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Double Spoiler: Level 12 Spell Card Strategy

Spell Card 12 - 1

Th125-12-1 No. 12 - 1:
Owner: Byakuren Hijiri
Level 12 — 1
Aya's Comment: 最近妖怪のお寺を建立した尼さんです
Translation: It's the nun who built the the Youkai Temple earlier.
Apparently both humans and youkai are accepted, unlike the shrines, but I wonder what it means to be
accepted. As food, maybe?
Hatate's Comment: 尼さんだってさー
Translation: She's, like, a nun~
Aren't nuns forbidden to eat meat and fish, and drink sake?
What's fun about that kind of life?

Spell Card 12 - 2

Th125-12-2 No. 12 - 2: 正体不明「紫鏡」
Unidentified "Purple Mirror"

Japanese urban legend. People who have remembered the word "Purple Mirror" until 20 years old, they will die.

Owner: Nue Houjuu
Level 12 — 2
Aya's Comment: 鵺(ぬえ)です。 何だか判らない物を表現するときに鵺的表現と呼ぶ
紫鏡も何だか判りません。 これでどうやって記事を書けば……
Translation: It's a nue. When you see something you don't really understand, you call it nue-like,
and I don't really understand the nue.
I don't really understand this 'purple mirror' either. How am I supposed to write an article about this...?

鵺的, a Japanese word meaning "mysterious", literally means "nue-like".

Hatate's Comment: 鵺を激写したよー! ってこの写真に写っているのが鵺?
Translation: I captured the nue! Wait, this thing in the photo is a nue?
Aren't nue supposed to look like a monkey, or a tiger?
Mmm, well, I guess it was someone else. I'll write about it~

Spell Card 12 - 3

Th125-12-3 No. 12 - 3: 「遊行聖」
"Yuugyou Hijiri"

A monk who traveled to other countries to spread belief.

Owner: Byakuren Hijiri
Level 12 — 3
Aya's Comment: 僧侶の行脚の様子を密着取材しました
Translation: I got total coverage of the monk's pilgrimage.
I made the parts when she was human and when she was sealed in Makai easy
to understand. I can fool humans and youkai alike with this, right?
Hatate's Comment: 僧侶の話は退屈だなぁ
面白くないよ。 あーあ、殺人まだー? 犯人はー?
Translation: The monk's stories are boring.
If there aren't any pew pews and booms then the story's not interesting. Aaah, is someone killed yet? The culprit?

Spell Card 12 - 4

Th125-12-4 No. 12 - 4: 正体不明「赤マント青マント」
Unidentified "Red Cloak, Blue Cloak"

Japanese urban legend. An unidentified voice says "Which is better, a red cloak or a blue cloak?" If you answer "red", you will be killed bloodily; if you answer "blue", you will be killed by choking. Whichever method, the blood leaves a mark similar to a cape or mantle.

Owner: Nue Houjuu
Level 12 — 4
Aya's Comment: 赤マントは人間の子供を攫う怪人として里で噂になっている
Translation: I heard a rumor in the village about a mysterious man in a red cape who kidnaps children.
Kidnapping children should be standard for youkai, but
catch and release has gotten popular lately.
Hatate's Comment: おっと、噂の怪人を発見したわー
Translation: Ooh, I found the mysterious man from the rumor!
If someone in the bathroom asks "Do you want a red cloak or a blue one?", just
come back with "What I want is your life" and he should be satisfied.

Spell Card 12 - 5

Th125-12-5 No. 12 - 5: 習合「垂迹大日如来」
Syncretism "Manifestation of Mahavairocana"
Owner: Byakuren Hijiri
Level 12 — 5
Aya's Comment: へー、本地垂迹って言うんですね。神様のコスプレを
Translation: Huh. This is that 'manifestation theory', isn't it? So this is why
I saw that cosplay with Amaterasu dressed up as Mahavairocana?
I don't know much about Buddhist temples, so that really helps me out.

Manifestation theory refers to the syncretic belief that Buddhist deities can choose to appear as Shinto gods.

Hatate's Comment: なんか判らないけど眩しいわー
Translation: I, like, don't really get it, but it's totally bright!
This divinity is on the same wavelength as the sun.
So basically, it means all my photos are backlit. This god is my enemy!

Spell Card 12 - 6

Th125-12-6 No. 12 - 6: 正体不明「厠の花子さん」
Unidentified "Hanako-san in the Toilet"

Refers to a Japanese urban legend.

Owner: Nue Houjuu
Level 12 — 6
Aya's Comment: 厠から手を出してくると噂の花子さんです
Translation: It's Hanako-san, who reaches her hands up out of the toilet in those rumors.
Wouldn't it be nice if she could be calmer in unsanitary places like that?
I really shouldn't put such classless material in my newspaper.
Hatate's Comment: 花子さん? あー花子さんねー
Translation: Hanako-san? Oh, Hanako-san!
I did a little research on her earlier, and she's sort of like a shy ghost.
Seems like she was, like, constipated, and ended up hiding in the toilet.

Spell Card 12 - 7

Th125-12-7 No. 12 - 7: 「スターソードの護法」
"Star Sword Apologetics"
Owner: Byakuren Hijiri
Level 12 — 7
Aya's Comment: あらら、私のカメラの力が効かないなんて!
人間上がりの癖にやりますね。 うかうかしていられないわね
これで修行する口実が出来るわー。 わくわく
Translation: Oh my, it seems my camera is ineffective!
Even though she used to be a human, she's quite good. Looks like I can't let my guard down.
Now I can say this is studying! So exciting.
Hatate's Comment: この僧侶、出来る!
たなんて……。 まだまだ魔法の力を隠し持ってそうねー
Translation: This monk is really good!
You can't see it in the pictures, but to prepare a doctrine holding down
my power...looks like she has lots of hidden magical powers!

Spell Card 12 - 8

Th125-12-8 No. 12 - 8: 「遊星よりの弾幕X」
"Danmaku X from a Wandering Star"

遊星よりの物体X: Japanese title of The Thing from Another World. Also, PlayStation buttons danmaku.

Owner: Nue Houjuu
Level 12 — 8
Aya's Comment: 何だか判りませんが鵺的弾幕が空から降ってきましたよ
Translation: I don't really understand, but mysterious danmaku is falling from the sky.
Is some wandering star offering to play with me?
I'll just have to live up to the challenge and write a fun article about it!
Hatate's Comment: 丸に四角に三角に……。何だか判らないけど気分的に明るく
Translation: Circles and squares and triangles... I don't really get it, but this danmaku, like, makes you really
cheerful, huh? The world is still full of mysteries!
From now on, I'd better find some fun games to play and report on them!
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