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Artist: ペテン師 (Swindler)

Meisou Jukkai-chi (2005-08-14)

Translated by Pilpsie, edited by BunBun.
There are many pages missing from this doujin, even though the named story is complete.

Download: Meisou Jukkai-chi zip
Gallery: [ Meisou Jukkai-chi]

Touhou Bloomers (2007-08-17)

Translated by Tetrominon, edited by Rukaroa.

Download: Touhou Bloomers zip
Gallery: [ Touhou Bloomers]

Akizakura (2009-08-03)

Translated by Wally, edited by Cappy.

Download: Akizakura zip
Gallery: [ Akizakura]

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