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Double Spoiler: Level 10 Spell Card Strategy

Spell Card 10 - 1

Th125-10-1 No. 10 - 1: 気性「勇気凛々の剣」
Temperament "High-Spirited Sword"
Owner: Tenshi Hinanawi
Level 10 — 1
Aya's Comment: 世間知らずの天人です
Translation: A celestial who is oblivious to the world.
Celestials were originally humans, so they're not compatible with youkai.
On the flip side, they're very compatible with news articles.
Hatate's Comment: 天人は余り天界から出てこないで欲しいなぁ
極度な愛わり者を天界に閉じ込めているんでしょ? 違うの?
Translation: I sure wish the celestials didn't come down from heaven so much.
Among humans, the intelligent sinners go into the ground, the witless commoners go to the Netherworld, and the extremely beloved get shut up in heaven, right? Am I wrong?

Spell Card 10 - 2

Th125-10-2 No. 10 - 2: 雷符「ライトニングフィッシュ」
Thunder Sign "Lightning Fish"
Owner: Iku Nagae
Level 10 — 2
Aya's Comment: 雲海を泳ぐ龍宮の使いですね
Translation: It's an oarfish that swims in the sea of clouds.
She can acutely sense earthquake omens and then warns everyone about them.
They say she's not only doing earthquake predictions but also weather forecasting, lately.
Hatate's Comment: 珍しい妖怪だー、龍宮の使いかー
これはスクープの予感がするわ! どんな味がするのかしら?
Translation: A rare youkai! An oarfish?
They don't show themselves to people much.
Feels like a scoop! I wonder what they taste like?

Spell Card 10 - 3

Th125-10-3 No. 10 - 3: 地震「避難険路」
Earthquake "Evacuation Along the Steep Path"
Owner: Tenshi Hinanawi
Level 10 — 3
Aya's Comment: まず避難経路を確認してから弾幕ごっこをしましょう
Translation: Before I can play with danmaku, I have to find the safe route out.
These rising danmaku are pretty slow.
"Don't retreat, don't hesitate, don't despair" is the rule."
Hatate's Comment: わお! 天から漬け物石が降ってきたわー
Translation: Wow! There's pickled stones falling from the sky!
How romantic!
If the sky's full of those, then I can totally make a sweet combination platter.

Spell Card 10 - 4

Th125-10-4 No. 10 - 4: 珠符「五爪龍の珠」
Jewel Sign "Pearl of the Five-Clawed Dragon"
Owner: Iku Nagae
Level 10 — 4
Aya's Comment: むむむ、私のカメラで撮っても効果的に弾幕が消せないわ
Translation: Aagh, the danmaku won't disappear even if I shoot it with my camera.
So this is some of the Dragon God's power...
I think it's about time I gave my camera a power-up.
Hatate's Comment: 龍宮の使いはちょっとだけなら龍神様の力も借りられるのかな
Translation: Seems like the messenger of the Dragon Palace gets to borrow a little of the Dragon God's power.
I'm so jealous.
The pen is stronger than the gun, but it still can't beat a dragon.

Spell Card 10 - 5

Th125-10-5 No. 10 - 5: 要石「カナメファンネル」
Keystone "Kaname Funnel"
Owner: Tenshi Hinanawi
Level 10 — 5
Aya's Comment: 非常識な要石の使い方ですね
Translation: That's an unconventional way of using a keystone.
Aren't keystones supposed to be guards of the catfish?
I don't think they're things to be thrown around, or to be floated in the air for people to stand on.
Hatate's Comment: 今、漬け物石が熱い! 温度的に!
Translation: The pickled stones are hot now! Temperature-wise!
Maybe just warming them up makes them pickle faster?
I'll take one home for a story!

Spell Card 10 - 6

Th125-10-6 No. 10 - 6: 龍宮「タイヤヒラメダンス」
Dragon Palace "Dance of Sea Breams and Flounders"
Owner: Iku Nagae
Level 10 — 6
Aya's Comment: そういえば、最近鯛や平目を見ていないですね
Translation: Speaking of which, I haven't seen any sea breams or flounders lately.
A long time ago, I would go to the sea often.
Their bland bloodless taste really isn't satisfying, though.
Hatate's Comment: 龍宮って何処にあるのかな
Translation: I wonder where the Dragon Palace is?
I think if I snuck in for a story, then I would have the most subscribers! It would be a dream come true!
But maybe everyone would be too scared of the dragon's wrath to read it.

Spell Card 10 - 7

Th125-10-7 No. 10 - 7: 「全人類の緋想天」
"Scarlet Weather Rhapsody of All Humankind"
Owner: Tenshi Hinanawi
Level 10 — 7
Aya's Comment: 人間の気性がダダ洩れの瞬間を捉えました!
Translation: I captured the moment when the human temperament was blasted out!
As expected, it's hot.
Though, I've gotten the smell and taste of humans coming from my photos.
Hatate's Comment: 何これ。 人間の憎悪や嫉妬、愛別離苦とか負の感情が渦巻く
気の塊だわ。 これは新聞記事にもってこいね!
Translation: What is this? Negative human emotions such as hatred, jealousy, and sadness from separation
swirl into a lump of spirit energy. It's dying to be made into a news article!
There are positive emotions in the lump, too, though.

Spell Card 10 - 8

Th125-10-8 No. 10 - 8: 龍魚「龍宮の使い遊泳弾」
Dragon Fish "Dragon Palace Messenger's Swimming Shot"
Owner: Iku Nagae
Level 10 — 8
Aya's Comment: 龍宮の使いって雷雲の中に棲んでいるから、体が帯電している
渡りも気になるのです。 彼女に会うとバチバチいうので
Translation: Messengers from the Dragon's Palace inhabit thunderclouds,
so that might be why they are electrified themselves.
I also wonder about where she travels. I seem to run into her by chance, at times.
Hatate's Comment: 雲を泳げるのは羨ましいなぁ
Translation: I'm so jealous of her being able to swim in the clouds like that!
When I went to the river, the kappa were in the way, and there was the
faint scent of blood at the lake... I want to see the open ocean one more time...
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