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As if it was becoming a tsukumogami, the purification rod started to move on its own.

 霊夢は神職者の手前、このような妖しい出来事は忌み嫌うべき だと考えているが、便利なので放置してしまった。  いつしかお祓い棒の事は、他の人には内緒にするようになった。

In the presence of Reimu, employed by the gods, this kind of suspicious happening was to be despised and avoided, but it was convenient, so she used it. Before she realized it, she was keeping the purification rod a secret from others.

 しかし時は来る。  空に広がる不安の雲。  今まで大人しくしていた妖怪たちが各所で暴れ始めたのだ。

But the time came. The clouds of unease, spreading over the sky. Youkai that had been quiet and gentle until now started making a mess all over the place.

 平和ボケしていた霊夢にも、ついに大きな異変が起こり始めた のだと感じさせた。

Even Reimu, caught flatfooted from the time of peace, could sense that a big incident was finally starting.

 霊夢は武器を手にこれらを征さねばならない。  しかし、武器は付喪神化してしまっている。  果たして大丈夫なのだろうか。

With weapon in hand, Reimu must deal with it. However, her weapon is becoming a tsukumogami. Will everything really be all right?

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