Return to Tythanin Sakshi

A/N: Well, this is just a short...I dunno, character sheet for the new characters I have created for my story. This will get expanded as the story moves on and more of the original characters reveal themselves. So, that's it for me.

Shiwasu Okami (Wolf Youkai) – Shiwasu was living in the mountains of Gensyoko when she smelled the scent of something peculiar. Following her nose, she came across Yayoi, who had been abandoned in the forest. After briefly considering eating the young child, Shiwasu decided to bring the young girl back to her cave, where she raised Yayoi as her own. Shiwasu doesn’t know why she decided to save the girl, other than the fact that seeing the young baby made a warm feeling creep into her heart. She continues to watch over her charge, although Yayoi is at a pretty mature age. When the elements started acting out of control, she decides to find the cause of the disturbance so that her small spot in the world won’t get destroyed by the chaos. She was dead set again Yayoi coming along with her, but at the end she relented.

Shiwasu isn’t a very social person, preferring to stay alone in her caves in the northern mountains. She makes her home in the tallest mountain called Mt. Shuuyoujo. When she does talk, Shiwasu speaks in short, clipped sentences and is not much of an eloquent speaker. She’s fairly aggressive, however, and doesn’t hesitate anyone who would get in his way. Luckily for her, Yayoi manages to hold her back against any of her animalistic tendencies. Shiwasu has two stubby, black-haired ears on the top of her head and a thin, brown-black haired tail. Half of her hair is tied in a pair of long braids that drop to the middle of her back and the rest she lets hang out loosely. Her eyes are a vibrant green, similar to the color of emeralds.

She wears a pair of long, open-fingered brown leather gloves and a pair of soft-soled leather boots. Two small, blue ribbons tie her braids together. She wears a lacy, cotton skirt that reaches to her knees and the skirt is colored an earthy green, with portions that seemed to be fading into brown. Accompanying the skirt is dark-blue/blackish blouse with short sleeves. A dark, blood-red ribbon is tied around her right arm and a jeweled ring inscribed with the characters (藤原 秀衡) is on the index finger of her left hand.

Yayoi Mikami (Half-Demon) – Yayoi has no memory of her childhood. Instead, her past consists of a pure darkness that was only lifted when she realized that Shiwasu had saved her. Ever since that day, Yayoi has hung around the wolf youkai, even though Shiwasu has repeatedly said that Yayoi is old enough to go out on her own. Yayoi feels extremely indebted to Shiwasu and therefore stays with her out of loyalty and affection. When the youkai decided to investigate the disturbance of the elements, Yayoi immediately decided to lend a hand. While this arrangement is unsatisfactory to the youkai, Yayoi continues to move forward so she may continue to repay Shiwasu’s generosity. She has no personal reason for stopping the chaos caused by the uncontrolled elements. After all, the chaos is fun and it appeals to her demon side.

Yayoi possesses a personality that slightly contrasts Shiwasu’s reclusive attitude. Unlike the wolf youkai, Yayoi is more open to others, perhaps by trying to compensate her lack of static memories of her past. However, she does have her moments where she is just as silent as Shiwasu, although these moments are rare and usually do not last long. Most of the time, she’s cheery and upbeat, the happy side of the pair. She does get depressed about some things, but instead of dwelling on it, she moves on so that she doesn’t drown in despair.

Yayoi possesses long, pinkish-red hair that she lets fall down to her shoulders. Her eyes shine in a blood-red light although her true eye color is a deep shade of blue. Her ears are slightly pointed and push through the hair a bit, revealing the demonic side of Yayoi. She wears a long, black and blue dress that leaves the shoulders and arms bare. A large, blue-white ribbon is tied around her waist. She has two small, leathery demon wings on her back and slightly below the ribbon is a thin, pointed tail. She wears lacy socks and small, wooden sandals on her feet.

Return to Tythanin Sakshi

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