December 13

After I recover from my illness, I was able to see Gensokyou again. Still after witness the hidden nature of Koishi's... I only fear I might saw something else.

That what I just fear so... That time, I saw fire and danmaku hailing everywhere... I notice I was in the Youkai Mountain, the reasons are why. "Get outta here! It's too dangerous... The Priestess from the Moriya Shrine is battling with someone and the Nuclear Reactor..." It was Nitori, she warn me about something. But I neglect her warning and dodge the bullets to see what going on. I notice something much bright, I can't saw at all. Then, Sanae was flying straight to me. "Agh... Are you okay Sanae?" I ask her. She nodded... But a flying beast was straight to us... But it wasn't a beast... It was Utsuho. She is cover in fire... And it means one word... However as she get's closed to me, I got knock unconscious yet unawakened yet. ... "Stay still... I will finish this... That bird-brain always forgot who is it's boss." It was Suwako, who petted me before she flew towards the battle. Then I finally fainted...

December 19

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