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Double Spoiler: Level 5 Spell Card Strategy

Spell Card 5 - 1

Th125-5-1 No. 5 - 1:
Owner: Ichirin Kumoi
Level 5 — 1
Aya's Comment: あれ? 余り見かけない妖怪ですね……
Translation: Hmm? Here's a youkai you don't see very often......
She looks like a nun, but I wonder if she's a priest at the temple they built in the village?
I think I may want to make a series on her.
Hatate's Comment: あ、入道屋さんだー
Translation: Ooh, it's a monk!
There've been rumors among the human kids
that she controls some humongous old geezer youkai.

Spell Card 5 - 2

Th125-5-2 No. 5 - 2:
Owner: Minamitsu Murasa
Level 5 — 2
Aya's Comment: 舟幽霊ですね
Translation: She's a boat spirit.
There aren't many places you can use a boat in Gensokyo, so it looks like she's bored.
If she lived in the Sanzu River, though, she might be able to sink as many boats as she wants.
Hatate's Comment: あー、舟幽霊が底のない柄杓を持ってるよー?
Translation: Ooh, boat spirits have, like, those bottomless dippers, right?
Wasn't there some kinda spirit that puts water into boats with a dipper?
Can't scoop in water with a bottomless ladle!

Spell Card 5 - 3

Th125-5-3 No. 5 - 3: 拳骨「天空鉄槌落とし」
Fist "Falling Sky Hammer"
Owner: Ichirin Kumoi
Level 5 — 3
Aya's Comment: あー、この大きな手は! 見越(みこし)入道ですかね……
Translation: Ahh, such a big hand! I wonder if he's a Mikoshi-Nyuudou......(a Mikoshi-Nyuudou is a giant who grows taller as you look up at him)
I discovered a sense of camaraderie in meeting a classic youkai like this. Gensokyo
really is our paradise. Still, it hurts when he hits me.....
Hatate's Comment: 出ました! 入道のおっきな手
思ったよりスピードがあるなー 上手く撮影できたかな?
Translation: There it is! That big ol' Nyuudou's fists sure are faster than
I thought. Hope I can get some good shots of 'em. If I can,
maybe I can do an article on Nyuudou shoulder massages.

Spell Card 5 - 4

Th125-5-4 No. 5 - 4: 錨符「幽霊船長期停泊」
Anchor Sign "Ghost Ship's Long Moorings"
Owner: Minamitsu Murasa
Level 5 — 4
Aya's Comment: 錨って初めて見ましたが、随分と大きな釣り針なんですね
Translation: This was the first time I've seen an anchor, but it's just a big fishing hook, isn't it?
I thought maybe it was used for catching big fish, but it looks like it's actually not
for catching fish. It's for catching the ground.
Hatate's Comment: こんな大きな錨をぶつけて船を撃沈させるって訳ね
Translation: Getting hit by an anchor that size would totally sink a ship!
Hmmm, so the way to sink ships has changed, huh?
Guess I can deal with the dipper being bottomless, then!

Spell Card 5 - 5

Th125-5-5 No. 5 - 5: 稲妻「帯電入道」
Lightning "Electrified Nyuudou"
Owner: Ichirin Kumoi
Level 5 — 5
Aya's Comment: 出ました、入道の本体です!
Translation: So this is a Nyuudou's true form!
There's a rule that you should never look up at a Nyuudou, but
I am a reporter. I must not back down under pressure like this!
Hatate's Comment: やっぱおっきいわー、私のカメラじゃ収まりきらないしー
河童が言ってたっけ? それってどうやって使うのかな
Translation: Wow, he sure is huge! Too big for my camera to shoot!
Oh, wait. Didn't the kappa tell me it had a "panorama function" or some junk?
I wonder how you use that...

Spell Card 5 - 6

Th125-5-6 No. 5 - 6: 浸水「船底のヴィーナス」
Flood "Venus of the Bilge"
Owner: Minamitsu Murasa
Level 5 — 6
Aya's Comment: こうやって船に水を入れるんですね
Translation: This is how she gets water into ships.
It's very convenient.
It could be very useful on a hot summer night, maybe in a wide field.
Hatate's Comment: あれ? 水、汲めるんだ
Translation: Huh? She CAN scoop water!
And I checked that the dipper had no bottom, too.
Guess you really can do anything if you put your mind to it.

Spell Card 5 - 7

Th125-5-7 No. 5 - 7: 鉄拳「入道にょき」
Iron Fist "Nyuudou Nyoki"

Refers to Trio the Punch

Owner: Ichirin Kumoi
Level 5 — 7
Aya's Comment: 見越入道を見上げていたら、やっぱり攻撃されましたねー
Translation: I looked up at a Mikoshi-Nyuudou, and sure enough, I got attacked...!
It's because of that rule that you should never look up at a Nyuudou.
They actually made the rule because the Nyuudou are shy.
Hatate's Comment: 入道って大きく見せているけど、本当の本体は小さいんだよね
Translation: That Nyuudou looks huge, but his real body is tiny.
His true form seems to be a secret, so I guess I should look into that.
So, like, what's "nyoki", anyway?

Spell Card 5 - 8

Th125-5-8 No. 5 - 8: 「ディープシンカー」
"Deep Sinker"
Owner: Minamitsu Murasa
Level 5 — 8
Aya's Comment: 浮かばれないですね! 水死体の幽霊って
Translation: Looks like she can't rest peacefully! I can sense
unfathomable energy in the shadow of such a tragedy for this drowned spirit.
I always report on optimistic things, so maybe I should find write some depressing articles once in a while.
Hatate's Comment: いくら水兵さんのかっこしてても、やっぱり幽霊なんだねー
Translation: No matter how much she looks like a sailor, she's a ghost, all right!
Taking pics of spirits is really hard. All that ghost photography out there is just big, fat lies.
Real ghosts are blurry and tough to shoot.
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