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This article covers some gameplay points of Double Spoiler.


Arrows - Move

Shift - Focus mode.

Z - Shoot picture.

Shift + Z - Charge mode.

X - Toggle picture orientation (portrait or landscape)

Like in Shoot the Bullet, Aya can move at three different speeds. In order of decreasing speed: normal (not holding either focus or shoot), focus (hold focus), or charge (hold both focus and shoot). As before, Aya has an above-average normal movement speed.

In order to take a picture, Aya's camera needs to be charged to 100%. You'll be notified of that happening by a sound, as well as the text "100%" and "Enabled" around the crosshairs near her. Every scene begins with Aya's camera at somewhere around 50-70% charge (with the word "Disable" underneath it in grey). The camera charges itself, albeit slowly. You can increase the speed of the charge by holding down the focus and shoot buttons simultaneously, which also has the effect of reducing your movement speed to a crawl. However, note that switching back and forth between charge mode and normal/focus modes slows the camera charging process a bit, making it charge even slower than simply remaining in normal or focus mode if done too frequently. For comparison, it takes roughly 4 1/2 seconds or so to fully charge the camera from 0% when staying in charge mode, almost 10 seconds to do the same when staying in non-charge modes (switching between normal and focus has no effect on charging speed), or as many as 20 seconds when rapidly and continuously switching back and forth between charge and non-charge modes.

Note that you cannot take a picture while focusing, as pressing the shot button while focused simply causes the game to put you in Charge mode. Note as well that unlike in StB, you can't take a picture while charging (Shift + Z) just by releasing Shift; you must release both buttons then press Z to take a picture.

The crosshairs dictate the center of the (potential) picture. Normally, the crosshairs will stay near to Aya, slightly leading in the direction of the boss. While Aya is focused, the crosshairs will move a little more towards the boss - or, if you're close enough, stick on top of said boss.

You may move the crosshairs by holding down the shoot button and pressing directional buttons (only when fully-charged and ready to shoot) - this enables you to take pictures at other locations, but at the expense of picture size (think of it as a zoom). In this mode, time slows down to 1/4th speed. Note that time does not stop; thus, Aya can still get killed while this is in progress if you're not careful. Furthermore, you can only hold the picture button for so long before Aya is forced to discard the shot (frame becomes too small due to overexposure). This will drain the camera to 50%.

Any picture taken drains the camera entirely, setting it back to 0%/Disable. However, bullets and other objects caught in the picture not only disappear, but also restore a tiny amount of charge each. A well-taken picture can reduce the amount of charge time towards the next frame significantly. A maximum of 55% can be restored. However, Hatate's camera can restore up to 75%.

If a picture includes the boss, it is deemed a Success, and tacked to the side. You will also regain charge for any bullets caught in it. (Scoring considerations are below.) If a picture does not include the boss, the picture is deemed a Failure, and is discarded - but the amount of charge you gain from bullets is doubled.

New to Double Spoiler is the picture frame angle. First, the picture defaults to landscape orientation (or portrait for Hatate), but pressing X will toggle it between landscape and portrait mode. The frame normally tilts so that the axis is pointed at both Aya and the boss. (For example, if Aya is directly under the boss, the picture frame will be perfectly vertical or perfectly horizontal, depending on the orientation.) However, during unfocused movement, the axis will shift to point in the direction of movement.

Best Shot Controls

L (Scene select only) - locks the best picture for the selected scene. Indicated by a key in the lower-right hand corner. While the lock is active, any pictures in that scene that may have a higher score will not replace the locked best picture. All other statistics still apply.

The best pictures are placed in the "bestshot" folder, which is in the save data folder. A file "bs_**_?.dat" is a best picture of Scene ? of Level **. If you delete a file, the corresponding best picture is discarded. All other statistics still remain. These statistics are stored in "scoreth125.dat".

S (Scene select only) - shows the score and bonuses of the best shot.

S (Scene results only) - stores a selected picture as the best picture, when the scene results are shown. The stored picture can be selected with left and right arrows. The best picture is forced to change if locked.

Playable Characters

Aya Shameimaru is the only playable character from the start. After completing all the scenes in the Spoiler Level, Hatate Himekaidou is unlocked, and it becomes possible to switch between the two by pressing C at the stage select menu.

Stage Listing

Main page: Double Spoiler: Spell Cards


Your score depends on a number of factors.


There are two types of bonuses, additive and multiplicative. The Result Score of a shot is calculated by (Base Point + sum of additive bonuses) * (product of multiplicative bonuses).

