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Double Spoiler: Level EX Spell Card Strategy

Spell Card EX - 1

Th125-ex-1 No. EX - 1: お札「新聞拡張団調伏」
Talisman "Exorcism of the Newspaper Subscription Solicitors"
The talisman translates to "No Newspaper Solicitations! Thank you"
Owner: Reimu Hakurei
Level EX — 1
Aya's Comment: あら、いつもの巫女さんは新聞を取ってくれないのですか?
Translation: My, the usual shrine maiden won't take my newspaper?
That kind of sticker makes no difference to me, of course!
Newspaper info is an indispensable part of life, you know.
Hatate's Comment: 新聞勧誘お断りします、だってぇ? 人間の癖に生意気な
Translation: "No Newspaper Solicitations, thank you"? Such impertinence for a human.
Even though she knows a sticker like this is, like, pointless~
Wait, the stickers...became talismans...

Spell Card EX - 2

Th125-ex-2 No. EX - 2: 星符「オールトクラウド」
Star Sign "Oort Cloud"
The Oort cloud is a theoretical cloud where comets are said to form.
Owner: Marisa Kirisame
Level EX — 2
Aya's Comment: 森に住む泥棒兼魔法使いの人間です。放って置くと山に忍び込
Translation: The burgling human magician who lives in the forest. She's a troublesome human--if you leave her be, she'll sneak onto the mountain. No matter how many times I warn her, she doesn't have the ear to listen! One of these days she might get herself killed.
Hatate's Comment: あーこの人間、山で良く見る奴だー
Translation: Ah, this human shows up on the mountain all the time.
It looks like Aya always hides her, but, like, everyone notices anyway.
Well, it'd totally be pointless to abduct a human who's this grown up, anyway.

Spell Card EX - 3

Th125-ex-3 No. EX - 3: 奇跡「弘安の神風」
Miracle Sign "Divine Wind of the Kouan Era"
Owner: Sanae Kochiya
Level EX — 3
Aya's Comment: 山の神の一柱です
Translation: One of the pillars of the mountain gods.
It's getting increasingly peaceful here, like the last time there was a god on the mountain.
I wonder if they will bring the tengu craftsmanship and status up to par with the outside world?
Hatate's Comment: 山の新しい巫女だね。 人間だけど神らしいね
神様と人間の違いって何なんだろうねー。 肉の味?
Translation: She's the new miko on the mountain. She's a human but she seems like a god.
I wonder what's the difference between a god and human. The taste of their meat?
Well whoever it is, they can't escape from my camera.

Spell Card EX - 4

Th125-ex-4 No. EX - 4: 結界「パパラッチ撃退結界」
Barrier "Paparazzi-Repelling Barrier"
Owner: Reimu Hakurei
Level EX — 4
Aya's Comment: あら、撮影禁止専用の結界だなんて、随分と嫌われたものね
Translation: Oh my, an exclusive photography forbidding barrier, what nasty and despicable stuff.
Is it because of another tengu's terrible reporting?
The next time I see a tengu like that I'd better tell her off sternly.
Hatate's Comment: 何これ。がっちり新聞記者対策されてるじゃん
Translation: For real? She's totally trying to keep out newspaper reporters, huh?
She must really hate Aya.
Well, her reporting style is so pushy, after all. I'm, like, so much more polite~

Spell Card EX - 5

Th125-ex-5 No. EX - 5: 天儀「オーレリーズソーラーシステム」
Astronomical Instrument "Orreries' Solar System"
Owner: Marisa Kirisame
Level EX — 5
Aya's Comment: 彼女のお得意の弾幕です
Translation: These bullets are her specialty.
Wait, I can't write an interesting article like this!
I want to see more of her rowdiness and burglary.
Hatate's Comment: へー、随分と地味な弾幕ねー
Translation: Huh, these bullets sure are plain.
From what I'd heard in rumors, I thought she was a lot flashier than this.
I wonder if she lives a flashy lifestyle...although her house was real empty.

Spell Card EX - 6

Th125-ex-6 No. EX - 6: 蛙符「手管の蝦蟇」
Frog Sign "Wily Toad"

Based off Sanae-B's bomb from Undefined Fantastic Object

Owner: Sanae Kochiya
Level EX — 6
Aya's Comment: おや、この力は蛙の神様の力ですね
Translation: Oh, my. This power is the frog god's power, isn't it?
So this girl still hasn't become independent?
Maybe it would be interesting to do a serial piece on her coming-of-age. As I imagine it.
Hatate's Comment: 蛙が爆発して大量の蛙が生まれた!? どういうこと???
Translation: A frog explodes and a bunch of other frogs are born?! What's going on here?!
Shouldn't a frog's kids be tadpoles?
Is this, like, one of her miracles?

Spell Card EX - 7

Th125-ex-7 No. EX - 7: 夢符「夢想亜空穴」
Dream Sign "Fantasy Dimensional Rift"
Owner: Reimu Hakurei
Level EX — 7
Aya's Comment: 人間の癖に平気な顔して瞬間移動するのですね
Translation: Despite being just a human, she can teleport without breaking a sweat.
Even I can't keep up with the speed of teleportation.
Though, it doesn't look like she realizes she's teleporting...
Hatate's Comment: 人間らしく癇癪起こしたり妖怪みたいに力を使ったり
Translation: Throwing fits like human, and wielding powers like a youkai!
She sure is a strange miko~
I can see why Aya likes to write about her so much~

Spell Card EX - 8

Th125-ex-8 No. EX - 8: 彗星「ブレイジングスター」
Comet "Blazing Star"
Owner: Marisa Kirisame
Level EX — 8
Aya's Comment: そうそう、彼女の記事を書くのならこれですよね
Translation: Oh yeah, if I write about her it would be like this:
"Beware the Shining Purse-Snatcher!"

Lively thieves are attractive, after all.

Hatate's Comment: 挑発したら見せてくれたわー。とびっきり派手な弾幕
Translation: I got her all riled up and she showed me her really flashy danmaku!
But this, like, totally doesn't work for a newspaper.
I wonder how I can take a picture that really captures that feeling of speed.

Spell Card EX - 9

Th125-ex-9 No. EX - 9: 妖怪退治「妖力スポイラー」
Youkai Extermination "Bewitching Power Spoiler"
Owner: Sanae Kochiya
Level EX — 9
Aya's Comment: あら、一人で妖怪退治の技が出来る様になっていたのですね?
これで山の神の威厳も保でますね。 めでたしめでたし
Translation: Oh, did she create a youkai exterminating spell all by herself?
Youkai power is gushing out.
I see it also protects the dignity of mountain gods. Everyone lives happily ever after.
Hatate's Comment: ああ、力が吸われるわー、妖怪対策の技かなー?
Translation: Aah, my power's being sucked away! Is this a countermeasure against youkai?
But doesn't sucking youkai power make her something like a youkai herself? Fine with me. She's like something not human, not god, but more evil....
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