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Double Spoiler: Level 11 Spell Card Strategy

Spell Card 11 - 1

Th125-11-1 No. 11 - 1:
Owner: Kanako Yasaka
Level 11 — 1
Aya's Comment: 最近、山の上に住み着いた神様ですね
Translation: It's the god who recently settled at the top of the mountain.
She has a peace treaty with the tengu society, so nobody can interfere.
But in an inaccessible place like that, there's gotta be a scoop waiting.
Hatate's Comment: 新しい山の神様だねー。天狗の力を利用しようってのが丸わか
Translation: Looks like she's the new god of the mountain, huh? She's so obviously trying
to use the tengu's power. 'Course, the Great Tengu trying to use the power of faith is
kind of obvious and pathetic, as well. Everyone should have a more playful spirit!

Spell Card 11 - 2

Th125-11-2 No. 11 - 2: 神桜「湛えの桜吹雪」
Divine Sakura "Full Sakura Blizzard"
Owner: Suwako Moriya
Level 11 — 2
Aya's Comment: 山の神社には色々神様が居るのです。それぞれ、蛇と蛙と人間
Translation: There are all kinds of gods at the mountain shrine. It's a combination of
a snake, a frog, and a human. Some day I'd like to photograph
the human catching the snake eating the frog.
Hatate's Comment: 蛙の神様だそうで。実はこの神様の事よく判らないんだよねー
Translation: Looks like a frog goddess. To tell the truth, I just don't get this goddess.
It looks like she lives at the mountain shrine, but I wonder what her relationship
with Lady Kanako is. Like a frozen dinner?

Spell Card 11 - 3

Th125-11-3 No. 11 - 3: 蛇符「グラウンドサーペント」
Snake Sign "Ground Serpent"
Owner: Kanako Yasaka
Level 11 — 3
Aya's Comment: お腹を空かした蛇ですね
Translation: She's a hungry snake, isn't she?
Snakes certainly are quite fast.
Maybe I should catch a grass snake or something and make it my hors d'œuvre tonight~!
Hatate's Comment: 蛇だー
Translation: A snake~!
I heard if you put a snakeskin in your purse it'll make you rich.
I should totally skin one if I catch it.

Spell Card 11 - 4

Th125-11-4 No. 11 - 4: 姫川「プリンセスジェイドグリーン」
Hime River "Princess Jade Green"
Owner: Suwako Moriya
Level 11 — 4
Aya's Comment: 翡翠って叩き付けても砕けにくいです
Translation: It's very hard to break a jade, even if you hit it.
They aren't as hard as most minerals, but apparently they're very tenacious.
In other words, they're the perfect thing to throw as danmaku.
Hatate's Comment: あれ? 投げつけているの翡翠だけかと思ったら……
Translation: Huh? I thought she was just throwing jades, but...
If you look closely, there are fox stones mixed in![1]
The colors are different, so you can tell where she was being stingy.

Spell Card 11 - 5

Th125-11-5 No. 11 - 5: 御柱「メテオリックオンバシラ」
Divine Pillar "Meteoric Onbashira"
Owner: Kanako Yasaka
Level 11 — 5
Aya's Comment: この神様は私達天狗に変な祭を強要するんです
Translation: This god is demanding that we tengu participate in some strange festival.
It seems to involve hurling long poles off of cliffs and forcing
the people living in the ravine to relive the stone age. Where's the fun in that?
Hatate's Comment: へー、お祭りって良いね!
アレでしょう? 無礼講なんでしょう? 夢のぶれーこー
Translation: Wow, festivals sure are nice!
This is one of those things, right? Where you don't care about rank or status? Informal parties are a dream!
After all, they're the only time I can butt heads with the Great Tengu!

Spell Card 11 - 6

Th125-11-6 No. 11 - 6: 鉄輪「ミシカルリング」
Iron Ring "Mythical Ring"
Owner: Suwako Moriya
Level 11 — 6
Aya's Comment: ここだけの話、鉄輪って彼女が投げてくる様な鉄の輪じゃ
Translation: Just between us, I hear kanawa[2] don't look like
the iron rings she throws, but are shaped longer and narrower.
She's concealing the real thing. Next time, I'll just sneak in.
Hatate's Comment: 鉄の輪っかねー。切れ味が鋭くて怖いね
Translation: Iron rings, huh. It's scary how sharp they are!
Can you even use them for anything other than throwing at people you don't like?
I don't really get why people can have these kinds of things.

Spell Card 11 - 7

Th125-11-7 No. 11 - 7: 儚道「御神渡りクロス」
Fleeting Path "Omiwatari Cross"

Omiwatari: Also known as the cracks that form in the ice on Lake Suwa.

Owner: Kanako Yasaka
Level 11 — 7
Aya's Comment: 御神渡(おみわた)りって湖上に出来る道ですね
Translation: Omiwatari can create paths across lakes, right?
That's really the fairies making impromptu roads
when the lake is frozen solid, isn't it? I'm sure of it.
Hatate's Comment: 御神渡(おみわた)りが作られる瞬間を捉えたわ!
Translation: I captured the Omiwatari's moment of creation!
She sure can do it fast~!
But I guess I'd need consecutive photography or something to get that across.

Spell Card 11 - 8

Th125-11-8 No. 11 - 8: 土着神「御射軍神さま」
Native God "Mishaguji-sama"
Owner: Suwako Moriya
Level 11 — 8
Aya's Comment: ミシャグジ様って、豊穣の神様だったり祟り神だったり
今回は戦の神様でしょうか? 他にも何かあるんでしょうか?
Translation: Mishaguji-sama was a harvest god as well as a god of curses....
Not a well-understood deity.
I suppose this time she's a god of war? Or is she something else?
Hatate's Comment: え? ち、違うよ?
私が爆発する何かをしたんじゃないよ? ほんとだよ?
Translation: Huh? N-no, that's not right!
I didn't blow anything up, okay? Seriously, okay?
But...I wonder what did blow up.

^ A legend tells of a fox which transformed itself into a stone. Anyone who touched the stone dropped dead on the spot.
^ "Kanawa" literally translates as "iron ring", but can also refer to an iron trivet, a ring with three prongs sticking up (or down) from one side. It's a central piece of the Noh play Kanawa.

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