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Double Spoiler: Level 6 Spell Card Strategy

Spell Card 6 - 1

Th125-6-1 No. 6 - 1:
Owner: Yuugi Hoshiguma
Level 6 — 1
Aya's Comment: 地底の鬼ですね
私達天狗が預かる事になったのです。 いやほんと
Translation: It's the underground oni.
All of the oni retired underground,
so we tengu took custody of Youkai Mountain. No, really.
Hatate's Comment: おっと、鬼に出会っちゃった
悪事の隠蔽が目的なのかな? それとも癒着の阻止?
Translation: Uh-oh, I totally met an oni!
The Great Tengu says to avoid too much contact with oni, but
is he trying to hide some crime? Or maybe he's trying to keep us from getting close?

Spell Card 6 - 2

Th125-6-2 No. 6 - 2:
Owner: Suika Ibuki
Level 6 — 2
Aya's Comment: 伊吹の鬼です
Translation: It's that Ibuki oni.
Nobody knows just where she spends all her time now that she's come above ground.
Maybe she'll quiet down if she finds a suitable living space.
Hatate's Comment: 鬼との接触は控えめに……って言われてるけど
Translation: Restricting my contact with oni... is what they say to do, but
no way am I gonna do that that after meeting somebody this newsworthy!
Now, I'm gonna write all kinds of articles!

Spell Card 6 - 3

Th125-6-3 No. 6 - 3: 光鬼「金剛螺旋」
Light Oni "Adamant Helix"
Owner: Yuugi Hoshiguma
Level 6 — 3
Aya's Comment: 鬼の不思議な力を激写しました
Translation: I took some dramatic photographs of the oni's mysterious power.
She can produce heat like this just by raising her hands.
This power could burn up one or two human villages in an instant.
Hatate's Comment: 凄い高圧な螺旋ねー
Translation: It's a super-high pressure spiral.
Spinning around in this intimidating atmosphere like that, there's no way your head wouldn't start spinning too.
It's totally power abuse.

Spell Card 6 - 4

Th125-6-4 No. 6 - 4: 鬼符「豆粒大の針地獄」
Oni Sign "Large Speck in the Needle Hell"
Owner: Suika Ibuki
Level 6 — 4
Aya's Comment: 小鬼がワラワラと湧いてました
Translation: A bunch of little oni burst out of her.
I wonder if she can move all these little oni like they're part of her body...
I wonder how much pain she would feel if they were crushed one by one...
Hatate's Comment: あれ? 毟った髪の毛が小鬼の姿になってる訳じゃないのね
Translation: Huh? So when she plucks out a hair, it turns into a little oni?
I was thinking that if it's just hair, she should be limited to about a hundred thousand, but
it looks like they come out when she breathes, too. She's got an endless supply, then, huh?

Spell Card 6 - 5

Th125-6-5 No. 6 - 5: 鬼符「鬼気狂瀾」
Oni Sign "Dreadful Raging Waves"
Owner: Yuugi Hoshiguma
Level 6 — 5
Aya's Comment: 出ました。鬼のインチキな力です
新聞記者足る者、怪力乱砷(かいりょくらんしん)を語らず。 と言いたい所ですが……
Translation: Here it is. The oni's fake power.
She's using some mysterious technique that I don't really understand.
"The newspaper reporter never spoke of unnatural phenomena" is what I'd like to say, but...

A parody of the phrase from the Analects of Confucius from which the word 怪力乱砷 was derived: "The Master never spoke of unnatural phenomena."

Hatate's Comment: 何処から襲ってくるか判らない威圧感が怖いわー
Translation: Not knowing where you're being attacked from is totally scary!
Facing this kind of ability, maybe it's best to just jump straight into her arms.
It'd be easier to see the flow of power that way.

Spell Card 6 - 6

Th125-6-6 No. 6 - 6: 地獄「煉獄吐息」
Hell "Sigh of Purgatory"
Owner: Suika Ibuki
Level 6 — 6
Aya's Comment: 鬼ともなると吐息一つでも豪快なものです
Translation: For an oni, even a single sigh is an amazing thing.
The photos are almost all white, so you can't really tell what's going on when you look at them.
What's more, they reek of liquor.
Hatate's Comment: 光る吐息って寒い日みたいだけど、鬼の息はものすんごく熱い
Translation: It's like being able to see your breath on a cold day, but an oni's sigh is
just really hot.
Maybe her body's burning up from all that alcohol.

Spell Card 6 - 7

Th125-6-7 No. 6 - 7: 鬼声「壊滅の咆哮」
Oni's Voice "Annihilating Roar"
Owner: Yuugi Hoshiguma
Level 6 — 7
Aya's Comment: 大声大会の様子です。大声では鬼の右に出る者はいませんね
Translation: It's like I'm at a screaming tournament. Nobody's better at screaming than an oni, I guess.
Her voice is so loud that it flattens all the trees in the area as if they're nothing.
She truly is a walking catastrophe.
Hatate's Comment: 大きな声が聞こえたと思ったら大声大会やってたのねー
Translation: I heard a yell so loud I totally thought I was at a screaming tournament.
Oni are almost as violent as thunder gods when they show up.
And that's not a good thing.

Spell Card 6 - 8

Th125-6-8 No. 6 - 8: 鬼符「ミッシングパワー」
Oni Sign "Missing Power"
Owner: Suika Ibuki
Level 6 — 8
Aya's Comment: ついにキングオブ化け物の本性を激写しました!
Translation: At last, photographs of the true form of the queen of monsters!
Putting the details aside, I have to take my hat off to the oni's attitude.
But, somehow, the focus point of the pictures I took isn't quite right...
Hatate's Comment: でかっ! 私のカメラには入りきらないわ
Translation: She's huge! She won't fit in my viewfinder!
I guess I should have another camera ready if I want to be a perfect newspaper reporter.
Would printing a drawing in my paper be too shady?

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