Additive Bonuses

  • <color> Shot (+300): Awarded when there's a significant amount of a particular color of bullets in your shot. Possible colors are red, yellow, green, blue, cyan, and purple. It is possible to get more than one color bonus with a single shot. Bullets that are not one of the standard colors appear to count towards whichever color they are closest to.
  • Colorful Shot (+2100): Awarded when many different colors of bullets appear in the shot.
  • Rainbow Shot (+2100): Awarded when sufficient quantities of each of 7 different colors of bullets appear in the shot.
  • Clear Shot! (+600): Awarded when there are no bullets overlapping the boss.
  • Macro Bonus (up to 1000 points): Awarded when the shot is taken with the player close to the boss.
  • Front Shot (+100): Awarded when the shot is taken with the player below the boss.
  • Side Shot (+200): Awarded when the shot is taken with the player to the side of the boss.
  • Back Shot (+300): Awarded when the shot is taken with the player above the boss.
  • Risk Bonus (up to 2000 points) Awarded when the player is close to bullets, akin to a graze bonus of older Touhou titles. The amount varies with respect to the numbers (or the lengths when lasers), sizes and types of the bullets close to Aya. The bonus is capped at 2000 points.
  • Solo Shot (+100): Awarded when only the boss or the player herself appears in the picture except lasers.
  • Cat Bonus (+666): Awarded for a picture that contains Orin in her cat form.

Multiplicative Bonuses

  • Boss Shot! (up to x2.00) Awarded when the boss is in the picture. The multiplier increases as the boss nears the center of the crosshairs, with a 2.0 given for almost perfect alignment. You need this to get a valid picture, but you get a bonus for it anyway. You won't get this (or a successful picture) if you manage to clip the feet of the boss only - the engine needs to agree that it was a significant portion of the boss sprite. Note that you will still see other bonuses for failed shots, but you receive none of the points/bonuses mentioned. (Note that Boss Shot! is required for a picture to be eligible for your "Best Shot".)
  • Self Shot! (x1.20) Awarded when the player is in the picture. A Self Shot automatically negates the possibility of a successful picture: If the boss was in the shot, it would become a Two Shot instead.
  • Two Shot! (x1.50) Awarded when both the player and the boss are in the picture. Thus, if you get this, you will also get the Boss Shot bonus. This overrides the Self Shot! bonus.
  • Nice Shot! (up to x1.50): Awarded when the "spell circle" of a boss is in the picture. The "spell circle" is pair of concentric circles, one red on the inside and one blue on the outside, that tends to appear quickly at preset times during a boss' attack pattern. Note that a spell circle, while not always implying an immediate wave of bullets, can still be used to predict boss movements. In addition, it is not considered an attack, meaning the player may stand in it without fear of being hit by it. It generally starts fairly large, centered over the boss, but shrinks in size and disappears quickly. The larger the circle in the picture, the higher the multiplier received.
  • Angle Bonus (up to x1.30 or x1.70): Awarded based on the angle of the line between the boss and Aya compared to the long edge of the photo. If they are lined up perpendicularly with the long edge, it results in a full x1.30 bonus, gradually ranging down to x1.00 (no bonus) for parallel to the long edge. For Hatate, the bonus is maxed at x1.70, most likely due to the fact that one must approach the boss dangerously close to get a landscape shot.

Other Notes on Scoring

  • The Base Point of the picture presumably comes from the number and velocities of bullets and other objects in it.
  • Common sense suggests a larger picture would be best for getting points - and if one doesn't relocate the center, the Self Shot bonus is automatic. However, there can exist situations where moving the picture center may actually score higher than simply settling for what is immediately in front - though those situations may require exemplary skill and awareness for a noticeable improvement.
  • Understanding the timing of bullet generation is also critical for high scores in some scenes. While such things as lasers are self-evident (where the more of it you catch, the more points you get), there is a difference in optimal timing between something that spits out bullets with a constant velocity, and one with an acceleration on it, for example. Further, things that appear to generate bullets in circular patterns or in a "fog" may be caught right after a moment of bullet generation for maximal impact. Also, keep in mind that, in some cases, all the bullets of a particular pattern are generated at once.
  • There are certainly other strategies and points not mentioned above. See what you can discover yourself!


If you fail to shoot pictures, one of the following tips is shown by rotation.

  • フィルム装填率が100%まで溜まったら、撮影ボタンを押して離せば撮影可能。

Once the film is at 100%, you can press the shot button to take pictures.

  • フィルム装填率を高速で回復させる方法は、撮影ボタンと低速ボタンを同時押し。

If you hold both the shot and focus button, the camera will recharge faster.

