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Double Spoiler: Level 8 Spell Card Strategy

Spell Card 8 - 1

Th125-8-1 No. 8 - 1:
Owner: Rin Kaenbyou
Level 8 — 1
Aya's Comment: 死臭漂う猫です
Translation: A cat that reeks of corpses.
It's hard to convey in a picture, but when you get near her,
you can feel her unrest. Brrr.
Hatate's Comment: 猫? 随分とすばしっこいね
Translation: A cat? A pretty nimble one, too.
I have a feeling that she isn't just a bakeneko!
I need to do a follow-up investigation!

Spell Card 8 - 2

Th125-8-2 No. 8 - 2: 熔解「メルティングホワイト」
Fusion "Melting White"
Owner: Utsuho Reiuji
Level 8 — 2
Aya's Comment: 核融合してくれる鴉を撮ったんですけどねぇ
Translation: I took pictures of the atomic raven, but
The pictures got overdeveloped, and came out pure white.
How am I supposed to take good pictures of the sun?
Hatate's Comment: ああ、これが噂の第二の太陽ねー。 温泉が湧く事で有名な
Translation: Oh, so that's the rumored second sun. It's famous for causing the onsen.
I don't really understand nuclear fusion but it sure looks impressive.
This power can't be reproduced even in the outside world, I heard.

Spell Card 8 - 3

Th125-8-3 No. 8 - 3: 死符「ゴーストタウン」
Death Sign "Ghost Town"
Owner: Rin Kaenbyou
Level 8 — 3
Aya's Comment: 猫が死体を飛び越えると死者が復活するんですよね
Translation: When the cat walks over someone, it looks like they revive.
I can't really explain it, but,
well, maybe the fairies are just playing zombie.
Hatate's Comment: ああ、ただの化猫じゃ無いと思ったけど火車だったのかー
Translation: Ah, thought she wasn't just a bakeneko--she's a kasha!
Collecting corpses seems to be her hobby, but what's the fun in that?
Maybe it's just that collectors are weird people.

Spell Card 8 - 4

Th125-8-4 No. 8 - 4: 巨星「レッドジャイアント」
Giant Star "Red Giant"
Owner: Utsuho Reiuji
Level 8 — 4
Aya's Comment: 熱いですね。 それに逆光で良い写真が撮れません、河童に聞い
たら 「逆光なら露出を調整すると良いよ」 と言われましたが、
Translation: Hot, isn't it? And I can't take good pictures with this backlight.
I asked the kappa about it and though they said "you should adjust your exposure in backlight",
wearing more clothes in this heat is a bit....
Hatate's Comment: ちょまか動く太陽ね!
Translation: A sun that never stops!
Days get shorter at this speed, that'd be fun!
Every day will be a lot of fun!

Spell Card 8 - 5

Th125-8-5 No. 8 - 5: 「死体繁華街」
"Corpse Shopping District"
Possibly referencing a certain zombie movie featuring a shopping mall.
Owner: Rin Kaenbyou
Level 8 — 5
Aya's Comment: 賑やかですねー、やっぱり田舎とは比べものになりませんね
Translation: It's pretty crowded here, definitely nothing like the countryside.
After all, the liveliness of corpses is proportional to the amount of living things.
They're just pretending to be zombies, though.
Hatate's Comment: うへぇ、死体だらけだー
これが目的で死体集めしているのかなー 質悪!
Translation: Ugh, corpses everywhere!
Corpses that can't be repelled by taking pictures are nasty!
Is this why she collected corpses? Yuck!

Spell Card 8 - 6

Th125-8-6 No. 8 - 6: 星符「巨星墜つ」
Star Sign "Fall of Great Stars"
Owner: Utsuho Reiuji
Level 8 — 6
Aya's Comment: お空さんの写真はもう諦めました
Translation: I've given up on taking pictures of Miss Okuu.
So I think I'm going to feature a blank picture on the newspaper
and write "This is Utsuho Reiuji".
Hatate's Comment: やばい暑さだわー
Translation: God, it's so hot!
An onsen's totally no good if you boil in it.
You gotta go in really slowly. And bring booze.

Spell Card 8 - 7

Th125-8-7 No. 8 - 7: 酔歩「キャットランダムウォーク」
Drunkard's Walk "Cat Random Walk"
Owner: Rin Kaenbyou
Level 8 — 7
Aya's Comment: シッシッ、行儀の悪い猫ね
いやまあ普通の猫は良いんですけどね。 この猫は縁起が悪いし
Translation: Tsk tsk, such an ill-mannered cat.
Wonder if there is anything I can use to repel cats?
Well, normal cats are okay, but this one's a bad omen.
Hatate's Comment: ランダムウォークって酔っ払った人の千鳥足の事でしょう?
Translation: Random Walk, is that like the zigzagging of a drunken person?
For cats, would catnip make them Random Walk?
If she's embarrassed to be like this, then it's great material!

Spell Card 8 - 8

Th125-8-8 No. 8 - 8: 七星「セプテントリオン」
Seven Stars "Septentrion"

Septentrion is an obsolete word used to refer to the northern regions.

Owner: Utsuho Reiuji
Level 8 — 8
Aya's Comment: 北斗七星? ああ、天龍の事ですね
Translation: The Big Dipper? Aah, the dragon in the sky.
If a dragon came raging, this probably wouldn't be enough to stop it.
But what is that little star stuck to the back of the seven stars?

Alcor, the barely noticed star close to the Big Dipper, is known as the "lifespan star" in Japan (or the "death omen star" in Fist of the North Star). Depending on the superstition, death awaits those who either can see the star or cannot see the star.

Hatate's Comment: 北斗七星かなー? あれって巨人の柄杓なんでしょ?
Translation: The Big Dipper, right? Isn't that, like, the giant's ladle?
When that ladle flips around, a buncha comets come falling down.
Maybe I should write an article to convey that feeling.

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