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Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom - omake.txt

Stage 3 Boss: Ruler of Dreams

Doremy Sweet

Species: Baku
Ability: Capable of eating and creating dreams

A youkai who's often dreaming. She lives in the world of dreams.

The dreams of all living creatures are, in fact, connected at the deepest levels.
This is why in dreams, you can visit places you've never seen, meet people you've never seen,
and find glitches you've never seen either.

She can erase, create and switch out those very dreams.

If one uses the dream world skillfully, they can go anywhere and become anything at all.
She watches over the place to ensure that those who realize this don't disturb the order of things.
Under Sagume's orders, she recreated the Lunar Capital within a dream.
Those heading to the Lunar Capital would be sent to the Capital in the dream; thus, the real Capital was hidden.

However, it seems that this plan was bothersome to her, and she didn't feel like playing along.
Also, it had been over half a year already, but there was still no sign of progress.

It was then that a visitor to the Dream World arrived.
Astonishingly, it was a human in their physical body.

The People of the Moon hate humans' impurity.
On the surface, she couldn't guide any such humans to the Lunar Capital.
Her true intent was to get a little bit of payback.

She sent the human off to the true Lunar Capital, just as they desired.

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