Points, Power and Faith

Points - Are the small, blue boxes occasionally dropped by creeps which is also the game's currency. Picking up a Point Box gives 35 bonus points (Gold).

Power - Are the large, red boxes occasionally dropped by creeps. Power boxes increases a hero's Primary Attribute by 1 and can a maximum of 30 Power Boxes can be collected. However, One Third of the collected Power will drop upon death and resets your Power Gauge back to 0.

Faith - Are given per minute to both teams and can be spent for unique attributes of both the Hakurei and Moriya shrine. Faith can also be attained by killing enemy heros / girls.

Faith Usage for Hakurei Shrine

Devour - Allows a turtle to eat an enemy creep within range, healing it over time. Requires 3 Faith Points.

Defense Border - Activates a Border which grants nearby allies bonus armor for a short duration. Requires 3 Faith Points.

Genji's Final Stand - Summons Genji's Soul to fight along side the Hakurei Heros. Genji can be controlled by anyone from Hakurei. Requires 100 Faith Points.

Faith Usage for Moriya Shrine

Wind God's Blessing - Grants Maximum Move speed to all allies within range. Requires 3 Faith Points.

Kappa Mechanic - Hires a Kappa Mechanic to repair buildings, is Mechanical, and has 50 HP. Permanent. Requires 3 Faith Points.

God's Anger - Summons lightning bolts to stun all enemy girls for two seconds. Requires 30 Faith Points.

Weather System

A Unique feature in DoTs is the activation of special weathers for a given time at a building located near the middle of the map (Accessible by Boat at .94x / Opposite of Kourindo at .95x). Players can activate a certain weather which will affect the entire map with certain effects. You can use your own girl or a yukkuri to activate it. The effects are diverse and require 'faith' in order to be activated. Diverse strategy and tactics can be used with the weather effects.

Weather effect controller in 0.94x (Can be used by using the boat near Kourindo) Weather094x
Weather effect controller in 0.95x (Near the Hakurei Base, Opposite of Kourindo) Weather095x

Weather effects
Note: All Weather Effects require 5 Faith points

Acid rain Drizzle - Mana regeneration increases for all units and girls by +3MP/s. Duration: 80 seconds.

Scarlet mist Scarlet Mist - All Melee units and girls gain 15% life steal. Duration: 80 seconds.

Foggy clouds River Mist - All girls become invisible within the dense mist, birdy or true sight abilities reveals your girl. If invisibility is broken while in the middle of River Mist, there is a fade time of 1-2 seconds before regaining invisibility. Duration: 40 seconds.

Lightning dude East Asian Rain - Damages all units and girls with -8HP/s. Can Cause Death. Duration: 60 seconds.

Spring haze Spring Haze - All units and girls gain +5000 armor. Duration: 25 seconds.

Leaves thing Typhoon - All units and girls gain +35% attack. Duration: 60 seconds

Blizzard storm Snow - Drops movement speed for all units and girls by 20%. Duration: 60 seconds

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