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EX - 1 Try to get Reimu to fire her first shot to the side. Then, when she fires her second shot, run around and take a picture of both Reimu and the top of her sticker-bullet. Rinse and repeat. For the last shot, she starts firing the stickers faster, so don't arc too fast around Reimu.

It's important to keep in mind that when she fires the next large bullet, it eats up all the smaller bullets it runs into.

EX - 2 There are some safespots near Marisa. Just try to keep in the safespots, take a photo of both Marisa and her familiars to clear the latter, and stay in charge mode most of the time to take photos quickly.

EX - 3 This level forces you back with the circular bullets while still having to dodge the falling bullets. Try to stay in charge mode most of the time and dash up right after you take a photo. Portrait mode photos are best for this because they open the longest holes. At the last shot, all hell breaks loose, so be prepared.

EX - 4 Stay under the blue hexagons, dashing left under the rows of amulets. When you take out your camera, the safespots under the blue hexagon become dangerous, so zip under a row of red amulets and take a picture quickly.

EX - 5

EX - 6 If you move a little left after the bomb explodes in regular focus mode, you can avoid the ovals that Sanae sends out when she bombs. The better way to do it is to take a horizontal photo at the back when she bombs, then charge your camera quickly to take a second photo of Sanae and clearing the bullets at the top of the screen.

EX - 7 The first direction Reimu comes at you is random. After that, it's clockwise. Make sure to intercept all four arcs with your camera, because they're nearly impossible to dodge otherwise.

EX - 8 To take a photo of Marisa, you have to be pretty close. Take a photo near the edge of where her charge will go, then move out before it hits you.

EX - 9 The later shots will have the kunais mapping out your dodging, but other than that you just have to go in between the lines.

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