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Double Spoiler: Level 9 Spell Card Strategy

Spell Card 9 - 1

Th125-9-1 No. 9 - 1:
Owner: Satori Komeiji
Level 9 — 1
Aya's Comment: 心を読む嫌な奴です
Translation: What an annoying character, reading minds.
I think about lots of things, so it wouldn't be very good to have my mind read.
I have to take a photo that gives me an article to keep her mouth shut.
Hatate's Comment: サトリだってさ。 昔は山にもよく居たんだけどねー
Translation: There used to be many satori on the mountain, as well.
They were probably either disliked by everyone or got tired of reading
other people's minds, so they locked themselves up underground.

Spell Card 9 - 2

Th125-9-2 No. 9 - 2: 心符「没我の愛」
Heart Sign "Selfless Love"
Owner: Koishi Komeiji
Level 9 — 2
Aya's Comment: こいしちゃんもサトリなんですよね
Translation: Koishi's a satori too, isn't she?
It looks like she can't read minds, but I wonder if that's really true?
A satori who can't read minds is just small fry.
Hatate's Comment: おっと二匹目のサトリね
Translation: Whoa, a second satori!
She can read my fun-loving mind all she wants.
So like, what should I think about? I know, a banquet!

Spell Card 9 - 3

Th125-9-3 No. 9 - 3: 脳符「ブレインフィンガープリント」
Memory Sign "Brain Fingerprint"
Owner: Satori Komeiji
Level 9 — 3
Aya's Comment: 心の奥底に少しでも恐怖の記憶があると、それがトラウマと
Translation: When there's a trace of fear deep in your heart, that's trauma.
It looks like it can get in the way during your day to day life.
It's scary how you never know when it'll explode.
Hatate's Comment: 攻撃的なサトリだなぁ
何を爆発させてるのかしら? みんなの不満とか?
Translation: Such an aggressive satori, I thought she'd be more of a defensive youkai.
What's she blowing up? Everyone's distress?

Spell Card 9 - 4

Th125-9-4 No. 9 - 4: 記憶「DNAの瑕」
Memory "DNA's Flaw"
Owner: Koishi Komeiji
Level 9 — 4
Aya's Comment: 人間はなんかうねうねに支配されているのだそうですよ
しょうかね。 でも何処に居るのでしょう? うねうね
Translation: Humans are under the control of some kind of swirly things.
Maybe the intense ups and downs of the village people were caused by these swirly things?
But where are they located? Those swirly things.
Hatate's Comment: あれ? 私の楽しい心の中を読んでいないのかなぁ
もしかしてボケているのかな。 で、DNAって何?
Translation: Huh? She's not reading my fun-loving heart.
Heck, she doesn't even seem to be listening to me.
Is she being an airhead? And what's DNA anyway?

Spell Card 9 - 5

Th125-9-5 No. 9 - 5: 心花「カメラシャイローズ」
Heart Flower "Camera-Shy Rose"
Owner: Satori Komeiji
Level 9 — 5
Aya's Comment: 写真を撮ろうとしたら心を読んで逃げるのです
Translation: When I try to take a picture, she reads my mind and gets out of the way.
This is why I don't like satori.
Is my only option to sneak pictures like a peeping tom?
Hatate's Comment: うーん、何も考えないで撮れば気付かれずに撮影できるかなー
Translation: Uhhh, maybe I can get her by taking a picture without thinking...
But it's totally hard to not think about anything!
Satori are pretty crafty, huh.

Spell Card 9 - 6

Th125-9-6 No. 9 - 6: 「胎児の夢」
"Embryo's Dream"
From Yumeno Kyūsaku's sci-fi novel Dogra Magra, where the human embryo is said to be dreaming of the evolution of life, from microbes to fish to mammals.
Owner: Koishi Komeiji
Level 9 — 6
Aya's Comment: 人間の胎児は母親のお腹に居るときに夢を見るんですって
Translation: They say the human embryo dreams in the mother's womb.
What a scoop!
The dreams' contents are...microbes, fish, and dinosaurs...they say.
Hatate's Comment: むむむー。これは夢か幻かー
Translation: Mmm, is this a dream or something?
I took some totally amazing pictures, but like, ancient Earth?
What kind of power does this satori have?

Spell Card 9 - 7

Th125-9-7 No. 9 - 7: 想起「うろおぼえの金閣寺」
Recollection "Vague Recollection of Kinkaku-ji"

Based on one of Kaguya's spell cards in Shoot the Bullet.

Owner: Satori Komeiji
Level 9 — 7
Aya's Comment: うーん、何処かでこんな弾幕を見た気がしますが……
Translation: I can't shake the feeling that I've seen this danmaku before...
I guess she can even pull out thoughts I've already forgotten.
I wonder if I can make use of a satori this way.
Hatate's Comment: あれ? この弾幕は文の新聞で見た事があるかも
『私の新聞の方が面白いよ!』 さあ私の心を読んで!
Translation: Huh? I might've seen this danmaku in Aya's newspaper before.
It reaches even the satori underground, I'm jealous!
"My newspaper is more interesting!" Hey, read my mind!

Spell Card 9 - 8

Th125-9-8 No. 9 - 8: 「ローズ地獄」
"Rose Hell"
Owner: Koishi Komeiji
Level 9 — 8
Aya's Comment: 刺々しい弾幕です。心の奥底は誰しも刺々しい物だそうです
Translation: This is some thorny danmaku. I guess everyone's thorny deep in their heart.
Maybe it's true. I'm thorny, too. If I can't get any material from these pictures,
I think I might go on a raid.
Hatate's Comment: 薔薇の地獄だってさ。高貴なんだか下品なんだか判らないね
Translation: It's, like, rose hell. I can't tell if it's really noble or really crude.
Roses have a strong smell, but if you've got nasal inflammation, it smells totally weak.
Maybe that's why it's hell, or something.

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