkle/Drizzle, Suika Ibuki/Marisa Kirisame's weather) is blue,

They are all mentioned in the PMiSS article. It's also said that the eyes turn red when an incident is about to occur: in all three present cases of "red-weather" this is verified.

Remilia Scarlet's weather, "Heavy Fog", is red (like the Scarlet Mist that blanketed Gensokyo).
Tenshi Hinanawi's weather, "Aurora" is likewise red (she caused the entire incident in SWR, in addition to the destruction of the Hakurei Shrine).
Yukari Yakumo's weather, "Sunshower" is likewise red (she manipulated the border of the Netherworld to allow Yuyuko Saigyouji to steal spring in Perfect Cherry Blossom).

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