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Double Spoiler: Level 4 Spell Card Strategy

Spell Card 4 - 1

Th125-4-1 No. 4 - 1:
Owner: Nitori Kawashiro
Level 4 — 1
Aya's Comment: 河原で遊んでいた河童を激写しました
Translation: I took rolls of photos of a kappa playing on the river bed.
Whenever going out to look for story material is a pain,
it's wonderfully easy to just cover local stuff like this.
Hatate's Comment: 私のカメラを作ったのは河童の皆さんなのよねー
Translation: Hey, the kappas made my camera!
They can be kinda rude, but they're really good at high-tech stuff.
Another great thing about machines that kappas create, is that they're completely waterproof!

Spell Card 4 - 2

Th125-4-2 No. 4 - 2:
Owner: Momiji Inubashiri
Level 4 — 2
Aya's Comment: 山の見張り役、白狼天狗です
Translation: The mountain watchdog, the white wolf tengu.
I came to check if she has been actually working.
Though we get into fights easily whenever we meet....
Hatate's Comment: ああ、白狼天狗の椛ねー
Translation: Ah, it's Momiji the white wolf tengu, huh?
It looks like she can't deal with with Aya, but I wonder why...
Maybe they just have a cat-and-dog relationship.

Spell Card 4 - 3

Th125-4-3 No. 4 - 3: 水符「ウォーターカーペット」
Water Sign "Water Carpet"
Owner: Nitori Kawashiro
Level 4 — 3
Aya's Comment: 河童が水遊びをしているところを撮影しました
Translation: I photographed the kappa playing in the water.
She appears to play innocently, but she's often seen
drowning humans or something. Ooh, so scary.
Hatate's Comment: 水中では河童に敵う者は殆ど無いのよねー
Translation: There's almost nobody who can keep up with kappa underwater, y'know.
If I capture that arrogance in an article, maybe that would be like taking away the kappas' freedom?
As they say, the pen is mightier than the water.

Spell Card 4 - 4

Th125-4-4 No. 4 - 4: 狗符「レイビーズバイト」
Dog Sign "Rabies Bite"
Owner: Momiji Inubashiri
Level 4 — 4
Aya's Comment: 案の定、噛みつかれました
Translation: As usual, I got bitten.
She's so obedient towards the Great Tengu, but she seems to look down on us crow tengu. Grrr.
Hatate's Comment: 人間が進入してきたら、こうやって噛みついて追っ払うのかー
Translation: When humans come all the way to here, I wonder if she chases them away by biting them like this...?
And I guess adding the hydrophobia would be because this place is full of water?
I can totally see how that goes together with the kappa.

NOTE: Rabies is sometimes referred to as hydrophobia because late-stage symptoms include difficulty swallowing, insatiable thirst, and panic attacks in response to drinks.

Spell Card 4 - 5

Th125-4-5 No. 4 - 5: 河符「ディバイディングエッジ」
River Sign "Dividing Edge"
Owner: Nitori Kawashiro
Level 4 — 5
Aya's Comment: 河童の豪快な水浴びの様子ですね
Translation: It looks like the kappa is bathing happily.
You might think this is harassment, but it's not.
If I get seen by her, I'll splash her with lots of water.
Hatate's Comment: 服のまま水浴びして寒くないのかなぁ
Translation: Doesn't she freeze bathing in her clothes like that?
I just don't get amphibians.
I mean, salamanders and stuff are, like, just food.

Spell Card 4 - 6

Th125-4-6 No. 4 - 6: 山窩「エクスペリーズカナン」
Mountain Nomad "Expellee's Canaan"
Owner: Momiji Inubashiri
Level 4 — 6
Aya's Comment: 身内ですが折角の取材なので、侵入者の追っ払い方を見せて
Translation: Since she's a colleague, I thought I might as well find out how she chases off the intruders.
It's a skill that makes her look bigger than she actually is. Impressive!
I'd like her to be on lookout forever.
Hatate's Comment: 文は何か苦手みたいだけど、白狼天狗は眼が良いんだよねー
まあ、そういう長所を記事に書いた方が良くない? 身内だし
Translation: Aya doesn't seem to like her, but this white wolf tengu has way good eyes~!
And it's amazing how her nose is so sharp!
But I guess it's not a great idea to write stuff about our colleagues in the paper, is it?

Spell Card 4 - 7

Th125-4-7 No. 4 - 7: 河童「乾燥尻子玉」
Kappa "Dried Shirikodama"

A shirikodama is a mythical ball in the anus that kappa typically feed on humans for in old legends.

Owner: Nitori Kawashiro
Level 4 — 7
Aya's Comment: あの鼻が曲がりそうな程臭い尻子玉も、乾燥させればそんなに
Translation: The shirikodama, with its eye-watering stench, isn't that bad
if it's dried out. Even many humans were sacrificed to
create this many shirikodama? This is something of endless interest.
Hatate's Comment: うわ、尻子玉だー、これくっさいんだよねー
Translation: Eek, shirikodama~! These are way stinky~!
I wonder if she's actually a gourmet. I mean, she eats delicacies like these.
But I think meat is totally better than that offal kinda stuff.
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