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Double Spoiler: Level 7 Spell Card Strategy

Spell Card 7 - 1

Th125-7-1 No. 7 - 1:
Owner: Shou Toramaru
Level 7 — 1
Aya's Comment: 毘沙門天のフリをしている妖虎ですね
Translation: It's a youkai tiger that pretends to be Bishamonten.
This is a good example of how even youkai can gather faith if they're serious about it.
After all, there are tengu who have become gods.
Hatate's Comment: 毘沙門天? 毘沙門天って虎だっけ?
Translation: Bishamonten? Was Bishamonten supposed to be a tiger?
This girl's kinda sketchy.
It's a newspaper reporter's job to unmask people like her!

Spell Card 7 - 2

Th125-7-2 No. 7 - 2:
Owner: Nazrin
Level 7 — 2
Aya's Comment: 鼠が出ました
Translation: A mouse showed up.
Mice are small, sly, and unsanitary.
She looks like she might be carrying diseases, so I'd better exterminate her thoroughly.
Hatate's Comment: 野ネズミが家の中に集まるときは大雪になるんだっけ?
Translation: When your house fills up with field mice, doesn't it mean there's gonna be a huge blizzard?
Even though they'll just get wiped out by rat poison in the end.
Even if they get used by humans for experiments or whatever, nobody feels sorry for them.

Spell Card 7 - 3

Th125-7-3 No. 7 - 3: 寅符「ハングリータイガー」
Tiger Sign "Hungry Tiger"
Owner: Shou Toramaru
Level 7 — 3
Aya's Comment: お腹空かした妖虎です。 野性味溢れる瞬間を捕らえました
Translation: It's a hungry tiger. I captured it at a moment when you can really feel its wild nature.
I guess she's only an animal, after all.
It was stupid of her to have a contest of speed against a tengu.
Hatate's Comment: 「天狗は見た!お腹を空かした毘沙門天の本性」とか良いかも
Translation: "As Seen by the Tengu! The Hungry Bishamonten's True Nature!" Something like that could be good.
But these pictures really aren't enough, are they?
Ah, maybe if I use a mouse as bait, I'll be able to get some good pictures!

Spell Card 7 - 4

Th125-7-4 No. 7 - 4: 棒符「ナズーリンロッド」
Rod Sign "Nazrin Rod"
Owner: Nazrin
Level 7 — 4
Aya's Comment: ダウジングが出来ると言うので見せて貰いました
Translation: She said she can dowse, so I got her to show me.
I was wondering what dowsing was, so she dug up some old coins
that had fallen on the ground. How amazing!
Hatate's Comment: え、すごーい!
Translation: Like, whoa!
I thought mice just stashed stuff places, but they can find coins, too!
Not bad for little vermin.

Spell Card 7 - 5

Th125-7-5 No. 7 - 5: 天符「焦土曼荼羅」
Heaven Sign "Scorched Earth Mandala"
Owner: Shou Toramaru
Level 7 — 5
Aya's Comment: 曼荼羅(マンダラ)を見せて貰いました
Translation: She showed me her mandala.
I'd heard that a mandala was a map of another world, but the world in this map
is really well ordered. Maybe even a little rigid...
Hatate's Comment: おっと、慌てて神様のフリをし始めた様ね
Translation: Oh, she's getting really god-like in her confusion.
I totally know she's not one, though.
Her real form's just a beast youkai.

Spell Card 7 - 6

Th125-7-6 No. 7 - 6: 財宝「ゴールドラッシュ」
Treasure "Gold Rush"
Owner: Nazrin
Level 7 — 6
Aya's Comment: 古銭を掘り当てたことを褒めたら今度は金を掘り当てて
くれました! ネズミの認識も改めないといけませんね
Translation: Since I praised her for digging up coins, this time she
dug up gold! I have to change my opinion of mice.
I hope she digs up a scoop next!
Hatate's Comment: え? マジで? 小銭どころか金塊まで掘り当てちゃうの?
Translation: Huh, seriously? She dug up, like, real gold and stuff?
I'm a little suspicious.
Maybe I should give up on writing an article on her and just tame her instead.

Spell Card 7 - 7

Th125-7-7 No. 7 - 7: 宝符「黄金の震眩」
Treasure Sign "Dazzling Gold"
Owner: Shou Toramaru
Level 7 — 7
Aya's Comment: あら、目が回ってるかも……黄金の輝きは妖怪を狂わしますね
Translation: Wow, my head is spinning... the radiant light of gold can drive a youkai mad.
It makes me wonder what someone gathering faith putting on a flashy show like this is
trying to achieve.
Hatate's Comment: 何だー? この不思議な力は
ただの妖獣にしては外連味 (けれんみ) 溢れる技を使うのねぇ
Translation: What's with this? If she were just a supernatural beast,
it would be so unnecessarily flashy.
So is this the power that fools so many humans?

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