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Double Spoiler: Level 2 Spell Card Strategy

Spell Card 2 - 1

Th125-2-1 No. 2 - 1:
Owner: Parsee Mizuhashi
Level 2 — 1
Aya's Comment: 嫉妬狂いで有名なお方ですね
Translation: This is the famous jealousy-maniac.
Recently I've been wondering if maybe her jealousy is just an act.
Hatate's Comment: あーやだねー、妬み嫉みで生きてる奴って気持ち悪くて
Translation: Ewww, people who always just envious and jealous are totally creepy.
But I guess it's thanks to these guys that the newspaper articles are interesting.
I wonder if they're happy because everybody looks down on them.

Spell Card 2 - 2

Th125-2-2 No. 2 - 2:
Owner: Hina Kagiyama
Level 2 — 2
Aya's Comment: 新聞記者は人の闇に触れる事もあります
Translation: Reporters sometimes delve into the darkness of others.
Those detested Nagashibina [dolls floated down rivers on March 3rd to take away misfortune] are one of those things.
I want to challenge someone without having to worry about libel!
Hatate's Comment: 流し雛は触れちゃいけないんじゃないかなー
Translation: I wonder if it's a bad idea to touch the Nagashibina.
I mean, they're filled up with all sorts of bad luck, aren't they?
Guess I better keep clear of them.

Spell Card 2 - 3

Th125-2-3 No. 2 - 3: 嫉妬「ジェラシーボンバー」
Jealousy "Jealousy Bomber"
Owner: Parsee Mizuhashi
Level 2 — 3
Aya's Comment: 嫉妬爆発ですね!
Translation: Such an explosion of jealousy!
I've never heard of hysteria where the patient's very thoughts explode.
I wonder if it's a kind of heart disease...?
Hatate's Comment: わお、何に対して嫉妬してるんだろ?
すっぱ抜きのチャンス? 怨恨殺人燃えるわー
Translation: Wow, what's she all jealous about?
This kinda feels like an incident or something.
Maybe she needs to blow off a little steam?
She's totally gonna go psycho.

Spell Card 2 - 4

Th125-2-4 No. 2 - 4: 厄野「禊川の堆積」
Cursed Field "Purification River Deposit"
Owner: Hina Kagiyama
Level 2 — 4
Aya's Comment: 禊川(みそぎがわ)は人間が穢れを流している川です
Translation: The purification river is a river that carries away a human's filth.
As expected, it's piled up on the riverbed.
How filthy.
Hatate's Comment: なんかさー、この流し雛、活きが良いんですけどー
Translation: These Nagashibina are totally lifelike.
But maybe the river moves too fast.
They won't sit still, so it's really hard to take clear pictures.

Spell Card 2 - 5

Th125-2-5 No. 2 - 5: 怨み念法「積怨返し」
Resentment "Grudge Returning"
Owner: Parsee Mizuhashi
Level 2 — 5
Aya's Comment: あら、嫉妬の炎もこの位派手ならたまには嫉妬するのも
Translation: Oh my, with flames of jealousy as splendid as these, even I get jealous once in a while.
Maybe that's not a bad thing.
But, I wonder how I can get jealous.
Hatate's Comment: 人間って、恨みもつのると家に火を付けたりするんだってね
Translation: I heard humans set fire to each others' houses when they've got grudges.
It's a bad idea to give those kinds of things to people who aren't used to their emotions.
They're useful, but they can totally backfire.

Spell Card 2 - 6

Th125-2-6 No. 2 - 6: 災禍「呪いの雛人形」
Calamity "Cursed Dolls"
Owner: Hina Kagiyama
Level 2 — 6
Aya's Comment: おみくじ引いたら凶でした
Translation: The omikuji [a kind of fortune-slip one takes on New Year's] I drew said "bad luck".
I guess maybe I just went to pick up some misfortune.
It's best to keep on drawing until you get "very good luck," when that happens.
Hatate's Comment: なーんだ、呪われた人形の噂はあんただったのか
Translation: Oh, hey, so those were the cursed dolls that I'd heard rumors about.
Great timing. Maybe I'll take one to give myself
some more material. "Terrifying Cursed Dolls!" or something like that.
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