Template for new Doujin CD pages. Based off of C-CLAYS - KANNAGI's page. Take the comments out when you're done of course.

Page Format

//The music header
{{Music Header}}

//The infobox.
//Note about the Released field:
//  Next to the date, put in parentheses the convention the album
//  was released at. Link that text to the category for that
//  convention (I think we have categories for all of them).
//Note about the Website field:
//  Put the link to the circle's main page in brackets and label
//  it Link, and then put a link to the circle's specific album
//  page, if it exists, and label it Album.

{{Infobox Music |
 |title        = Title of the CD
 |Group        = Name of the circle
 |image        = [[Image:IMAGE_CAN_BE_JPG_OR_PNG.jpg|192px|Cover]]
 |Released     = YYYY/MM/DD (Convention Released At)
 |Tracks       = 11
 |Website      = [ Link]

//This is where you put the SMALL size banner for the album.
//If there is none, just use the SMALL size banner for the circle.
//Small size is usually 200x40, or somewhere in that general region.

//This is where basic information for the album goes.
//The main reason for having the Arrangement, Lyricist, and
//Vocals mentioned up here is to save time and space. If there
//are more than one of any of them, they should be put down at their
//own song.

* This is where the English title would go if we needed it
;Running Length
:The total running length, in HH:MM:SS format
:The arranger, ONLY IF the same arranger did all of the songs
:The lyricist, ONLY IF the same lyricist did all of the songs
:The vocalist, ONLY IF the same vocalist did all of the songs
:Who produced the album, if any
:The illustrator of the album art
:Designer of the album art or booklet or whatever
:Whoever mastered the soundtrack
;Catalog No.
:The catalog number (example DBCD-0011, or TOCD-0008)

//Tracklist header
== Tracks ==

//This is the basic outline for the song.
//First, an asterisk. Then, the track number and a period. Put a 0 as the tens digit
//for tracks less than 10, even if there aren't more than 9 tracks
//on the CD.
//After the track number, the ORIGINAL title - meaning the Japanese
//one - is put in boldface. After that, the length of the track should
//be put in parentheses and italicized.
//On the line after that, if the title is Japanese, place the English
//translation for the title in italics as a bullet.
//On the next lines, put:
// ** ''Translated Title''
// ** arrangement: Name of arranger
// ** lyrics: Name of lyricist
// ** vocals: Name of vocalist
// ** other stuff: Name of other stuff-ist (for example, the scenario writing for IOSYS dramas)
// ** original title: The exact title of the song from its original Touhou
// If the song happens to be a medley/combination of a few songs, place those
// names in next-level bullets.
// ** source: A link to the main page of the Touhou game in {{abbreviation}} 
// format. For example, {{MoF}} gives [[Mountain of Faith|東方風神録 ~ Mountain of Faith]]
// Keep in mind that for Touhou Hisoutensoku arrangements, {{UNL}} is used.

*08. '''easy acces''' ''(06:43)''
** arrangement: tsunamix
** lyrics: w*m
** original title: ネイティブフェイス
** source: {{MoF}}
//Do this for all the songs.

//Review header and everything at the bottom
== Review ==
{{Genre Needed}}
Return to [[List by Groups]]


For all doujin CDs, the categories should include:

  • Arrange CDs
  • The category of the convention it was released at
  • Unfinished (if you're not done with the page)

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