  • 撮影中、撮影ボタンを押し続けると、一定時間フォーカスを動かす事が出来る。

When shooting, holding the shot button lets you move the focus around for a fixed time.

  • 細かい操作方法やシステムはポーズメニューからも確認出来る。

You can check the Game Manual and how-to-play from the pause menu.

  • ボスが映っていない写真(失敗写真)は評価外。スコアにも加算されない。

Pictures without the boss in them (failures) are not evaluated. They don't add to your score.

  • 弾幕を消すためだけに写真を撮ることも悪くはない。

Taking pictures just to clear the danmaku isn't such a bad idea, either.

  • 撮影回数に制限はないが、制限時間を過ぎるとボスが逃げてしまうので急ごう。

You have unlimited pictures, but if you run out of time, the boss will flee, so hurry.

  • たまには思い切ってボスに近づいてみたり、裏に回ってみたりすると良いことも。

Sometimes it's a good idea to get right up close to a boss, or even behind them.

  • 撮影ボタンを押してすぐに離せば、自分の周りの弾幕が消せる。

If you quickly press and release the shot button, you can clear danmaku near you.

  • 基本的に弾幕が激しいときに撮影すると、点数が高い。

In general, taking pictures when there are lots of bullets will earn more points.

  • ボスが「カッ」と言っている瞬間がシャッターチャンス!

When the boss goes "tock", it's a shutter chance!

  • 小さな弾より大きめの弾の方が点数が高い。また、速度が速いほど高いぞ。

Bigger danmaku earns more points than smaller. Faster danmaku, as well.

  • ゲームは一日一時間。

Play an hour a day.

  • スコアは成功した写真の評価点の合計。それ以外の行為では一切点数が入らないぞ。

Your score is the total points from all successful pictures. Others acts don't count.

  • どうでもいいボーナスも多々ある。

There are also lots of trivial bonuses.

  • 携帯電話等のカメラはGPS位置情報が埋め込まれる事もあるので公開する時は注意。

Camera phones have GPS location info in them, so be careful using them in public.

  • 適度な休憩は集中力を高める。

Taking a little break can improve your concentration.

  • ボスが弾を出す瞬間を狙って撮影しよう。

Aim to capture the moment when the boss fires her bullets.

  • 写真に自分が写っていると少し嬉しい。

It feels kind of nice to see yourself in your pictures.

  • 新聞が無くなると生ゴミを捨てるときが少し面倒になる。

Without newspapers, throwing away the kitchen garbage would be a pain.

  • 弾を撮影した後の光の粒は、フィルム装填率を少しだけ回復させる。

The drops of light left after you capture danmaku help reload the film a little.

  • フィルムを巻くと言っても、今の人にはピンと来ないかも知れない。

Even if you say you're rolling film, people these days might not get it.

  • 撮影ボタンを押して、すぐに離せば自分の周りの弾が消せる。

If you quickly press and release the shot button, you can clear danmaku close to you.

  • 隙を見てボスに接近して撮影してみよう。

Try watching for spaces to draw close to the boss, then shoot.

  • 新聞が捏造だらけなんて事は無いので余り過激な思想にならないように。

Newspapers aren't all fabrications, so don't come up with radical theories.

  • 得点は、撮影成功した写真の評価点の合計。それ以外で点数が増えることはない。

Your score is the total points from all successful pictures. Others don't add to your score.

  • カメラ量販店はカメラ以外も売ってる。むしろメイン。

Bulk camera stores sell other things, too. Cameras are just their main product.

  • 写真は敵弾が沢山写って華やかな方が評価点が高い。

The more wild and colorful the bullets you capture, the higher your score.

  • 実際に盗撮すると捕まります。一生を棒に振ってしまいます。

In reality, if you take voyeuristic shots, you'll be caught. It'll mess up your life.

  • 様々な条件を満たすと評価点にボーナスが入ることもある。

There are various requirements you can fulfill to earn bonus points, as well.

  • 三人で写真に写るときは、真ん中の人が早死にする。

When you take a picture with three people, the person in the middle will die early.

  • 使い捨てカメラは実際は使い捨てていない。

Disposable cameras are never really disposable.

  • 撮られた写真が何に使われるかは、文しか知らない。

No one but Aya knows what the pictures she takes get used for.

  • 良いコントローラは良い精神を築く。

A good controller will build a good soul.

  • 心霊写真の一割が本物の霊。

Spirit photographs are ten percent real ghosts.

  • 不平等は平等に訪れる。

Inequality will visit equally.

  • 未成年の飲酒は法律により禁止されています。

Underage drinking is forbidden by law.

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