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Double Spoiler: Level 3 Spell Card Strategy

Spell Card 3 - 1

Th125-3-1 No. 3 - 1:
Owner: Yamame Kurodani
Level 3 — 1
Aya's Comment: 土蜘蛛ですね
Translation: She's an earth spider, you know.

They're quite skilled and strong, and particularly good with architecture, so I invite them over often.
It's very convenient. I should get to know more youkai like her.

Hatate's Comment: 鬼の道具風情にネタがあるかなぁ
は! こいつと薬屋さんが手を組めばビジネスに?
Translation: I wonder if I can write a story about the style of these demonic items?

She carries diseases, so I'm sure the humans must totally hate her.
Maybe she should, you know, work together with a pharmacist and start a business.

Spell Card 3 - 2

Th125-3-2 No. 3 - 2: 傘符「一本足ピッチャー返し」
Umbrella Sign "One-legged Return Hit"
Owner: Kogasa Tatara
Level 3 — 2
Aya's Comment: 随分とださい傘を振り回していますね
Translation: She swings around this horribly unfashionable umbrella.

I wonder, is she having fun?
I really don't understand the way young umbrella monsters think these days.

Hatate's Comment: 唐傘お化けかー
Translation: Whoa, it's an umbrella monster!

It's interesting that you don't see these possessed objects that often.
I guess maybe because people don't hold onto stuff for as long anymore?

Spell Card 3 - 3

Th125-3-3 No. 3 - 3: 釣瓶「飛んで井の中」
Well Bucket "Flying in a Well"
Owner: Kisume
Level 3 — 3
Aya's Comment: おっと、釣瓶(つるべ)落としだわ
Translation: Uh-oh, it's a Tsurube-otoshi!

Despite her appearance, this is a ferocious youkai.
She waits in the darkness for humans passing by, but the places where she hides are obvious.

Hatate's Comment: 好きこのんでこんなちっちゃな桶に入ってるなんて
Translation: How can she stand being in that tiny bucket?
There's no way I'd could do something like that.
And how am I supposed to take a picture of her while she's hiding in there?

Spell Card 3 - 4

Th125-3-4 No. 3 - 4: 細綱「カンダタロープ」
Small Thread "Kandata's Rope"

Kandata is a character in the short story The Spider's Thread by Ryuunosuke Akutagawa.

Owner: Yamame Kurodani
Level 3 — 4
Aya's Comment: 頑丈な糸射出の瞬間の撮影に成功しました。 細いですが建築物
にも使われているなのです。 特殊な条件下で切れるらしいん
Translation: I succeeded in getting a shot of the instant she shot out her sturdy threads.

They're thin, but they're even used in architecture.
Apparently they can snap under special conditions. I wonder what those are?

Hatate's Comment: 蜘蛛の糸って横糸はベタベタするけど、縦糸はそうじゃないん
Translation: So the horizontal threads are sticky, but the vertical ones aren't, huh?
I wonder why she doesn't make them all sticky.

Spell Card 3 - 5

Th125-3-5 No. 3 - 5: 虹符「オーバー・ザ・レインボー」
Rainbow Sign "Over The Rainbow"

Probably a reference to The Wizard of Oz

Owner: Kogasa Tatara
Level 3 — 5
Aya's Comment: 見事な虹が出ています!
Translation: A glorious rainbow appears!

A rainbow is apparently a type of dragon god — such a mysterious being.
I hope my pictures of it come out all right.

Hatate's Comment: 虹だー! 虹の逃げる速さって凄いんだねー
Translation: A rainbow! Rainbows run away so quickly.

I know I'm really fast, but I can never keep up with them at all.
I should at least snap a picture of it.

Spell Card 3 - 6

Th125-3-6 No. 3 - 6: 釣瓶「ウェルディストラクター」
Well Bucket "Well Destructor"
Owner: Kisume
Level 3 — 6
Aya's Comment: かなり本気で襲いかかられました
Translation: I was attacked pretty seriously.

I'd like to have gotten more detailed material on her, since so little is
known about this youkai, but when she goes berserk like this, well...

Hatate's Comment: ああ、思ったよりすばしっこくて捕らえられないよ
Translation: Ah, she's faster than I thought. I totally can't catch her.
Maybe I should write an article about what I imagine it's like to live in a bucket.
I bet it's like being a crab or a turtle or something like that...

Spell Card 3 - 7

Th125-3-7 No. 3 - 7: 毒符「樺黄小町」
Poison Sign "Japanese Foliage Spider"
Owner: Yamame Kurodani
Level 3 — 7
Aya's Comment: 樺黄小町(カバキコマチ)、この国に棲む数少ない猛毒グモですね
Translation: The Japanese foliage spider is a rare, deadly poisonous arachnid living in this region.

The mothers of this strange species offer their own bodies as food to raise their children...
but no one would read an article as grave as that.

Hatate's Comment: 蜘蛛の大群、キモーい!
Translation: Groooooooss, look at all the spiders!

Why do spiders have so many legs and eyes?
The spider industry's gotta be totally stylish.

Spell Card 3 - 8

Th125-3-8 No. 3 - 8: 傘符「細雪の過客」
Umbrella Sign "Flurry Traveler"
Owner: Kogasa Tatara
Level 3 — 8
Aya's Comment: 雨の日に里の空を飛ぶと傘を持っている人が大勢歩いています
Translation: When I fly over the village on rainy days, I see crowds of people carrying umbrellas.

That leaves them kind of defenseless, doesn't it?
They'd never know if something was going to come swooping down out of the sky, like a shrine maiden.

Hatate's Comment: 傘の付喪神が傘を無駄に投げつけてるね
Translation: Possessed umbrellas throw tons of umbrellas at people.
I totally don't get what going through their heads.
Do they, like, want to be taken care of, or do they want to be treated like garbage?
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